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Take care of your health while saving money with the following deals on our fantastic healing products. 

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Ultimate Hydration Solution

Infrared Sauna Starter Kit

Infrared Sauna Starter Kit + Alder Sauna Stool

Ultimate Infrared Sauna Health Yoga Bundle

Ultimate Infrared Sauna Health Bundle

Home Near Infrared Sauna Hot Yoga Studio

Tri-Oxy FRESH 110V Water Ozonator

Tri-Oxy Fresh 110V + Bio Disc 2

Breathe Safe + Ionic Refresher 6-Pack

Ionic Refresher 12-Pack

Tri-Oxy FRESH 220-240V Water Ozonator


Stainless Steel Enema Bucket Kit 2 Liter


Am I dehyrated?

Dehydration is one of the most common, yet preventable, conditions found worldwide. Millions of people are affected, and may not even know it. Even those who drink the recommended amount of water each day may off set the benefits by also consuming caffeinated and alcohol beverages, as well as eating a high sodium diet.

Dehydration leads to many undesirable symptoms. Besides thirst, you may also experience fatigue, foggy memory, anxiety, and irritability when dehydrated. Properly hydrating the body can help boost your metabolism and overall health.


Ultimate Hydration Solution

Nourish the body with the minerals it craves with The Ultimate Hydration Solution. This kit contains products perfect to alkalize the body, or make it less acidic.  Take Healthy Salt and use the Bio Disc to help neutralize pH levels. If your body fluids have too much acid, the lungs and kidneys struggle to balance the pH levels.  The pH Test Strips and Urine Test Strips are perfect to monitor your body's acidity. 

Healthy Salt is also extremely helpful in hydrating the body. We recommend taking 1/16 tsp by mouth, three to five times a day. 

This package includes:  

 Healthy Salt by Creatrix Solutions (2 oz)  

Quantum Science BIO DISC 2 Scalar Bio Energy  

pH Test Strips  

URS-14 Urine Test Strips  

Total price: $135.89 115.54

Why near infrared?

Near infrared sauna therapy offers an at-home method to effectively detox the body and regain natural energy.   

This procedure differs from traditional saunas in that it involves you shining the healing light on only one side of the body at a time, rather than bombarding the body from all angles. Side-to-side rotation is critical to benefit from blood shunting, which helps the body sweat and reap circulatory benefits.  The body's core temperature elevates with near infrared sauna therapy, and it biologically responds to the light to heal inflammation, reduce pain, and improve its ability to function. 

Infrared Sauna Starter Kit

Beginners wanting to get started with beneficial sauna therapy have a great option with The Infrared Sauna Starter Kit. You will receive all the essential sauna items to get started on this healing therapy. Those with limited space may also convert a shower into a sauna, or hang the lamp in an exercise space to increase fat burn and weight loss benefits. 

Near infrared saunas are safer and more energy efficient than far infrared. The numerous benefits of near infrared sauna therapy include improved circulation, faster muscle recovery following a workout, more energy, increased metabolism, quicker fat burning, reduced pain, faster healing, revitalized skin, and more powerful heavy metal detox. 

This package includes the Sauna Fix lamp fixture, four red heat lamp bulbs, rope ratchets to hang the sauna, the required near infrared blue light eye protection glasses, and a lamp travel/storage bag. Be sure to wear the safety glasses during each sauna to protect the eyes from damage.

Total price: $850.00 $750.00

Infrared Sauna Starter Kit + Poplar Sauna Stool

Anyone new to sauna therapy can get the essential items to begin detoxifying right away with the  The Infrared Sauna Starter KitThe Sauna Fix is the perfect option for those with small spaces, as the lamp can be used in a shower enclosure or over the back of a door for ultimate convenience. 

Near infrared sauna therapy provides many benefits, including quicker healing, boosted energy, improved circulation, faster muscle recovery, better metabolism, a powerful detox, and more.  This type of sauna is more energy efficient and will ensure you get a better and more efficient sweat compared to any other type of sauna. 

Get the Poplar Sauna Stool for free with the purchase of this special deal. This type of wood does not emit phenols and is easy to assemble for comfortable sitting in front of the sauna lamp. It can also be conveniently disassembled and stored away when not in use. Please be aware that this stool is in a dented and scratched condition. Returns are not accepted. 

This package includes the Sauna Fix lamp fixture, four red heat lamp bulbs, rope ratchets to hang the sauna, the required near infrared blue light eye protection glasses, a lamp travel/storage bag, and poplar sauna stool. Be sure to wear the safety glasses during each sauna to protect the eyes from damage.

Total price: $970.00 $850.00

Ultimate Infrared Sauna Health Yoga Bundle


Save time on your exercise and sauna regimen by combining the two with The Ultimate Infrared Sauna Health Yoga Bundle. The Hot Yoga and Exercise Radiant Tent is spacious enough to complete a workout while in the sauna, or share your sauna session with a second person. The radiant material also saves time on preheating, and allows the healing rays to better elevate the body's temperature.   

