How to Add Healthy Salt from Creatrix Solutions to Your Diet Plan

With the scientific advancements in the way we eat and live, there are many diet plans. Add Healthy Salt from Creatrix Solutions that is jam-packed with minerals to your diet plan today and feel the advantage immediately!

The Benefits of Coffee Enemas: Eileen Durfee on A Natural Shift Podcast

Eileen Durfee discusses the benefits of coffee enemas with the host of A Natural Shift Podcast, Kari Coody, which include detoxification, pain relief, higher mental clarity, better mood, elimination of parasites and candida, improved hydration, smoother skin and much more. Find out how else you can benefit from coffee enemas and which gadgets (such as the stand-up no-mess Enema Fix solution) can be used to start doing them on a daily basis - visit

@BiohackerTodd Demonstrates the Operation of Tri-Oxy Refresh Degasser

@BiohackerTodd explains how Tri-OXY Refresh, the new ozone diffuser and degasser from Creatrix Solutions, makes drinking ozonated water totally safe by destroying ozone gas as it leaves the water and making the surrounding air safe to breathe. This device also extends life of ozone generators such as Tri-OXY Fresh 800 mg/hr water ozonator.

Ultra-Sensitive PH Test Strips from Creatrix Solutions

These are the ultra-sensitive pH Test Strips. By using them you can quickly and easily monitor your body's pH levels.

Use Sauna Fix Convertible Tent System in One of Three Positions

Now, when you order Sauna Fix NIR sauna bundle with the Convertible Tent, you can take near infrared saunas daily in the comfort of your home, in either stand-up, sit-down, or lie-down position, depending on your preferred setup.