The free downloadable guides are condensed information taken from the writings of the late Dr. John S. Scherger.  He was obsessed with understanding and developing proper training and treatment for the low back and spinal column and led a project with the following individuals beginning in the mid 1980's through the 1990's:  

Jennifer Stone, ATC 24 years Athletic Trainer Director, United States Olympic Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Bob Beeten, ATC 26 year’s director of the United States Olympic Sports Medicine and Research Center, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dick Smith, Olympic Weightlifting Coach, York Barbell, York Pennsylvania; Ron O'Neil, ATC Director New England Patriots Football team. 26 years in NFL as Athletic Trainer.

The project team noticed that professional football players would accumulate trauma as the season progressed, and become stiffer and weaker.  The loss of endurance, flexibility, and being able to hit the hardest all tied to when backs began to lose the curve.  The players identified as the best athletes, always possessed the big lower back curve and were less likely to become injured.

The hard reality of a professional football player is they need to not only overcome accumulated trauma (stenosis, pinched nerves, pinched cord, bulged discs, dislocated vertebra and loss of curvature), but enhance performance and preserve their segmental posture and global spinal curvature.

By about 2000, Dr. Scherger developed the Power Cushion and it was used in the Patriots medical training room and he taught them how to perform a specialized sit up and pelvic tilt exercise, with great success.  "The sit-up exercise enhanced, restored and preserved the global posture and the pelvic tilt the segmental posture". 

After two years of success with the Power Cushion, the Patriots moved the exercises to the weight training room for strengthening and conditioning purposes and continue to use the methods to this day.  Since that time the late Marcus Paul, a strength coach, left the Patriots for the Giants and then the Cowboys; and Mike Woicik, a strength coach, left the Patriots for the Cowboys.  They both took Dr. Scherger's secrets on how to evaluate players, exercises to avoid and trained players with the Power Cushion.

In 2003 the National Strength and Conditioning Association performed a peer review of the above teams findings.   Only after mathematical proofs demonstrated accuracy of the theories were the courses accepted because they contained technology and theories never presented before.  Dr. Scherger's work proved that the curved low back possessed a better "mechanical advantage" over the flat lower back.  "The answer was found in comparing the two musculo-skeletal joint lever systems in the act of producing leverage. A comparison of two postures in the act of producing the physics musculo-skeletal leverage had never been attempted before and the technology had to be created."

He provided answers to these questions:  "Why did the athlete with the proper lower back curve possess the greatest power, why did they run faster, jump higher and possess more endurance?"


Quotes from 

Story of New England Patriots Secret Strength Training

By: John Scherger D.C.