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Quantum Science BIO DISC 2 Scalar Bio Energy

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Quantum Science BIO DISC 2 Scalar Bio Energy

Boost supplement efficiency, enhance drinking water, restore cells, help sleep, and alleviate pain with the powerful Scalar Bio Energy disc.  The Bio Disc 2 provides many different benefits, such as: Bio Disc 2 Creatrix Solutions

  • Blood oxygen – Increases levels.
  • Body – Improves immune system and energy levels. 
  • Cells – Rejuvenates.
  • Energy – Improves frequencies of drinking water. 
  • Food - Extends life of fruits, vegetables, and meats. 
  • Food supplements – Heightens potency.
  • Liquids - Enhances taste. 
  • Pain – Helps provide relief. 
  • Sleep - Improves quality. 


How the Bio Disc 2 transfers energy to water 

The Bio Disc 2 spins liquid molecules counterclockwise to transfer energy. Water picks up resonance when it is poured over the disc, and that resonance is comparable to what is in natural healing spring waters around the world. 


How to use the Bio Disc 2 

There are several ways to use the Bio Disc 2.  

Bio Disc 2 How to Use

  1. Pour beverages over the disc into a glass, or use the disc as a coaster to add energy, improve oxygen levels, and enhance the taste. 
  2. Keep the disc in a refrigerator to energize fresh foods and create better uptake of nutrients. 
  3. Put the disc in your bath water for improved energy. 
  4. Carry the disc on your body to boost energy and prevent jet lag.
  5. Place the disc underneath your mattress at night to enhance quality of sleep.