Is Ozonated Water Good for Plants?

Is Ozonated Water Good for Plants?

Posted by Eileen Durfee on Mar 14th 2022

Not all water gets created equal, and whether you are drinking it or giving it to your plants to drink, the differences matter greatly. Though ozonated water has become very popular recently, it has been around for over a century.

Watering Inside Plant

Are you curious to learn more about ozonated water and if it is right for your plants? Let's check out what ozonated water is, its benefits, and why it is so popular.

What is Ozonated Water?

Ozonated water is also known as trioxygen water because it has three atoms of oxygen as opposed to the standard two. In addition, Ozonated water is disinfected water.

You will not find any bacteria or viruses in ozonated water. Nor will you find any trace minerals such as iron or magnesium.

How is Ozonated Water Produced?

This water gets disinfected through the addition of ozone, which is a light blue gas that dissolves in water. Using an ozone generator, you can treat regular tap water quickly and easily.

Working like a filtration system, an ozone generator can filter your water anytime, anywhere, as most systems are portable and only require an electrical outlet. Plug the system in and follow the instructions for settings according to how much water you are treating.

Is Ozonated Water Safe To Drink?

Though it has, what gets described, as an offensive odor, ozonated water is definitely safe for human consumption. In addition, Ozonated water is good for energy, as it boosts oxygen in the body.

Ozonated water is safe for drinking and preferred by people because it gets disinfected, which means that many of the impurities found in other waters get removed. In addition, Ozonated water has almost zero trace minerals in it, so many people will add them before consuming.

Though it is safe to drink, ozone can be harmful to respiratory health before mixed with water. Therefore, ozone should be handled with care as it may be toxic if mishandled or inhaled.

Did You Know That Ozonated Water Can Replace Chlorine?

For those wondering if ozonated water is good for  cleaning without chemicals, the answer is yes. Did you know that ozonated water can be used in pools to replace chlorine?

Ozonated Water Can Replace Chlorine

Because ozonated water kills bacteria and does not allow mold or viruses to form, pool owners have been using ozonated water instead of chlorine for many years.

Is Ozonated Water Safe For Plants?

If water is safe enough for humans to drink, it is definitely safe enough for our plants. Horticulturists prefer to use ozonated water over any other type because it not only nourishes the plant with water that it needs but keeps away the molds and bacteria that it does not need.

What Does Ozone Do To Plants?

In addition to producing bacteria-free, PH-neutral water, an ozone generator will also give the treated water negative ions. Negative ions positively affect plants because they help keep the plants healthy and virus-free, plus they will allow the plant to absorb water efficiently.

Negative ions exist in nature all around us such as in the sun's rays. Therefore, giving your plant ozonated water will help the plants to produce bigger and better crops.

What Types of Plants is Ozonated Water Good For?

Ozonated water can get used for any plant, from ornamental to vegetable. If you grow an organic crop, ozonated water will be safe as it is free from pesticides.

Ozonated Water And Hydroponic Plants

Watering plants with ozonated water is one thing, but is it good for growing hydroponic plants in, as well? Ideally, you would reduce the PH level in water for hydroponic plants.

Luckily ozonated water is neutral with a PH level of about 7.0. In addition, Ozonated water is neither acidic nor alkaline, so adding ozone to hydroponics makes sense.

Will Ozone Kill Fungus?

In the plant world, the fungus is a menace to society. The arch-nemesis of plants must be kept away at all costs, or it could kill and/or infect the crop and spread quickly.

Most products that treat plant diseases, such as molds and powdery mildew, are harsh and filled with chemicals that you do not want to spread all over your plants and soil. When using ozonated water, you can help kill molds and other plant viruses and bacteria, or prevent them from ever starting by only using ozonated water on your crop.

Ozonated Water vs. Reverse Osmosis Water

The terms ozonated water and reverse osmosis water often get confused. There is the common misconception of them being the same thing, but that is not true.

Ozonated water is treated once it comes out of the faucet or bottle with an ozone generator machine that forces ozone gas into it, charging the oxygen in the water and killing all bacteria and viruses. This process also gives the water a neutral PH level of about 7.0.

Running Water From Faucet

However, reverse osmosis (or RO) water is typically a system that is installed directly to the water source, such as a faucet, and works with a pressurized process. Reverse osmosis uses a fragile membrane to trap unwanted particles in drinking water.

How Do You Get Ozonated Water?

Plant lovers get excited about using ozonated water for their plants and garden. How do you go about getting ozonated water?

Is ozonated water sold in stores? No, you will rarely see ozonated water sold in bottles because charged ozonated water dissipates after about 30 minutes.

What you will find are ozone generator systems that you can filter and treat your own water supply.

Measure the ozone level in your water with an ozone meter before using it to ensure the proper levels so as not to harm your plants.

Let's Get To Watering

Will you be using ozonated water for your own consumption and energy-boosting, or will you be giving it to your plants for its bacteria, virus, and mildew-killing properties? Harness the amazing power of Ozonated water today!

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