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Certified organic ozone is available instantly on-demand at your fingertips with this powerful device that can be used in the home, garden, for animal care, and so much more. 


Fighting against pathogens and insects while growing plants or raising animals?  Start winning against mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, viruses, algae, parasites and insects.  Just spray and mist!  Water is converted into liquid sanitizer and when sprayed and misted on plants and animals, it oxidizes all the bad stuff and releases oxygen.  The Tri-Oxy COMPLETE solves your problems naturally and boosts plant and animal growth.  In a study with cucumbers and onions, ozonated water was used to eradicate mold, mildew, and rot; and as a side benefit the plants grew 30 to 40% larger and more food was harvested.  With animals, they drink more water and are healthier.  Spray down animal pens, and mist plants early in the season to destroy insect larvae.  Ozonated water blows a hole in the larvae disrupting the insect life-cycle.  This portable device is just what everyone needs to reduce the use of chemicals, miticides and pesticides around the home, farm or ranch.  

One Future Farmer of America (FFA) customer, no longer needs to apply miticides on the animals.  He sprays down his animal pens and flies don't hatch and become a nuisance.  Really a pig pen without flies?  Yes with the Tri-Oxy COMPLETE that is possible.  One cannabis grower waters plants and mists them with ozonated water.  He uses the adjustment knob to dilute the amount of ozone concentration applied to the roots and turns it up for misting foliage.  Overall the plants grew to the top of the greenhouse, and the harvest was more productive.   Every grower loves to maximize production without increasing the size of their operation.  Additionally, when plants are harvested and the greenhouse is prepared for the next crop, the room needs to be cleaned and sterilized.  With the Tri-Oxy COMPLETE, the cleaning process is streamlined and the use of bleach can be eliminated. 

The Tri-Oxy COMPLETE is a portable intelligent 5mg/hr ozone water generator that allows you to experience the amazing benefits of ozone. The machine is specifically designed for disinfection and sterilization for home and commercial applications. Its design allows tap water to pass through the machine and mix automatically, instantly, and continuously with ozone gas. Depending on water temperature, pH, and total dissolved solids, the Tri-Oxy COMPLETE provides instant on-demand ozonated water at concentrations of 2.00 ppm to 3.00 ppm. 

Defining ozone

Ozone has a powerful sanitizing and oxidizing effect, and it is, in fact, one of the strongest oxidizers there is. The potency of one molecule of ozone equalizes to 3000 to 10,000 molecules of chlorine. Thus it is 3500 times more pathogenic to microbes, with no side effects of chlorine.  Ozone is toxic-free, safe, and does not leave behind any residue. It is widely used in food, agriculuture, and animal husbandry industries.

Ozone is often best used as ozonated water, which is created by dissolving ozone gas into water. Ozone becomes unstable in water with an oxidation-reduction reaction that produces active monatomic oxygen, which has a powerful oxidation function, and can decompose bacteria and microbial organic matter in water.  

  • Ozone can effectively disinfect, sterilize, deodorize, and decompose pesticide residual. Ozone is also a powerful broad-spectrum fungicide that can kill bacterial propagule and spores, eggs, larvae, virus, fungus, and more.
  • There is an over 99% removal rate of Escherichia coli, streptococcus faecalis, and staphylococcus aureus.
  • Ozone can effectively destroy H1n1/H1n2/H5n1/H7n9 bird flu or bird flu, hepatitis virus, and cold viruses. Farmers with chickens can save their lives by eliminating bird flu. The chickens will become stronger, have healthier plumage, have less infections, and lay more eggs.  
  • Ozonated water can eliminate unpleasant odor from food, plants, and instruments. 
  • Ozonated water is especially beneficial to use when raising farm animals because as they consume it, they become more resistant to disease. Use ozonated water to spray down pens, and insect larvae are destroyed through cell lysing. This breaks the life cycle of common mites, fleas, tics, and lice, and reduces the need for miticides and other pesticides.

Highly concentrated ozone can be used in a variety of ways in daily life, food manufacturing, and agricultural purposes. Typical methods include spraying, immersing, wiping, and flushing.  Application methods include: 


    • Hand washing: Use ozonated water to wash your hands for disinfection, sterilization, and reduction of disease transmission. This is especially applicable in public places, and for those who have high hygiene requirements. 
    • Water purification: Disinfect and sterilize water to decompose and oxidize impurities, remove residual chlorine, oxidize heavy metal ions, increase oxygen levels, reduce of total dissolved solids and clarify water, and decolorize. 
    • Fresh produce: Ozone fruits and vegetables to completely decompose residual of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, destroy bacteria, increase freshness, and reduce spoilage. 
    • Fish and eggs: Immerse fish, eggs, and meat in ozonated water to kill harmful microbes, remove residual hormones and antibiotics, improve taste, remove odor and bacteria, prolong freshness, and reduce spoilage. 
    • Beauty and health care: Wash face, hair, or use in shower to reduce bacteria and dirt, and activate epidermal cells. 
    • Household goods and baby products: Disinfect and sterilize items such as clothes, toys, bottles, underwear, and tableware.
    • Oral care: Brush teeth and clean mouth with ozonated water to reduce bad breath and germs related to gingivitis. 
    • Family practice: Use ozonated water to reduce populations of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections on the body.  Fill up a bathtub with ozonated water to take an ozonated bath. 
    • Pet disinfection: Clean pets with ozonated water to decrease bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, eliminate smells, and reduce mite, flea and lice populations.
    • Pet care: Provide ozonated drinking water for your furry friends. Animals drink more water when it's ozonated, and they become healthier and stronger because of it.
  • Household cleaning: Use ozonated water to clean the rooms in your home to effectively kill bacteria, remove smells, and prevent germs and mold from growing. Hook up to a washing machine to use as liquid sanitizer; put the supply hose in and the hose going out into the washing machine. 
  • Manufacturing equipment: Destroy bacteria and other micro-organisms in equipment, pipelines, and packaging containers with full high-pressure washing using ozone.
  • Animal ranches: Use ozonated water to clean animals and wash farms to remove odors, kill bacteria and germs, and decrease cross contamination and disease transmission. Farmers can also spray ozonated water to clean out animal's pens and remove flies. Set up on a timer for water systems, so you do not even have to manually clean out the troughs. The oxygen-rich, self-cleaning, algae-free, water troughs minimize periodic cleaning and reduce costs.
  • Garden care: Mist plants in your garden to kill pests, pesticides, mold, and larvae before they hatch. Ozone helps plants grow 40% more. 

The capabilities of ozone: 

Specifications: The COMPLETE is made from stainless steel housing with folding legs, which add an extra 4.5" to the height. It is lead-free with standard 3/4" hose thread fittings (hose not included). Lightweight, small, and portable, the machine has ozone injection with dual internal venturi design.  It has an ozone concentration adjustment knob that runs from zero up to 5 mg/hr.  The COMPLETE is easy to operate and requires no daily maintenance. 

Water supply hose and spray wand are excluded. We recommend a water supply hose that is only 10-feet long to the machine. The longer the hose and the larger the diameter, the less pressure a person will have. For some applications, you may want to use an in-line booster pump. 

1. Warranty period is 12 months from the purchase date. 2. This product is under warranty against manufacturing defects by reason of faulty workmanship, and internal electronic or ozone generator parts. 3. Transportation fees during replacing/repairing parts will be charged to buyer. 4. Warranty does not include tampering with or unauthorized repairs by a third party, improper installation, alterations, or modifications. 5. Warranty does not include misuse, mishandling, abuse, negligence, or accidents causing damage.