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Pump Bottle & Catheter | Coffee and Ozone Enemas

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Pump Bottle & Catheter for Coffee EnemasPump Bottle and Catheter

This pump bottle and catheter is meant for rectal and/or vaginal use, and works well for a coffee or ozone enema. It's ideal for a quick and convenient enema in the shower. This method saves a lot of time and also reduces the mess. Ozonated water is also a great substitute for coffee for those who typically take coffee enemas. 

Ozone Enema

An ozone enema is done with ozonated water, which allows dissolved ozone to absorb into the blood stream right away. Oxidation takes place when the O1 molecule breaks away, destroys organisms, and then delivers pure O2 oxygen. 

This kit comes equipped with a pump bottle, hose, hose adapter, and catheter.