Why Spinal Health Is Important

Why Spinal Health Is Important

Posted by Eileen Durfee on Sep 17th 2021

You invest a lot of time and research in trying to live your healthiest life. Are you taking good care of your back, too?

Poor spinal health can lead to many problems that can cause debilitating pain and affect the overall quality of your life. This is why spinal health is so important to your overall fitness.

Many people don't exercise or take care of their spine in the way that they should. This article will help you learn about spinal conditions and how to prevent them with exercise, and how to get back pain relief.

Spinal Health and Wellness

Your spine is made of 33 vertebrae bones and they are divided into five sections:

  • Cervical (neck)
  • Thoracic (upper back)
  • Lumbar (lower back)
  • Sacrum (connects the spine to the pelvis)
  • Coccyx (tailbone)

You have a lot riding on the health and function of your spine. Thirty-one pairs of nerve roots branch out from the spine's vertebrae to give signals to the brain and the rest of your body. So, as you can see, injuries to the spine affect your entire body.

Types of Spinal Conditions and Injuries

Most of us have experienced pain in our back or neck at one time or another. Usually, this is due to strains or misuse.

Without the knowledge to preserve your spinal health, those seemingly minor pains can become chronic issues.

Muscle Strain

Your spine has a natural S-curve that helps it to support the load of your own body weight and extra weight added from lifting objects.

The neck, or cervical part of your spine, is particularly susceptible to strains from being held in a position that goes against the natural shape of the spine. Many of us make a living by looking at computer screens, making excessive phone calls, or carrying heavy loads on our shoulders.

The neck is used for hours a day by leaning forward and looking down, with nothing done in return to reverse those harmful effects. Learning how to build the muscles in your neck and an awareness of your posture can go a long way in preserving your cervical spine's stability.

Improper Lifting Can Cause Back Pain

Speaking of posture and weight load, most lower back injuries result from improper lifting and lack of regular and consistent exercise. Regular exercise is what keeps the abdominal muscles strong enough to support the spine every day, not in just that moment when you decide to pick up a heavy box.


Anyone can experience a spinal fracture simply from a force that is placed on the vertebrae abruptly. This can be from even a minor fall or twist with too much pressure on the spine and insufficient support from strong muscles to stabilize and protect the vertebrae.

Fractures are particularly concerning because they may lead to chronic conditions later if proper care of the spine does not become a top priority.

Caring for Your Spine


Spinal discs are spongy tissues that cushion the space between the vertebrae of your spine. They act as shock absorbers.

Over time, these discs can become worn and risk herniating. A herniation occurs when the outer membrane of the disc ruptures, causing the disc to leak out and often find itself against a nerve causing severe pain or even paralysis of an extremity.

To keep your discs healthy and spongy, drink plenty of water daily. Consider adding Healthy Salt to your regimen as well to enhance your body's hydration further.

No Smoking

People who suffer from degenerative disc disease are often smokers. Smoking leads to severe drying out of vertebrae discs and can cause loss of bone density.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

It makes sense, right? Your spine supports your entire body, and the less weight it has to uphold, the less risk of compression on discs and unhealthy spinal curvature.

Proper Nutrition

Educate yourself about which types of foods are friendly to your spine. Excessive sugar is not a friend! Sugar causes the inflammation that many back pain sufferers will tell you is the worst of the pain.

Active Fitness

Many back injuries result from lifting or performing a motion suddenly when your body has not been conditioned properly. Think of times when you have heard of someone crying out from suddenly lifting weight they were not fit to carry or a sports injury that became a major health problem because the injured worked at a desk all week and did not exercise regularly.

Exercise Correctly

Regular exercise is beneficial to all parts of our body; however, doing them incorrectly can cause more harm than good. The last thing you want is a back injury from trying to have good spinal health!

Preventative Exercises

Exercises that strengthen and stretch your paraspinal muscles are important to a healthy and strong back that provides the correct support for your spine. Learning about this group of muscles will help you to do exercises that actually prevent injury.

When looking for ways to prevent back pain and injury, learning proper exercises to maintain a strong core will take unnecessary stress off your back muscles and help you create correct posture.

The Neck Shaper offers a solution in the form of a device that comfortably fits on the face so the user can perform the Neck Flexion exercise. The real cause of back pain begins with the neck, as use and abuse of this body part can lead to loss of curvature and gravity, which in turn decreases blood flow, tightens muscles, pinches nerves, and restricts muscles.

Pain Reduction Exercises

If you suffer an injury to your spine and seek back pain relief, proper exercises will also help you recover quickly and reduce the chance of future injuries.

When you first have an injury, it is tempting to overly rest. Understandable! You do not want another injury.

Moving will actually help you to heal faster because movement promotes blood flow to the injured area. Blood flow brings nutrients to the affected area to promote healing.

Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Follow your doctor's advice about physical therapy and do your own research to become aware of spinal fitness that actually works with your spine's mechanics instead of against them.

Educate Yourself for Ultimate Spinal Health

Just as a vehicle's frame supports a driver and precious passengers, your spine does an amazing job to keep your body supported and able to perform at its best. Treat it kindly for optimal spinal health.

For more information on spine care and general health and wellness, visit Creatrix Solutions often for products and tips to support the healthiest you.