How to Use the Grounded Yoga Mat for Sauna Fix Tent: @BiohackerTodd


Speaker 1: So here's the bottom end of the yoga mat. And what I've done is I've taken the connectors here and went from one side to the other, and then one side to the other right here and right here. And this allows the entire mat to have a continuous grounding effect. When you get your grounding mat in the mail, it's going to come with quite a few additional, that you will not be using immediately, but you can keep these for future reference. There are lots of different options of how to set this up. The route I went was I took the actual long grounding cable. This one here that looks like a telephone cord. This is connected outside to the wall outlet, the little grounding part of your outlet. I have it connected here, and then you want to connect a few of these, and it's important to have one connected to the grounding mat. So that has a direct link from here. They're in everything from underneath allows us entire mat to be grounded.