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The Founder, Eileen Durfee, is a former nuclear power plant quality engineer, inspector, auditor, real estate builder/developer, and inventor with ten US Patents and more internationally. She is an expert in reducing pain, restoring energy, and improving overall health, specializing in spine health and posture.  

Eileen Durfee is a CEO and founded her own health company, Creatrix Solutions LLC, to create and distribute natural healing products worldwide.

Toxic exposure, injuries, poor posture from growing nine (9) inches in three (3) months, and being run over by a car have all prevented Eileen from living a fulfilling life. On a quest to heal her body, she discovered what solutions worked and wanted to use her knowledge and experience to help others.

She offers various health solutions, including spinal fitness equipment, near-infrared saunas, a portable hot yoga studio, air purifiers, ozone generators, skincare, and healing food salts. Her experience motivates her to create the best health solutions to protect and rejuvenate family, friends, and consumers from our stressful, toxic world.

Her passion is spinal fitness, how to use Dr. John S. Scherger’s methods to evaluate the athletic ability to spot physically superior athletes less prone to injuries, and how to make weaker players structurally stronger. Dr. Scherger worked with Ron O’Neal (Patriots), Mike Woicik (Cowboys), Smitty (York Barbell), Marcus Paul (NY Giants), and the US Olympic team to achieve his dream of creating a superior athlete. She reveals and teaches Scherger’s secrets for gaining the structural advantage that reduces injuries, shortens recovery, increases flexibility and speed, and improves overall athleticism.

Eileen Durfee’s Healing Gizmos and Her Health Discoveries

To help restore true health, Eileen invented her way to age-reversing health and physical fitness. She uses her experience and knowledge to develop cutting edge, science and research-based secrets, tips and inventions.

Everyone can reverse their health right now, and start looking and feeling younger and more vibrant. At 60 years old, Eileen looks, feels and performs better than she did at age 40, and you can too!

Eileen's Testimony


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At 60 years of age, Eileen Durfee looks and acts younger than when she was in her 40s! How did she achieve such remarkable results? After enduring years of pain, chemical exposure and disease, Eileen Durfee left her career as a nuclear power plant quality engineer, inspector, and auditor to educate herself about how to achieve true health and fitness. In the process, she became a practitioner, entrepreneur, and has received 7 utility and 3 design patent grants in the USA, with more on the way!

Eileen applies the late Dr. Scherger's methods to evaluate athletic ability.

These techniques help spot physically strong athletes that are less prone to injuries and can make weaker players structurally stronger.

She explains why the New England Patriots implemented Spinal Fitness into their training program and how these methods spread to the NY Giants, NY Jets, and Dallas Cowboys.

Finally, Eileen reveals the secrets for gaining the mechanical advantage that reduces injuries, shortens recovery, increases flexibility and speed, and improves overall athleticism.

Eileen Durfee’s mission is to help restore your overall wellbeing through her innovative health toolkit.

(1) Revitalize, rebalance and oxygenate your body from head to toe, and from inside out!

(2) Look and feel younger by nourishing your skin, hair and body!

(3) Activate your cells, ligaments, muscles and vertebrae by achieving true spinal health, enhance performance on the field and in the bedroom, and improve overall health!

Get ready to have your body and your health be refreshed, rebalanced and restored through Eileen’s innovative health products.

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