Back Down: Causes and Consequences of Back Pain

Back Down: Causes and Consequences of Back Pain

Posted by Eileen Durfee on Jun 10th 2021

More than 80% of people around the world have experienced some sort of back pain at one time or another.

Woman Experiencing Back Pain

There are various factors that contribute to back pain. There are also various consequences that can result from back pain going untreated. Below we're going to detail for you some of the most common causes of back pain, the consequences of allowing upper back pain to continue, and remedies to alleviate lower back pain.

If you're looking for back pain relief, you're not going to want to miss what we have to share.

Commons Causes of Back Pain

There are tons of reasons that someone may suffer from back pain. Whether you were recently injured on the job or bent over to pick up something without bending your knees.

Some of the most common causes of back pain you may already know and others you might be surprised about. There is no reason to worry because once you know what causes back pain, you can be more mindful about avoiding it - or at least do your best to reduce the likelihood of injuring your back in the future.

1. Herniated Discs

Many people have herniated discs, yet have no idea that is the reason for the continuous back pain that they are suffering from. A herniated disc occurs when the softer tissue that cushions the joints is essentially gone.

Over time our joints become worn down because of all the bending and moving we do throughout our lives. When there is no longer any tissue to keep the joints from rubbing against each other, it can become quite painful, resulting in herniated discs.

You might be wondering what causes back pain when it comes to a herniated disc. In between each joint, there are various sets of nerves, and when the tissue is gone, these nerves can become pinched, radiating pain up and down the spine and, in some cases, down into the hips.

2. Spinal Fractures

A spinal fracture typically occurs when you've had an accident, including falling or having something hit you in the back excessively hard. Although there are some cases where the person suffering from the fracture will need to enter into surgery to have the problem fixed, there are times when the fracture will heal on its own.

The other instance in which someone may suffer from a spinal fracture is if they have osteoporosis. This is when the bones become weakened over time, and this can lead to breaks and fractures in more places than just the spinal column.

3. Back Spasms

Back spasms are not only painful, but they can also be debilitating, leaving someone unable to move without experiencing some type of pain. Spasms tend to occur when there have been tears made to the tendons and muscles located in a person's lower back.

Man Experiencing Back Spasm

You tend to see people that lead active lifestyles like athletes suffering from these kinds of tears. To heal them, you've got to spend time resting your back until the spasms have gone away.

4. Car Accidents

Each year there are more than 6 million car accidents that take place. The last thing you think about following a car accident is that you'll have back pain. Most of the time, you're concerned about your neck, head, and of course, your car.

In the days following the accident, you might begin to realize that you've got more aches and pains in your back than you initially thought. This is because of the impact that your body endured during the accident.

Consequences of Back Pain

For many of us that suffer from back pain, we might be thinking that the pain is the consequence of back pain, but it's not. When you don't do what's necessary to treat back pain, a host of other problems can arise.

What kind of problems can be worse than back pain? There's a host of things that can occur when back pain continues without being looked at. In some cases, it may leave a person seeing their doctor for pain relief or searching for other ways online to take care of the problem.

Nerve Damage

One of the scariest things that can happen when you don't treat back pain is permanent nerve damage. This could be the result of the nerves in the spine continuously being pinched without relief.

Think of a rubber band that's wedged in between some scissors. Eventually, the rubber band is going to become worn down and snap. The same things go for the nerves in your back when you leave things untreated.

By the time you finally seek help from a medical professional about the issue, they may not be able to save the nerves in your back. The only option left is medication to help maintain control over the pain instead of making it go away altogether.

Poor Posture

Tons of people don't have the greatest posture already, but it can get worse when you're suffering from back pain. Instead of continuing to practice good posture, you might find yourself hunching over to find some sort of relief.

What's the issue with this? It weakens the muscles in your back, which over time can create other problems, including hip pain and neck pain. When the muscles become weakened, you'll have to train them repeatedly once your posture has become a problem.

Lower Back Weakness

Not seeking help immediately when it comes to back pain can cause weakness in your back. Every joint and bone in your body is connected to one central thing, and that's your spinal column. If your spinal column becomes weakened, it begins to affect other areas of your body as well.

Without treating the pain, you'll begin to notice a pain that radiates down your spine to your hips and eventually your legs. This pain might be more apparent when you're attempting to lift something, but it can also be noticed while merely walking around.

This is why it's time to seek treatment and help to correct these issues before they become permanent. And we have just the methods of treatment for you.

Neck Shaper

The first method that can be used to correct poor posture and alleviate back pain is the neck shaper. This product helps you to relieve the stress and tension that builds up in the neck as a result of exercising and other high-level activities.

The purpose of the neck shaper is to help strengthen and ensure the continued strength of the S-shaped spine, which is essential to improving someone's mobility, posture, and recovery from injuries that they might have sustained.

When you purchase this product, you'll notice that it even comes with some exercises that you can try to get the best results.

See a Chiropractor for Back Pain

Another method that can be used to treat back pain is by seeing a chiropractor. A chiropractor can help relieve the pressure that has built up between your joints due to pinched nerves.

Man Visiting a Chiropractor

The thing about seeing a chiropractor for an adjustment is that eventually, you will have to go back and see them again. Every so often, you'll need to continue seeing them to maintain the proper alignment of your spine.

We recommend that you take the time to find a chiropractor that is reputable. Adjusting someone's back is nothing to take lightly, and when done improperly, it can lead to more harm than good.


If you're someone that spends a great deal of time exercising or participating in high-level competition, stretching is a great way to reduce potential back injuries and keep your muscles in working conditioning. When you work out, your muscles become tight, and stretching is a way to ensure continued flexibility and helps to lengthen the muscles.

Never stretch when you're cold or participate in activities without warming up because this can increase the likelihood that you will get injured in the first place. You'd rather take these preventative measures than have to sit out because you've been injured.

Ouch...This Is A Pain in the Back

There are various ways to relieve back pain, from performing stretches before and after any activity to using a neck shaper to help strengthen and maintain the S-spine's health. There are also tons of causes that lead to your back pain beginning in the first place, including car accidents and spinal fractures.

If you're looking for more information about the neck shaper or other products that can assist with alleviating your back pain, check out our site. We've got tons of information that you're going to want to check out.