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Increase Detoxification Speeds and Improve Your Digestion

Almost every human living in a world filled with chemicals and contaminants suffers from the damaging toxic buildup in their liver, kidneys, and intestines. Coffee enemas have been helping to refresh the human body, preserve health, promote healing, and safely remove toxins for centuries by acting as a cleansing remedy that can be easily applied in the comfort of one's home.

In addition to detoxification, coffee enemas offer the following benefits:

Pain reduction / relief

Higher mental clarity and better mood

Energy levels increase

Elimination of parasites and candida

Improved hydration

Smoother skin

Never pour any warm liquid into the jar. Always pour in water first and then warm liquids. The jar is not a coffee mug and will break if you pour coffee directly into the jar. Jar breakage is excluded from your warranty.

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Enema Fix™ Complete Enema Kit

This stand-up, no-mess Enema Fix kit is perfect to use for daily coffee or ozone enemas. It is simple to prepare and take an enema in your own home or while traveling with this convenient kit.


Enema Fix™ Kit Contents:

1- BPA free Pump and Draw Straw

1- BPA free 600ml Bottle

1- 1 meter Silicone Hose

1- Hose to Tip Adapter

1- 1000ml Glass Jar and Lid

1- Draw Straw for Jar

1- Jar Adapter

1- Jar Adapter Seal

2- Flexible Vaginal Tips

2- Flexible Rectal Tips

The kit is SGS certified and free of lead, cadmium, aluminum, antimony, chromium, and cobalt. It is also completely BPA free.

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Two Ways to Assemble and Use the Enema Fix
(by @BiohackerTodd)

Coffee Enema Kits - Creatrix Solutions

Drinking coffee orally does not provide the same results as taking in coffee through the rectum.

Caffeine gets absorbed through the bowel walls and into the liver without going through the digestive tract. Eileen Durfee explains the benefits of coffee enemas in the following recording of The Nutritional Balancing Program:

The Benefits of Coffee Enemas: Eileen Durfee on A Natural Shift Podcast

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Enema Fix™ Complete Enema Kit from Creatrix Solutions

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Stainless Steel Enema Bucket Kit

Taking a coffee enema at home is a convenient and affordable way to add this healthy regimen into your daily routine. It is easy to prepare and take a coffee enema at home with the right equipment.

This 2-liter Stainless Steel Enema Bucket is easy to use - and easy to clean - for your daily enemas. We recommend enema buckets over bags, due to the simplified cleaning process. This bucket opens on the top and can be easily cleaned out from there.

Silicone tubing and rectal and vaginal tips are included with the purchase of this latex-free bucket.

Experience the detoxification benefits of enemas by adding them to your daily routine. It's never been easier than with the Stainless S

Need a replacement? Purchase extra tubing for the Enema Fix:

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Please note this is only for use with the Enema Fix Complete Kit.

Need a replacement? Purchase pump stem for the Enema Fix:

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Please note this is only for use with the Enema Fix Complete Kit.

Ozone Water Sterilizer - Food & Enema Prep Kit

The Ozone Water Sterilizer comes with a top-quality ozone generator to produce your own ozonated water right at home. Ozone is an activated oxygen state that contains three oxygen atoms. Ozone can break down pollutants into molecules that are more simple and less harmful.

Ozone enemas can help you restore healthy gut flora, remove inflammation, and kill pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and yeast. Ozonated water is gentle on your colon, helping to prevent cramping.

Ozone is also wonderful to use for cleaning fruits and vegetables. Using ozonated water to clean food can greatly extend its shelf life.

Ozone Ozone Water Sterilizer - Food & Prep Kit Contents:

1- Tri-Oxy FRESH 800 mg/hr

1- Tri-OXY Refresh Ozone Diffuser & Degassing Kit

The diffuser dissolves ozone gas up to ten times faster in the water, which extends the life of the ozone generator. In addition, 100% of the gas that doesn't dissolve in the water is filtered and converted to oxygen. Now you can safely ozonate water without breathing ozone gas!

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Myers Detox Podcast:
Easy Coffee Enemas and The Science Behind Them with Eileen Durfee

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What our customers are saying:


"LOVE LOVE LOVE. I really liked this bucket. I have a few different ones, but I like this one the best."

— Wendy M.


"We love our ozone water machine. I love my Ozonator. My husband and I drink ozone water first thing in the morning after oil pulling. We love it. It is so easy to use and it leaves our laundry room smelling fresher than ever. I love using it to wash berries and produce. Thank you Creatrix Solutions!"

— Jennifer G.

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