Benefits of sauna therapy include improved sleep, boosted energy, better circulation, increased blood flow, less joint pain, muscle recovery, weight loss, and healed muscle stiffness. 

Wear the safety glasses to protect your eyes and the sauna hat to prevent hair from becoming brittle, as well as to help the core of the body heat faster. The Breathe Safe air purifier allows the body to get a better sweat and reap more fantastic sauna benefits.

This package includes:  

 Sauna Fix Near Infrared Sauna  

Hot Yoga and Exercise Radiant Sauna Tent  

Near Infrared Sauna and Blue Light Eye Protection Glasses  

Breathe Safe Plasma Air Purifier  

Organic Sauna Hat  

Total price: $3124.99 $2699.99

Ultimate Infrared Sauna Health Bundle

Spend minimal time and money on your sauna therapy with The Ultimate Infrared Sauna Health Bundle. Engage in near infrared therapy to rid your body of harmful toxins, regain natural energy, reduce pain, increase body's ability to function, improve sleep, improve circulation, relieve stiff muscles and so much more. 

Near infrared saunas require side-to-side rotation, and can be done sitting, standing, or lying down with the Convertible Radiant Sauna Tent. The body has a beneficial biological response to the light that helps to reduce inflammation and pain. 

The radiant sauna tent prevents time taken to preheat the sauna and more powerfully heats the body, while the Breathe Safe air purifier allows the body to get a faster and more powerful sweat.  Wear the sauna hat to increase the body's core temperature even more and prevent any damage to your hair. Make sure to also wear the safety glasses every time you take a sauna to protect the eyes from harm.

This package includes:

Sauna Fix Near Infrared sauna ($850 value)
Near Infrared Sauna and Blue Light Eye Protection Glasses ($42.99 value)
Breathe Safe Plasma Air Purifier ($325 value)
Organic Sauna Hat ($38.75 value)
Convertible Radiant Sauna Tent ($1250 value)

Total price: $2824.99 $2399.99

Home Near Infrared Sauna Hot Yoga Studio

Engage in exercise with the added benefits of sauna therapy with The Home Near Infrared Sauna Hot Yoga Studio. You will save time by getting in your exercise and sauna together, as well as not having to wait for the tent to preheat.   Near infrared sauna therapy is even more powerful when combined with exercise, and the healing near infrared rays will retain inside the enclosure with the radiant tent.  The tent enclosure is also roomy enough to share your sauna with another person.  

Some of the wonderful benefits of sauna therapy include improved circulation, less pain, more energy, quicker fat burning, better metabolism, faster muscle recovery, and more effective detoxification.  

This package includes: 

 Sauna Fix Near Infrared Sauna ($850 value) 

Hot Yoga and Exercise Radiant Sauna Tent ($1450 value) 

Near Infrared Sauna and Blue Light Eye Protection Glasses ($42.99 value) 

Total price: $2800.00 $2599.99

What's wrong with my water?

Getting an adequate amount of water each day is important to stay hydrated, but the type of water you drink can be just as critical.  Drinking water can easily be contaminated and full of bacteria, parasites, chemicals, nitrates, or minerals such as lead or mercury.  While water from a United States public water system must meet safety standards, it does not mean the water doesn't contain any contaminants at all.  Contaminated water is linked to the transition of diseases including cholera, diarrhea, hepatitis A, and more. 

Many people seek out ways to filter their drinking water, in an attempt to consume the cleanest and most purest form of water possible.

Ozonated water not only boosts the body's oxygen levels when consumed, but fights bacteria and destroys microbes.  It is also beneficial to purify the water used to wash your hands and clean food. 

Tri-Oxy FRESH 110V Water Ozonator

Rest assured with the cleanliness of your water with the Tri-Oxy FRESH. This water ozonator generates purified water, that is rich in oxygen, using high frequency and voltage.

Ozonated water is exceptional for drinking to boost your body's oxygen levels and help maintain the body's elimination process. An efficient oxygen supply is necessary for the body to better use the nutrients it takes in from food and supplements. While extremely beneficial for drinking, ozonated water can also be used to cleanse fruit and vegetables.  Produce's shelf life is greatly extended when ozone is used to rinse. 

The FRESH is a high quality device designed to last. This particular machine is available in 110V, but international customers may shop the 220-240V version below in the close-out deals. 

Total price: $295.00 $195.00

Tri-Oxy Fresh + Bio Disc 2


Double up on purifying benefits for your water with the Tri-Oxy Fresh and the Bio Disc 2

Ozonated water is pure, oxygen-rich,  and is created by the FRESH with high frequency and voltage.  Drinking ozonated water greatly boosts your body's oxygen levels and helps it maintain its elimination process.

Ozonated water is wonderful for more than just drinking. Try washing your produce in it to get a better clean and exceptionally extend the shelf life of your food!

