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Organic Bamboo and Cotton Fleece (Fat 1/4)

Ships M-F, generally in 24 hours
0.50 LBS

Fat 1/4 Organic Bamboo and Organic Cotton Fleece 

This 100% blend of organic bamboo and cotton fleece is the thickest fleece available. It is thicker than most fleece you'll find at fabric outlets, with two layers of this fabric being equal in thickness to three layers of regular fleece. You won't find custom mill Organic Bamboo Fleece at a weight of 528 grams per meter squared anywhere else. To test out the fabric, you can purchase a sample size here

Not only is the fabric extremely thick and comfortable, it also is super absorbent. It is the perfect material to use to make cloth diapers, cloth napkins, or any clothing or quilting projects you can think of.  Unlike with other bamboo fabrics, the stone-washed material removes any feelings of roughness. Keep in mind that the material will slightly shrink when washed.

This fabric is made up of 80% Organic Bamboo and 20% Organic Cotton. The fleece is certified organic, does not have any harmful substances, and has also passed a flammability test