@BiohackerTodd Shows How to Assemble the Sauna Fix Hot Yoga Tent

Todd: Hey guys, today I'm going to be going over how to build and construct the Creatrix Solutions yoga and exercise sauna tent. What I have right now starting is the base. When you get the poles, you're going to have vertical one and vertical two, V1 and V2 and those are where you’re going to set up to be going upwards. You have the H's, which will go through here. And then you have the W's, which are for width. And on these ones, you can see they go here on the outside of the border, and then on the other side as well here, okay. So right here.

It's really important to know that when you're setting these up, you want all the holes, so the male and female parts, like the pendant buttons, they all need to be facing inside and towards the inside of the tent. It will allow everything to align up better. So now, we have the entire frame setup. It's really simple to do, you can have it all by yourself. So, remember that you're gonna have the width up here, up here and on this side. You don't want it to be in the bottom. So, these are just the T's because you're gonna be walking here and you don't want to have any poles when you line everything up, it's really simple. Next, we'll go ahead and do the panels.

So, this is the top panel right here for the roof of the sauna. And it's really important for simplicity here to know what side you want to have the entrance of the door to the sauna in. And the way I'm going to gauge that is, I want this like so this side says A. And then this side says B. And I happen to already know that the actual entrance of the door is going to be A. So, I want to align this up to A and since I want the door to be right here, I want this side to come on here and the B side will go right there. So now, I have the top panel set up. And remember, like I said this is the side that I want to have the door on. So, this is the side that has the A. Next and it's always simpler to set up the Velcro before you do any of the zipping. So anytime we have the panels, connect the Velcro to the poles before you use it. Now I'm setting up the back panel. The way again is, you want this all aligned as you want the A in the A connected and the B in the B at the same thing. So, the A is over here and that's where the entrance to the Sauna is going to be. And the way I can align this is by going right here and see, it says B here in B and these are going to zip up.

If you do not do this, the sauna will not align and one side will be a different length than the other. So, what I want to do now is, I'm going to velcro all these up before I start to zip it. Now, the back panel is completely zippered together and all the velcro is done. So next step is to set up the front part with the entrance and it'd be all right here. So, I just partially have Velcro to show you what it's going to look like. It's going to be right here. And remember how I said I wanted the entrance to be right here. And the way I can gauge that is off of the A here and the A here. So, these are going to align together so that my entrance is right here.

 So, I'm going to continue now just putting in the velcro all around and then I'll zip it up. Everything is now intact and zipped together. Here's the front entrance. Opens up. Next, I'm going to install the lights and the grounding mat. This is the grounding mat and its upside down and you get quite a few extra of these when you get this delivered. In case anything happens to them or it breaks, you'll have extra. So, you want to go ahead and basically connect these so they stay grounded since the cotton area here will stop it. So, you want to connect where all the bridges are so that you can keep this grounded.

 I'm going to take this telephone looking one and what you do with this is, you're going to connect it into the top but in the outlet, you connect it right here. And then you can connect this to anywhere you want. Pretty much anywhere, any of these to have the mat grounded at all times. Grounding mat is connected in and we have it, it is right there and it goes through onto the other side. So, the entire mat stays grounded while I am in it. So, I have the grounding mat entirely set up and then I have the lamp. I chose to do it with the chain and I can modify this and have it angled little down like I have this. Also supplied is the rope ratchet. So, you can connect this as well to there and set it up. Otherwise, everything is set up in here nice and warm.