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Ultimate Hydration Solution

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Ultimate Hydration Solution

Save money on a bundle of hydration essentials, perfect for alkalizing your body and providing it with the minerals it needs to thrive. To alkalize means to turn basic and less acidic. This is important because if there is too much acid in your body fluids, the  kidneys and lungs have trouble balancing your pH levels.  Use the test strips included in this kit to monitor your pH levels, and therefore acidity. The salt and Bio Disc will help bring your body to a neutral pH level. 

Acid, neutral and alkaline pH scaleThe body produces acid in processes such as the breakdown of proteins in the stomach, and the lungs and kidneys can handle a slight pH imbalance. However, problems with these organs can result in the accumulation of excess acid in the body. 

Your body's pH level determines the acidity of your blood. A lower pH represents more acidic blood, while a higher pH is seen in blood that is more basic.  Ideally, the pH of your blood should be around a 7.  According to the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, acidosis (too much acid in body fluids) is seen in a pH of 7.35 or lower. This can lead to a number of health problems.

The body must be hydrated to work properly and survive. The products included in this kit will help you monitor your body's acidity and re-hydrate yourself with necessary minerals. 


This kit offers an amazing value of what you need to properly energize, alkalize and hydrate your body. 

Get great savings on this bundle deal for a limited time.

Contents of this package include: 

Healthy Salt by Creatrix Solutions (2 oz) ($75 value)

Quantum Science BIO DISC 2 Scalar Bio Energy ($38.95 value)

pH Test Strips ($6.95 value)

URS-14 Urine Test Strips ($14.99 value)

Healthy Salt

Healthy Salt to energize, alkalize and hydrate your bodyThis miracle salt provides a nutritious and delicious boost to anyone's diet. It is created with all-natural ingredients, and undergoes a process that includes heat treating, spraying, and washing, to alkalize, energize, and purify the salt, so that the body can be rid of heavy metals and toxins. The salt is taken from a high-energy-and-mineral sea salt mine, where it is then transported to a shaded location for up to three years. The reason for this is to naturally rid the salt of brine, which contains chemicals, toxins, gas, waste, and more. The salt is sprayed with water, and dried numerous times to help rinse off the impurities. Herbs and secret natural ingredients are mixed with the salt, before it is placed in a container that is specially designed to treat the salt with a high temperature flame. It can take several days to burn off all the harmful substances. 

What makes Healthy Salt so special? Aside from containing more minerals than any other food salt, Healthy Salt helps the body detoxify, regain energy, and reach ideal levels of hydration.  It cleanses the blood, enhances liver function, and removes toxins from the body's cells and organs. 

Healthy Salt helps... 

  • Absorb food particles in the intestinal tract.
  • Alleviate sinus congestion.
  • Produce hydroelectric energy in the body’s cells.
  • Regulate normal blood sugar levels.
  • Relieve mucus and sticky phlegm in the lungs.
  • Relieve muscle cramps, pain, and spasms.
  • Remove excess acidity from the body’s cells.
  • Support consistent heartbeat with critical minerals.
  • Support normal blood pressure combined with water.

We recommend taking 1/16 tsp of Healthy Salt by mouth, 3-5 times each day. Let the salt dissolve slowly in saliva, swish around for at least 60 seconds, then swallow a bit at a time. 

You may also salt food with Healthy Salt, however, it takes a lot due to the low sodium chloride content, or apply it topically as a paste.  To create the topical paste, combine a few drops of distilled water per one teaspoon of salt. Directly apply the pasta onto clean body parts. You may also add honey to thicken the paste. 

Healthy Salt can also be used in the eyes, nose, or ears. Dissolve one part of Healthy Salt with 2-3 parts distilled water and drain with a coffee filter. Dispense the solution with an eye dropper, a few drops at a time, into the desired body part. You may also put the solution on cotton to place inside the nose or ears.  Allow the solution to soak in, and repeat process as often as necessary. 


