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Alkaline Electrolyte Hydration Detox

Learn how to achieve optimal hydration levels to replenish your body 

Hydration is essential for the body to work and stay alive. When excess acidity is present in the body, vital organs, such as the lungs and kidneys, can have trouble doing their jobs. A person who is properly hydrated will maintain more energy, have a consistent body temperature, have better digestion, absorb nutrients easier, and have less risk of health problems.

The products featured below will enable you to keep track of your body’s pH levels, so you can properly keep yourself hydrated with essential minerals. The test strips will report results about your pH level, and the salt and Bio Disc can be used to replenish. Alkaline food salts normalize the body’s pH levels by moving it toward a neutral mark, which is especially important after consuming acidic foods, such as tomatoes or grains, or drinking acidic beverages, such as coffee or soda.


Healthy Salt

Unrefined and delicious sea salt that is good for your health is what you will find with Healthy Salt. Only a small dose is needed per day to work wonders. The fact is that the body needs salt to thrive. In its most basic form, salt is sodium and chloride. Sodium is an essential mineral that the body cannot manufacture on its own.

How to Add Healthy Salt from Creatrix Solutions to Your Diet Plan

  • Sodium balances the fluid levels in the body, including water in the cells, blood pressure, and lymph nodes. The heart cannot contract normally without salt.
  • Chloride balances the acid-base. It helps absorb potassium, raises pH levels, and helps stomach acid.
Without salt, the body is unable to protect itself from germ invasion. Salt that is truly nutritious cleanses the blood, helps eliminate toxins from cells and organs, and improves liver function. Important trace minerals not found in refined salt include sulfur, magnesium, potassium, calcium, silicon, carbon, iron, aluminum, praseodymium, strontium, zinc, copper, erbium, tin, manganese, cerium, yttrium,and rubidium.

Healthy Salt is mined from underground salt deposits and completely free of micro-plastics and other contaminants currently circulating in the ocean. It is a body-friendly salt that alkalizes the body with its naturally occurring essential minerals and trace elements.

Healthy Salt has undergone a vigorous testing process and, compared to any other food salt in the world, it contains:

  • The most trace minerals
  • The lowest sodium chloride
  • The lowest moisture levels
  • The highest pH
  • The smallest particle size
  • Zero micro-plastics
  • Zero pesticides

Healthy Salt is a purely alkaline electrolyte natural mix with a 10.72 pH, because of the high mineral content, without the added sweeteners found in electrolyte drinks. It contains only 76.27% sodium chloride (23.03% sodium and 53.24% chloride), 0.35% moisture, 3.49% fat, and up to 70 trace minerals. Typical sea salt contains 97-98% sodium chloride, yet there are claims of it providing multiple trace elements. In comparison, Healthy Salt contains 6,800 ppm Magnesium and Himalayan Pink Salt contains 1 ppm, so there is a vast difference in mineral content and therapeutic benefits.

Laboratory test results show that Healthy Salt is the best choice for daily alkaline minerals with salt that provides optimal electrolytes for added benefits. Healthy Salt is created in a process of over three years that removes all the harmful impurities and most of the toxins, all without having any negative impact on the mineral content.


Here are some of the benefits Healthy Salt can give your body:

-         Helps absorb food particles in the intestinal tract

-         Helps alleviate sinus congestion

-         Helps produce hydroelectric energy in the body’s cells

-         Helps regulate normal blood sugar levels

-         Helps relieve mucus and sticky phlegm in the lungs

-         Helps relive muscle cramps, pain, and spasms

-         Helps remove excess acidity from the body’s cells

-         Supports consistent heartbeat with critical minerals

-         Supports normal blood pressure combined with water

Ingredients: Purified, highly energized, mineral rich, traditionally mined, small granule low moisture sea salt.

Recommended use: Begin with the amount of salt that balances on a toothpick and add to each glass of water. Then work up to 1/16 tsp, 3-5 times per day. Another popular method is to let the salt dissolve slowly in saliva. Swish around for at least 60 seconds, then swallow a little bit at a time. The swishing action cleanses the mouth of microbes, since microbes cannot live in a high pH environment.   We recommend adding Healthy Salt to each glass of water, and also use the swishing method to promote oral health.  For our favorite food salt, we highly recommend Baja Gold.

Bio Disc 2 Structured Water Drink Coaster



The Bio Disc 2 is an easy-to-use structured water device that works best with the addition of Healthy Salt. The Bio Disc is made up of 13 Nano fused minerals that are structurally bonded together at the molecular level. The technically engineered Bio Disc produces a catalytic conversion of energy known as “Scalar Energy.” The scalar energy is a healthy resonance generated by the Bio Disc and spins into liquids counterclockwise, mimicking healing spring waters of the world.

How does the Bio Disc work? There is a scientific connection between water structure and energy. The Institute of Japan, I.H.M. Institute, showed that energy produces crystal formations in water. When water is balanced with minerals and energy, beautifully-formed crystals are produced, compared to distilled water. The PSB Laboratory in Singapore also showed the surface tension of water reduced when treated with the Bio Disc, making water more hydrating and bio-available to the cells.


Not all structured water is created equal. Usually vortex devices create structured water, but the water then needs to absorb radiant energy and to do so, it needs specially balanced minerals. Structured water needs an electrical charge to become “mature” before it is consumed, according to Viktor Schauberger. The “water genius”, Viktor Schauberger, from Austria wrote about water in his famous writings, and was way ahead of his time.

The ultimate combination for hydration with balanced electrolytes is to add Healthy Salt to each glass of water and set the glass on top of the Bio Disc 2 for 20 minutes, like a coaster. You can optionally place the Bio Disc 2 inside of a water crock or pour water over the Bio Disc 2 to pick up energies to transform the structure of water.


pH Test Strips

Wisely monitor your alkaline mineral reserve with our test strips to determine how much Healthy Salt your body needs. Use the ultra-sensitive pH test strips to determine your alkalinity and mineral reserves.  

Test Strips How to Check Your Water Quality, pH Levels & More

The pH test strips come with instructions for the Urine Alkaline Food Test, Urine Acid Food Test, Saliva Test, and Lemon Saliva Test. The procedure for each test varies somewhat, but you should always make sure to test at least two hours after eating. Retest using the pH test strips and watch your bio-chemistry shift with the addition of Healthy Salt. 

Remember that diet and your drink of choice plays a big part in body pH levels. If you drink a glass of coffee, tea, acid water, or blank water (distilled and reverse osmosis), you should balance your body with some extra Healthy Salt. Consuming the aforementioned items deplete the body of minerals and lower the pH. When using our test strips, you can manipulate your pH and stay in a healthier range by consuming the ideal amount of Healthy Salt. Testing is an important factor, since everyone is different, and pH can fluctuate on a daily basis. Everything works better when you are hydrated with structured water and minerals and maintain a healthy pH range.

Keeping the body hydrated is so important. Use the products featured here to help replenish and alkalize your body for optimal health.

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