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EMF Anti-Radiation Sticker

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EMF Anti-Radiation and Battery Salvage Sticker 

Use this EMF sticker to help relieve headaches, hair loss, and insomnia. This powerful shielding tool protects against damaging electromagnetic frequencies, as well as generates beneficial negative ions. Negative ions, or anions, are necessary to support your body's everyday functioning. 

To use: Simply apply the sticker on or near primary EMF sources, including: cell phones or cordless phones, computers and monitors, dimmer switches, electric circuits, electric razors, fax machines, hairdryers, halogen or fluorescent lighting, irons, microwaves, photocopiers, refrigerators, scanners, televisions, vacuums, and WiFi routers and equipment. 

Any device that plugs into electricity generates EMF, and can benefit from a shielding sticker nearby.