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Tri-Oxy Ozone Grower Bundle

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Tri-Oxy Ozone Grower Bundle

Stimulate cannabis plant growth with the power of ozone! Ozone is an activated state of oxygen that consists of three oxygen atoms and can effectively break pollutants down into less harmful molecules in water.  When water is converted into liquid sanitizer, it releases oxygen to treat plants and enhance their longevity. 

Ozone is the most powerful Biocide with the strongest lethality power, and it is recognized as a safe and environmentally friendly sanitizer. Simply spray and mist ozonated water onto your plants to boost their growth and destroy pathogens and insects. 

The Tri-Oxy Ozone Grower Bundle comes equipped with the Tri-Oxy FRESH and Tri-Oxy Refresh. These units are fantastic to use to sterilize tools and equipment with ozone readily available. The FRESH ozone generator connects to the REFRESH to dissolve ozone gas into water at record speed, while degassing excess ozone. 


The FRESH generates purified and oxygen-rich water  and is the ideal unit for tabletop use when cutting, cloning, and more. This machine uses high frequency and voltage while it generates energy and attaches together oxygen molecules to produce ozone. 

The newly upgraded FRESH model comes with an internal fan that can run for longer lengths of time compared to the old device, as well a remove control and intermittent timing function. It also comes with the Ozone Diffuser Stone with Stainless Steel Barb (50-60 Micron), plus the stone diffusers included with the previous model. 

The REFRESH quickly and safely generates ozonated water using 0.5 or 50 micro diffuser pores to dissolve ozone gas into water. The process works by destroying ozone gas while it leaves the water to create safe surrounding air. 

The REFRESH device helps extend the life of ozone generators and removes any potential toxic gas exposure or lung damage.  The filter cap degasses 100% of excess ozone not dissolved in the water. After you ozonate water, make sure to life the stainless steel diffuser from the water and continue bubbling ozone gas through the diffuser. Blow out all the water and dry the stone, so that the minerals in the water won't clog the small pores of the stone diffuser and prevent the machine from operating.

View the user manual for this product to learn how to properly operate it.