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Pump Bottle & Catheter | Coffee and Ozone Enemas

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Ozone Enemas with The Tri-Oxy Re-Ion II Water Ozonator and Plasma Air PurifierPump Bottle & Catheter | Coffee, Ozone and Shower Enemas

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The pump bottle with the catheter for vaginal and rectal use and can be used for either a coffee or an ozone enema. This convenient enema kit comes with a sturdy pump bottle, hose, hose adapter, and one catheter. Its primary use is for performing a quick enema while in the shower.

Whether using coffee or ozonated water, the shower enema method saves a tremendous amount of time with significantly less mess. 

What is an Ozone Enema?

An ozone enema uses ozonated water, which allows for instant absorption of dissolved O3 into the blood stream. The process of oxidation happens when the O1 molecule breaks off, destroying organisms and releasing pure O2 oxygen. If you're out of coffee, using ozonated water is a great enema option that can be quickly performed in the shower. 


Pump Bottle Instructions

1. Twist the pump top counterclockwise to unscrew it. Turn it like a shampoo bottle so it will  pop up.

2. Unscrew and separate the clear bottle from the pump/hose.

3. Pour the enema solution into the bottle. 

4. Screw the pump on. 

5. Attach your choice of tip.

6. Pump quickly multiple times to prime nearly all the air out of the tubing.

7. Gently insert tip and pump with two fingers on the finger support.  Push down on the plunger of the pump with your thumb. 

8. Aim to hold for 12 minutes, but stop when necessary. More practice will enable you to hold it for up to 12 minutes.

9. Eliminate in toilet.

10. Refill and repeat.