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Tri-Oxy COMPLETE Manual




Model: Tri-Oxy® COMPLETE


Ozone is one of the strongest oxidizers. In practical usage, ozone has shown to be greatly effective at disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, and decomposing pesticide residual. It’s also an efficient broad-spectrum fungicide. Ozone can kill bacterial propagule and spores, eggs, larvae, virus, fungus, and so on. The removal rate of Escherichia coli, streptococcus faecalis, and staphylococcus aureus is over 99%. Ozone effectively kills H1n1/H1n2/H5n1/H7n9 bird flu or bird flu, hepatitis virus, and cold viruses.

One of the best applications for ozone is to dissolve ozone gas into water and produce ozonated water. Ozone is unstable in water with an oxidation-reduction reaction that produces active monatomic oxygen, which has a strong oxidation function, and can decompose bacteria and microbial organic matter in water.

Ozonated water can also remove unpleasant smells from food, instruments, and plants. It leaves no residue, and is toxic-free and safe. It’s widely used in food, agriculture, and animal husbandry industries.

It is especially beneficial to use ozonated water when raising fowl, pigs, horses, and other animals. As animals consume more ozonated water, they become more disease resistant. When spraying down pens, insect larvae are destroyed through cell lysing, so the life-cycle of common mites, fleas, tics, and lice are broken, reducing use of miticides and other pesticides.

Product Introduction

The Tri-Oxy® COMPLETE is a portable intelligent ozone water generator, specially designed for disinfection and sterilization for home and commercial applications. The unique design enables tap water to come through the machine and mix with ozone gas automatically, instantly, and continuously.

Features and Advantages

  • Instant on-demand ozonated water production
  • Removable ozone generator module
  • Micro gas-water mixer system
  • Intelligent micro-pressure start-stop system
  • Unique portable design
  • Uses tap water and air
  • Quickly and effectively reduces pesticide residue, bacteria, viruses, and mold
  • Non-toxic: No Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)
  • Increases O2-oxygen levels
  • Continuous output of highly concentrated ozonated water
  • Uses DC 5V for control system, ensuring safety
  • Easy operation, no daily maintenance required
  • Small size, low noise



Ozonated water of high concentration can be widely used for daily life, food manufacturing, and agricultural purposes. Common methods include spraying, flushing, immersing, and wiping. 

Disinfection of Hands

Use ozonated water to wash hands for disinfection, sterilization, and reduction of disease transmission. Applicable for industries with high hygiene requirements and for use in crowded public places.

Water purification

Ozonated water of high concentration can be used for water disinfection and sterilization, to: 1) decompose and oxidize impurities, 2) remove residual chlorine, 3) oxidize heavy metal ions, 4) increase oxygen levels, 5) reduce total dissolved solids and clarify water, and 6) for decolorization.

Fruits and vegetables

Ozonate produce to fully decompose residual of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, kill bacteria on the surface, prolong freshness, and reduce spoilage.

Fish and eggs

Immersing fish, eggs, and meat in ozonated water kills germs and harmful microbes, removes residual hormones and antibiotics, makes meat taste better, removes fishy smells and bacteria, prolongs freshness, and reduces spoilage.

Beauty and health care

Wash face, hair, or use in shower. Reduces skin bacteria and dirt, and activates epidermal cells.

Household goods and baby products

Use for disinfection and sterilization for daily goods, such as tableware, clothes, and especially children’s toys, milk bottles, and underwear.


Oral care

Use ozonated water to brush teeth and clean mouth. Reduces bad breath and germs that contribute to gingivitis.

Family practice

Reduce populations of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections on the skin or body.

Pet disinfection

Use ozonated water to clean pets, decrease bacterial, viral, and fungal infections to remove smells, and decrease mite, flea and lice populations.

Household cleaning

Use ozonated water to clean living rooms, kitchens, and washrooms. Can effectively kill bacteria, remove smells, and prevent growth of germs and mold.

Manufacturing equipment

Full high-pressure washing can kill bacteria and other micro-organisms in equipment, pipelines, and packaging containers.

Poultry, Pig, and Equine Ranches

Use ozonated water to clean animals and wash farms. Removes odors, kills bacteria and germs, and decreases cross contamination and disease transmission.


Machine Specifications and Recommendations:


Voltage: 110v/60HzPower: 80 Watts

Ozone Generator: 5 gm/Hour

Inlet water quality: tap water

Inlet water pressure: 0.6-1.2kg/cm2 Inlet water temperature: 5-30℃

Inlet Supply Hose Length:

No longer than 10 feet for 5/8” Hose

Outlet Supply Hose Length:

No longer than 25 feet for 5/8” Hose

Water flow: 8-20 L/min

Ozone concentration: 1-5 ppm

Size 22*27*38 cm

Weight: 5 kg

A Booster Pump may be required for inlet hose length greater than 10 feet and outlet hose distances greater than 25 feet.

For longer hoses, use a 10-15 GPM, auxiliary pump with an in-line flow control switch.


Use smaller diameter hose for longer distances, instead of adding a booster pump.


Machine Plan:



  • Retrofit forbidden. Do not disassemble or modify.
  • Be sure to unplug the machine during maintenance, installation, or removal.
  • Do not use if electrical cord is loose or damaged.
  • Do not damage or over-bend the electrical cord.
  • Use 110V only.
  • Regularly remove dust from vents and power connection.


1. Warranty period is 12 months from the purchase date.

2. This product is under warranty against manufacturing defects by reason of faulty workmanship, and internal electronic or ozone generator parts.

3. Transportation fees during replacing/repairing parts will be charged to buyer.

4. Warranty does not include tampering with or unauthorized repairs by a third party, improper installation, alterations, or modifications.

5. Warranty does not include misuse, mishandling, abuse, negligence, or accidents causing damage.