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High Quality Detoxification equipment


customer reviews

Awesome salt!!

I love this salt. It tastes great with a great energy to it. I like to drink 1/4 t. in warm lemon water in the morning to nourish my adrenals and give my body a boost for the day. I enjoy using it on my food too.

- Deborah H

Ionic plug-ins

Love these! I have 3 in our big kitchen and it helps keep the room smelling fresh like an outdoor breeze. I love that there’s no hassle to maintain them. No filters to buy and throwaway. Thank you!

- Jennifer G

Breathing safe all summer!

We got our breathe safe during wild fire season. It made a huge difference in the air quality of our apartment especially during the hot summer months.

- Liza

Sleek, Simple, Effective

An affordable ozone option! It’s my first time with ozone, but I can feel its power. I’m sure this is comparable to bubbling ozone via an O2 tank.

- Matt S

Great Product

I use this everyday and feel more energized and healthier. If you ever have GI issues I recommend using this product. It helps keep my GI running smoothly and makes me feel more energized by drinking the added Oxygen in the water!

- Josh E


You were great in shipping my product and quick to replace a broken part. I'm using the product and am still evaluating. I have eczema on my face and it hasn't cleared yet. I would like more information and guidance on the product and its uses.

- Candice O

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The mission of Creatrix Solutions is to make America great again, one American at a time through education, high quality testing and equipment that promote a healthy lifestyle. Many Americans experience artificial health through symptom relief using medications, when promoting natural health through diet, exercise, near infrared light therapy and other alternative practices can increase the overall well being of the individual.

Stress and low quality food are the 21st century killer, and responsible for the decline in the health of Americans. A body that is stressed is unable to accumulate the proper and necessary minerals, and instead accumulates toxic metals as substitutes in an attempt to function.

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