Use the Bio Disc to further enhance your drinking water to restore your body's cells, improve sleep quality, alleviate pain, and boost the efficiency of supplements.  The Bio Disc spins liquid molecules counterclockwise to transfer energy. When water is poured over the disc, the water picks up resonance that is comparable to that found in natural healing spring waters. 

Pour liquid over the disc into a glass, use it as a coaster, place in bath water, carry on your body, or keep in refrigerator to create stronger uptake of fresh food's nutrients. On top of all the wonderful benefits, the taste of your water will also improve! 

Total price: $333.99 $195.00

How dirty is my air? 

The shocking truth is that indoor air is 2-5 times more toxic than outdoor air, according to a report from United States Environmental Protection Agency.  Considering the vast amount of time the average person spends inside, this is very concerning.  Americans in particular spend a whopping 90% of their time indoors, and those who are susceptible to pollution's harm effects, or who have a respiratory or cardiovascular illness, are even more likely to be inside more often than not. 

There is a solution: negative ions.  Negative ions form from negatively charged molecules in the air, which work as natural air purifiers to create a quality and clean breathing environment. 

Use the power of negative ions to fight bacteria and harmful chemicals in your household or work space.  Quality air purifiers produce an abundance of beneficial negative ions to purify the air and rid it of harmful toxins.

Breathe Safe + Ionic Refresher 6-Pack


Rid the air of pollutants, such as bacteria, dust, mold, particulates, and more with powerful negative ions. The air you breathe can be powerfully purified with the Breathe Safe and Ionic Refresher.   

The Breathe Safe is a light-weight, compact machine, yet it produces a larger amount of plasma than machines much larger. Its portability allows you to transfer it from room to room, or use in your car or office. In addition, you will boost your oxygen levels 70-118% with the millions of plasma ions from the Breathe Safe!

Clean the air further with the Ionic Refresher, which runs silently, continuously, and can sterilize 90% of your breathing environment.  This machine is compact enough and powerful enough that we recommend using one in every room of your home. This set provides six of this fantastic device to ensure you get the pure breathing air your body deserves. 

Total price: $624.94 $459.95

Ionic Refresher 12-Pack

 Multiply the clean air effects with a total of twelve Ionic Refreshers in this whole house air purification solution!

Destroy harmful substances in the air and create a purified breathing zone with this powerful device.  The Ionic Refresher is worth using in every room of the home, as it runs continuously, silently, and can sterilize 90% of your breathing environment with more than 32,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. 

The efficiency of the negative ions it produces are improved with the carbon fiber trip, which boosts its antimicrobial and sterilizing power. 

Total price: $599.88 $450.00 ($37.50 each)

No returns on items below.

Tri-Oxy FRESH 220-240V Water Ozonator

Feel confident in the purity of your water with the The Tri-Oxy FRESH Water Ozonator.

Ozonated water reduces bacteria and destroys microbes in the bloodstream to boost the immune system.  Regularly drinking ozonated water helps to elevate oxygen levels in the body. The body depends on optimal oxygen levels to maintain its elimination process. An adequate supply of oxygen allows the body to more easily use the nutrients it gets from food and supplements. 

The FRESH is a long lasting, high quality, hand-held device that uses high frequency and voltage to generate energy and combine oxygen molecules to create ozone. This machine is available for International customers to use in their homes to generate clean water for drinking, cleaning, hand washing, and rinsing food.  The shelf life of produce is significantly higher when washed with ozonated water. 

Tri-Oxy FRESH 220-240V Water Ozonator

Total price: $295.00 $147.50

Why should I put coffee in my enema?

Enemas are generally known as a form of hydrotherapy to cleanse the colon, but using coffee instead of water as an enema liquid can greatly help to rebuild the liver, remove parasites, and reduce overall toxicity. 

Coffee enema benefits were first discovered when a World War I nurse used leftover brewed coffee with patient's water enema treatments.  Patients began to report significant pain reduction, and the use of coffee enemas spread and was studied at universities worldwide. Numerous successful results led coffee enemas to become part of a standard detoxification protocol that is used today. 

Nearly everyone has toxic buildup in their kidneys, liver, and intestines. A coffee enema works as a cleansing remedy to remove toxins in a natural and safe way. Use coffee in your enema, and the caffeine will be absorbed through the bowel wall and reach the liver without going through the digestive tract. 

Stainless Steel Enema Bucket Kit 2 Liter

Defective: The hole for hanging the bucket is drilled upside down, but otherwise the equipment is fully functional. Sale is final - no returns. 

Powerfully detoxify your body with the affordable and convenient Stainless Steel Enema Bucket Kit. We recommend daily coffee enemas as a safe and easy way to remove toxins from the body, clean the liver, and improve digestion. A properly functioning liver reduces the body's free radicals.  

You can comfortably perform an enema in your own home, and even on the go, with this bucket.  This is a latex-free, 2-liter bucket with silicone tubing and rectal and vaginal tips. 

Enema buckets are preferred over bags since they are easier to clean. The bucket opens on the top and can be rinsed out completely.

Total price: $47.95 $15.00

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