Where to Buy Sauna Fix Bulbs

Where to buy bulbs for the sauna fix nir sauna lamp

The Sauna Fix provides the most powerful and effective near infrared sauna therapy, but the sauna lamp works best when the proper type of red heat bulbs are installed.

For optimum performance, we recommend using only red heat lamp bulbs with the Sauna Fix near infrared lamp, as the healing processes of the human body respond best to the wavelengths emitted by this type of sauna light bulb.

Light wavelengths between the 630 nm and 900 nm range are categorized as the “healing” red to near infrared wavelength range that has been proven to stimulate the best biological response. Red incandescent heat lamp bulbs are the best choice for use in the Sauna Fix near infrared sauna lamp because they emit wavelengths of light within this therapeutic range. 

Bulbs are now included with purchase of every sauna and bundle.

Sauna Fix Lamp Fixture

  • U.S. sauna purchases come with the Sauna Fix brand bulbs.  These red heat lamp bulbs emit red light, near infrared, mid-infrared, and far infrared rays in the 550 nm-3000 nm range. Most of the frequencies are in the near infrared spectrum.  The lab test report for the bulbs can be viewed here
  • International sauna orders will be shipped Therabulbs separately to operate their sauna.