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IONIC Refresher

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Will work with any voltage as long as you have a plug adapter

Ionic Refresher Air Purifier

IONIC Refresher

Tackle air contaminants head on with negative ions! Remove harmful chemicals and fight bacteria with a natural air purifier. 

The air we breathe is overly corrupted with dust, smoke, and sand, among many other contaminants. For those who suffer from respiratory illnesses and allergies, it is even more crucial to have quality air to breathe. Many people purchase commercial air fresheners in an attempt to clean the air of their home, but unfortunately, these products cause more harm than good. Avoid introducing more chemicals into the air and instead, choose a natural solution. Negative ions can eliminate odor and harmful substances, and produce clean and fresh air, without negatively impacting our health. 

Negative ions are formed when molecules in the air, for example oxygen or nitrogen, have a negative charge.  They naturally purify to provide a quality breathing space and cleaner surfaces. The air indoors can be 2-5 times even more toxic than it is outside, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Negative ions offer a solution that the Ionic Refresher can provide. 

Ionic Refresher Air Purifier

The Ionic Refresher generates more than 32,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter to destroy dangerous substances and result in clean air.  It can sterilize 99.99% of air in 24 hours and runs silently and continuously the entire time. 

The Ionic Refresher can effectively remove: 

  • 94.6% Formaldehyde
  • 94% Smoke
  • 90.99% Bacteria
  • 91.8% Benzene
  • 90.9% VOCs
  • 86.9% Ammonia

The Ionic Refresher is also wonderful to use for help with cannabis growth and can really make a difference. A study of the effects of negative ions on sativa seedlings found that the negative ions produced statistically significant stimulation of growth as measured by mean stem length, integral elongation and dry weight.

The Ionic Refresher can work with any voltage without the need for a step-up transformer. You only need a plug adapter to convert the USA plug. 

The device is also EMF safe and is ROHS, CE, and RCC certified. View laboratory test results here.

Ionic Refresher Creatrix SolutionsThe carbon fiber tip improves the efficiency of the negative ions, boosting the antimicrobial and sterilizing power.  It is even more powerful than other air purifiers without it. 

No maintenance is required, except for simple cleaning. Wipe the dust off the front and around the unit to prevent the wall from getting dirty. 

Bring the freshness of anion oxygen and negative ions into your air with the Ionic Refresher! We recommend you plug one of these powerful machines into every room for a fully purified home or office space. Consider purchasing the Ionic Refresher 12-Pack to save money and get a whole house air purification solution!


Warranty Information
1-year warranty. This does not cover cost of shipping to or from after 30 days. It also does not cover accidental damage, such as impaired plasma function due to dropping the device. Upon inspection, replacement or repair for any damage caused by misuse.