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Back Trac Bundle - Medium and Hard Foam Rollers

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Back Trac 6.00" Hard and Medium Foam Rollers

Back Trac Hard Creatrix Solutions

Discover Ultimate Relief with the Back Trac Foam Roller Bundle!

Enhance your muscle care routine with our exclusive Back Trac Foam Roller Bundle, featuring both medium and hard density rollers. This versatile duo is designed to cater to all your muscle therapy needs, ensuring you have the perfect tool for every stage of your recovery and maintenance.

Medium Density Roller

Balance and Comfort

  • Ideal for Beginners: Perfect for those new to foam rolling, providing a gentle introduction with moderate pressure.
  • Sensitive Muscles: Great for individuals with delicate muscles, offering relief without excessive discomfort.
  • Rehabilitation: Assists in the gentle recovery of muscles post-injury or surgery.
  • Daily Use: Perfect for everyday muscle tension relief, maintaining flexibility and comfort.

Hard Density Roller

Intensity and Precision

  • Experienced Users: Best suited for those familiar with foam rolling and able to handle more intense pressure.
  • Athletes: Targets deep muscle knots, aiding in thorough muscle recovery.
  • Dense Muscles: Effective for those with well-developed muscles requiring stronger pressure.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Delivers a powerful deep tissue massage, breaking down stubborn knots and tightness.

Why Choose the Bundle?

Having both medium and hard density rollers at your disposal ensures comprehensive care for your muscles. Use the medium density roller for gentle, everyday maintenance, and the hard density roller for deeper, more intensive therapy sessions.

Back Trac Hard Density Foam Roller