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Where to Buy Sauna Fix Bulbs

Where to buy bulbs for the sauna fix nir sauna lampAs of May 2019: Bulbs are now included with purchase of every sauna and bundle. They will be shipped separately from Therabulb. 

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The Sauna Fix is the best and most powerful near infrared sauna available, but the proper red heat bulbs are necessary for it to operate at its best ability.  

We recommend using only red heat lamp bulbs with the Sauna Fix near infrared lamp. This is because the human body's healing processes best respond to the wavelengths emitted by this kind of sauna light bulb. 

The "healing" red to near infrared wavelength range can be defined as light wavelengths between the 630 nm and 900 nm range. This is the range of light that has proven to stimulate the best biological response.  Since red incandescent heat lamp bulbs emit wavelengths of light within this therapeutic range, they are the optimal choice for use with the Sauna Fix. 

Recommended bulbs:

The Sauna Fix can operate with nearly any 250 Watt Red Heat Lamp Bulb. Eileen herself used the Philips 250-Watt Incandescent R40 Red Heat Lamp Bulb for many years. Besides RubyLux and TheraBulb, the heat lamps generate some red light, near infrared, and mid infrared frequencies, which provide a person with multiple frequency exposure. 

A customer who is a medical laser representative recently purchased the Sauna Fix and the Phillips brand bulbs to go with it;  she then experienced pain and detox symptoms from use.  She researched all the red heat lamp bulbs, and then purchased the TheraBulbs since they only generated the therapeutically proven near infrared frequencies.  All her detox symptoms and pain vanished after using the TheraBulbs, and she also felt an energy boost.  Eileen decided to purchase the TheraBulbs to try after hearing her story. 

Eileen used the TheraBulbs for a few days, and noticed she was heating up faster and also had a lot more energy.  Although she did not previously experience any detox symptoms or pain with the other bulbs, the improvement with TheraBulbs was significant enough where now our top recommendation is to directly purchase the 250 Watt TheraBulbs from the manufacturer here  Use the provided link to discount each bulb from $21.99 to $16.99, a savings of $5 per bulb. Please be aware that the discount will not apply until after you begin the checkout process. 

Based on the discovery of a fourth phase of water, we only recommend using 2-3 of the Therabulbs, or 1-2 of the Phillips bulbs that produce 550-3400 nm. EZ water is a phase of water beyond solid, liquid, and vapor. It stores energy like a battery and grows when it absorbs infrared light, especially at 3,000 n m. The skin acts as a solar panel to receive the light, and EZ water expands inside the body. Hydration increases when taking a heat lamp sauna, and energy also increases through hydroelectricity because of how EZ water functions in the body. 

Check out the below videos for additional information regarding EZ Water: 

Water, Cells, and Life | Dr. Gerald Pollack | TEDxNewYorkSalon

The Mineral Power for Your Body’s Electrical Supply | Stephanie Seneff | TEDxNewYorkSalon

Below you will find a list of additional web stores where you can find and purchase red heat lamp bulbs in the 250 watts required for the Sauna Fix NIR sauna lamp. Please note that we have not personally tested all of the bulbs listed, and do not have proof of their claims.

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