Benefits of Extra Oxygen Using Breathe

Benefits of Extra Oxygen Using Breathe

Posted by Eileen Durfee on Nov 1st 2020

5 Benefits of Extra Oxygen Using Breathe Safe

Oxygen is a resource that's easy to take for granted.

Scientifically, your body is designed to closely monitor your blood oxygen levels. When kept within a set range, there should be enough oxygen in your body to supply the needs of every cell. Yet, there are myriad factors that can reduce these levels, even without your knowledge. In fact, simply staying indoors and leading a more sedentary lifestyle can cause your oxygen levels to dip significantly!

Staying Indoors

Ultimately, the importance of oxygen cannot be overlooked. That's why a device like the Breathe Safe Air Purifier is so essential.

Today, we're sharing five benefits of increasing your oxygen intake using the Breathe Safe, and how you can find one for your home today.

Understanding The Importance of Oxygen

In short, successful respiration hinges on a healthy supply of oxygen. Our bodies rely on oxygen as a critical component of our respiratory process.

In humans, oxygen is absorbed by our bloodstream when it enters our lungs. From there, it is transported to the rest of our cells, where it participates in an intricate change process.

Through a process called oxidation, oxygen chemically changes the food and liquid we eat into energy that fuels our day. It is this energy that's responsible for contracting our muscles, nourishing our brain, repairing our cells, and even easing our tense nerves. Moreover, oxygen is also our body's most powerful and prominent cleansing mechanism.

Five Benefits of Increased Oxygen

Why should you consider using a device such as the Breathe Safe, which increases the oxygen levels in the air around you? Let's take a look at five benefits that are too powerful to ignore.

1. Increased Energy Levels

Research shows that an estimated 826,000 in one million Americans suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Are you too tired to go to work or participate in daily activities? If so, your oxygen levels could be to blame.

Every breath you take might turn into energy, but if your breaths aren't oxygen-rich, they might not be sufficient. On average, the air we breathe should contain 21% oxygen, though this is rarely the case. Air constitution changes from one region to the other, and is impacted by a host of factors, including:

  • Elevation
  • Humidity
  • Air pollution

Energetic People

As you might expect, your cells produce less energy if they receive less oxygen. When they need energy, they use oxygen more fervently. This helps explain why you pant furiously while exercising. Your cells are begging for oxygen, but you're using it up so quickly your cells can't keep up.

The Breathe Safe increases the oxygen content in your air, helping to raise your energy levels naturally. In fact, it can elevate your oxygen levels up to 118%, depending on your environment, in as little as five minutes!

2. Improved Alertness

Your lungs aren't the only organs that benefit from an increased concentration of oxygen in the air. It helps your brain function better, too.

Unlike your muscles, your brain is incapable of storing energy. Rather, it requires a consistent flow of oxygen and nutrients to properly function. If you constantly feel like you're in a mental fog, then your oxygen levels could be to blame.

If your environment is deficient in oxygen, your brain function can suffer, lowering your levels of alertness, as well as negatively impacting your memory and judgment.

3. Fewer Respiratory Issues

Do you always seem to suffer from seasonal colds? What about sinus infections and allergies? If so, the extra oxygen that the Breathe Safe delivers could help you embrace the seasons, rather than dread them.

Oxygen helps purify and cleanse the air around you, helping you ward off the respiratory conditions that seem to plague every autumn and spring. Moreover, the Breathe Safe also cleanses the air of common allergens, including:

  • Dust mites
  • Mold
  • Pollen

With this machine, you can find relief from the constant nose-blowing, sinus headaches, and itchy eyes you've come to expect. It also attacks, reduces, or totally eliminates other health hazards, including:

  • Volatile organic chemicals and compounds (VOCs)
  • Spores
  • Particulates
  • Odors

At the same time, it helps neutralize the bacteria, fungi, and viruses that can turn a common cold into a full-blown sinus infection, stat. Not only are these microorganisms present in the air, but they're also found on the devices we touch the most, including phones and keyboards. This makes air purification even more important.

4. Higher Exercise Tolerance

We've touched on the fact that the cells in your body require more oxygen when you're physically exerting yourself. As such, increasing the oxygen levels in your air helps you exert energy at a higher and quicker pace, without the uncomfortable after-effects.

Are you looking to improve your stamina or adopt a more stringent workout routine? If so, supplemental oxygen in the air can help you exercise for a longer period of time without feeling wiped out and ready to quit.

The best part? When you're ready to visit your home sauna to relax and recharge your muscles, you can bring your Breathe Safe with you!

The Breathe Safe doubles as the Sauna Ion Generator for maximum detoxification. The device is designed to work safely and seamlessly alongside the Sauna Fix® near infrared sauna, or any existing home sauna enclosure. The increased exposure to negative ions has shown to raise the body's temperature and double the sweat volume. The harmful toxins will flush out of the body as you continue to sweat, and the air inside the enclosure will be cleaner for you to breathe.

5. A More Restful Sleep

A staggering 68% of Americans, or around 164 million people, claim to struggle with sleep at least one night per week. Does that include you? If so, have you ever thought that the air in your bedroom could be to blame?

Restful Sleep

Your oxygen saturation levels tend to drop when you sleep. This is true even for people who have healthy lungs. This can make it difficult to fall asleep and stay that way. If you're ready to embrace a more restful night's sleep, adding extra oxygen into the air can do the trick.

Increase Your Oxygen, Change Your Life

For such a tiny molecule, oxygen plays a massive role in your health, mental clarity, and overall well-being. In all, the importance of oxygen cannot be overlooked. Yet, chances are, your current supply isn't adequate to meet the needs of your daily life.

That's where the Breathe Safe comes in. This portable, convenient machine greatly increases the oxygen concentration in your room, allowing you to reap the benefits.

While the Breathe Safe is an excellent and powerful portable air purifier, we also recommend the Ionic Refresher to silently sterilize every room in your home. This compact device can be plugged in and is more cost-effective compared to traditional plug-in air fresheners.

Feel free to browse our full catalog of products and contact us to learn more.