The Bio Disc 2 transfers energy by spinning liquid molecules counterclockwise. When poured over the disc, water picks up resonance comparable to that found in natural healing spring waters all over the world. This can help boost the efficiency of supplements, enhance drinking water, restore cells, aid with sleep, and heal pain. 

There are many benefits to using the Bio Disc 2, including: Pouring clean drinking water

  • Increased levels of blood oxygen
  • Improved immune system and energy levels
  • Rejuvenated cells
  • Improved frequencies of drinking water for energy
  • Extended life of fruits and vegetables
  • Heightens potency of food supplements
  • Enhances taste of liquids
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Improves sleep quality

The Bio Disc can be used in a number of different ways. Here are some of the simple ways you can benefit from using it:

  • Pour beverages over the disc into the glass, or use the disc as a coaster. This will increase energy, improve oxygen levels, and improve taste.
  • Keep the disc in refrigerator to energize fresh food and create better nutrient absorbency. 
  • Place disc in bath water to improve energy. 
  • Carry disc on you to help boost energy and prevent jet leg.
  • Keep disc underneath mattress at night to help sleep. 

pH Test Strips

These pH test strips help uncover the body's electrolyte deficiencies, so you can keep track of your hydration. The results of the tests will help you learn about your body to rebuild the alkaline reserve.  

The tests available with these strips include Urine Alkaline Food Test, Urine Acid Food Test, Saliva Test, and Lemon Saliva Test.  The procedure varies slightly depending on which test you wish to take, however; you should always wait at least two hours after eating to do the test. 

Urine Alkaline Food Test:  Devote an entire day to eating vegetables and their juices, 100% alkaline-forming foods. Avoid grains, fruit, dairy, meat or coffee, as well as intense exercise.  The next morning, place the pH strip in the urine stream and wait 15 seconds to read the result.

Urine Acid Food Test:  For 24 hours prior, eat only acid-forming foods. The next morning, place the pH strip in the urine stream and wait 15 seconds to read the result. 

Saliva Test: Spit into a clean, non-metallic container or spoon. Dip the pH strip into saliva and wait 15 seconds to read the pH. 

Lemon Saliva Test: You can do this test immediately after the saliva test. Mix the juice from half of a fresh lemon with two ounces of water. Do not add any sweeteners. Swish the juice around in the mouth before swallowing and wait 60 seconds to read the result. Repeat the test six times and record each reading. 

Compare the color of your result to the closest match on the bottle. Read through to determine what each result represents.

URS-14 Urine Test Strips

Monitor health with urine 14 panel test stripsUse the URS-14 Urine Test Strips in between hair analyses to monitor what components are present in your urine. This test provides 14-in-1 results that makes it easier than ever to track your health.

To take the test, place the strip in urine mid-stream for a couple seconds and then wait 15 seconds to read the result. Compare the results on the strip to the nearest match on the bottle.  The strips will relay results for: ketone, bilirubin, leukocytes, nitrite, urobilinogen, protein, creatinine, calcium, pH, blood, glucose, specific gravity, microalbumin, and ascorbate. Read through to learn what the presence of these components in the urine represents. 

It is so important to keep your body hydrated, and the products included in this kit will help you achieve that goal.  Use the test strips to determine where your body is at, and make use of the salt and Bio Disc to help alkalize and re-hydrate yourself. 

Benefits of staying hydrated: 

  • Body is able to convert food and fuel into energy
  • A healthy blood level will be maintained, preventing heart disease and stroke. 
  • Joints and cartilage will stay lubricated and soft, reducing pain and increasing flexibility. 
  • Oxygen-rich blood and nutrients can transport through the body.
  • Electrolytes will be balanced to prevent muscle fatigue, maintain movement, and transmit nerve impulses. 
  • Liver and kidneys can eliminate waste via body fluids. 
  • Saliva's enzymes are able to break down food and liquid to dissolve minerals and nutrients, making them easily accessible to the body. 
  • Tissues stays moisturized so skin provides a strong barrier to prevent excess loss of fluid. 
  • Body temperature is maintained. 

This kit offers an amazing value of what you need to properly hydrate your body with the minerals it needs. Get great savings on this bundle deal for a limited time.