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Digestive Aid

Oxy-Mag: 180 Vegetable Capsules Dietary Supplement | Natural Health Resources

Oxy-Mag is a digestive aid and can be used for a gallbladder flush. It should be taken apart from meals; we recommend first thing in the morning or one hour before bed. Some people may experience nausea or queasiness when first taking Oxy-Mag, as the result of their system being so deprived of oxygen. If this happens, try eating a few crackers to settle the stomach. You should also reduce the amount of Oxy-Mag capsules you take, and slowly work up to to the recommended dosage. 

Serving Size:  6 capsules (3.6g)

Servings per container:  30

Amount Per Serving

  • Magnesium  1,368 mg

All Natural Veg Caps

How Supplied: 180 Capsules Bottle

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IMPORTANT:  Always use with lemon juice or HCL to activate the release of oxygen.

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