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Stone Diffuser with Stainless Steel Barb (0.5 Micron)

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Ozone Diffuser Stone with Stainless Steel Barb (0.5 Micron)

This Ozone Diffuser Stone has a coarse texture that allows the ozone gas to be expelled, creating fine bubbles and spreading the ozone evenly through the water. 

Use it with Tri-Oxy FRESH to enhance the quality of your drinking water and energize your body daily through additional amounts of oxygen.

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Note: This product is FDA approved. It is NOT recommended for oil applications. Not returnable due to sanitary reasons.

WARNING: After ozonating water, lift the stainless steel diffuser out of the water and continue bubbling Ozone gas through the diffuser. Blow out all the water and dry the stone. Otherwise minerals in the water will clog the small pores in the stone diffuser, and it will not work the next time you use it.