Convertible Sauna Tent - Assembly Instructions

Eileen Durfee: This is the convertible tent. You're going to get a big box with the tent panels and the bamboo mats and then you're going to get the frame. So, I'm going to show you how to put the frame together. Be careful when you're opening up these boxes because if you have a blade, you can cut your bag or the tent panels and that's not covered under warranty. It’s really packaged in a nice carrying bag. You can throw over your shoulder, it’s adjustable or use with the handle.

You got eight corner brackets for three ways and two couplings. So, we have the stand-up sit-down version set up there and it uses two couplings and two T brackets. So, we're going to do the lay downs. We're not going to use these couplings. We're going to use all four because we're going to hang the sauna sets from the ceiling and then you have support poles to make that possible. With the convertible tent, you get two hanging poles. The standup version, you use one hanging pole to hang the sauna, and in the lay down, you use two.

So, we tried to label these holes in a way that would be easy to remember, even if you lose the directions. So, the W pole stands for width. So, we'll just move those W poles this side. And since this can't - can be assembled in the stand up or the lay down position, I had to choose one or the other. So, I selected using the lay down position for the pole names. So, the width is the width, but then we have the length poles. So, that would be along the links on the floor. So, we're going to use these T brackets.

Now, one of the things that's really important is keeping the holes pointed towards the inside of the tent. That'll just help us to close up the tent poles and have the holes when necessary. So, we're just gonna go ahead and start assembling some of these poles together. We're putting the L poles on either side of this T bracket. And since we're doing the lay down position, we're going to be using all four of those. And the L poles are exactly the same. They both have male ends on them.

So, now the depth poles are from the ground to the ceiling, the depth of the tents. So, we have D1 and D2. So, you just put one of each together. One has a female and then a male end. The other one has two males. So, you just put all those together.

Really appreciate our prior customers giving us all these awesome tips for our next version. So, yeah, this has all the improvements. I actually got the idea for the convertible tent by a customer who flipped the old one on his side and then put the floor up against a wall and then they were laying diagonally and it's like, oh my gosh, we got to have a bigger tent to lay down.

Okay, so we've got all of our depth poles and our length poles and our width poles. So now, we're going to take our width poles because they are going to be in the bracket. So, the bracket needs to have all the holes on the inside. So, it all comes out and so we can put all the holes because there's, there's ways that it cannot have holes everywhere. So, you just have to line it up so all the holes are on the inside.

These are steel poles with a zero VOC coating. So, they're pretty durable and non-toxic. Okay, so we have our four width poles. This one is not as long as the yoga tent. So, we don't have a middle ceiling pole. So, we're going to take an end bracket and we're making sure that the holes are on the inside. So that one goes there. You can turn the poles just a little bit till the button clicks. But it's pretty easy to put the button in there as long as you have your poles straight. So, this is the frame on the bottom. Then, we just basically use all the depth poles. Now, we got our width in corners already set up because we put our buttons or holes to the inside, then that all matched up. Same thing here.

So, there is a lay down version and here's how you hang the sauna fix. This extra support, this is where the door is. So, we use the straight coupling here instead of the T with the, with the pole on it. I like using the chain and the loop instead of the ratchets because the sauna fix is closer and heat rises. I just like that better. If you order the bundle or the sensory kit, you can get these with chain and loop adjusters and hooks. You'll need two sets because often, one chain set has one hook. And of course, it has chains. So, you can lower the lights.

So, it's not so far away from your body. And I always tell people to take this cord and drape it over the frame. So, you keep the cord away from the lights because those get hot. And then that way, you can still turn it on and off and then your cord is long enough to get to an outlet. But like when you're in there and you're laying down, you might want to focus. Maybe you've got upper back pain. You know, you'll be focusing that maybe on one end. Maybe you've got problems with your knees or your feet. You know, you don't have to necessarily rotate over. You could move it. Even when the tent is zipped up, you can slide these poles and these hooks hold that sauna pretty well. So, this is the convertible tent box that has your panels and the bamboo mats. Don't use a knife and cut the panels because that's not covered under warranty. I just have a little bit of a late tip here. So, I'm not hurting that. We also have an optional organic cotton bamboo fleece floor rug that you can buy. But this comes with a nice carrying bag.

You get two bamboo mats in a stand-up version back there. You use the biggest mat and then when you lay down, you use the velcro and you hook two mats together so it's the right length. When you're in the lay down position, you have to have an end panel. This is the internal partition to lower the ceiling which I found out that's probably not necessary because you get so hot so fast. So, we have real long panel and that's the one that we want to find and install first. That’s the one that has the door on it.

There's a correct way to install this panel because we don't want you laying on the bubbles and popping them. So, we put the big panel like this. So, when you unzip the door, it can slop over the ceiling. So, now we're going to find the right end panel or the side, I call it the side panel because we're not going to put the side panel on the floor because again, you don't want to lay on it and pop the bubbles. You put the bamboo mat on the floor.

So, a person can crawl in there and attach all the velcro. This other end panel, you won't use in the lay down position because again, you don't want to pop the bubbles. You can literally have it as your floor, but it's not recommended because it will lose its insulation value. What you do want to put on the floor is the bamboo mats. And like I had indicated, you have two of them. You got a big one and they fold and on one end, you see that there's Velcro that’s sewed on here. So, what you do is, you put one mat and you hook the second mat onto it because that's the size of the sauna in the standup or sit-down position. So, locate the end that has the receiving velcro material.

So, that's the size of your tent in the lay down position. I'm going to demonstrate why you should put the tent in this position with the door. So, it's got the double zippers. And then, you can just fold this. We then attach the Velcro here, you know, would fold it over a little bit nicer. But basically, now that you've got your sauna in the lay down position. And you can turn on the lights by the switch inside and then you can take your sauna. So, the only difference between the standup and the laydown is, you're using two of the hanging poles and you're using the support pole. And so that is the tent except for the end panel because this is the floor. We want to close it up. So, again, you just have a panel that you use the Velcro. So, this closes up the opening.

In this case, you might want to use all the velcros that we provided. But it definitely covers the opening to retain all the heat. So that is the convertible radiant tent. Every sauna fix that I sell comes with a protective set of eyewear. So, I highly recommend that you use them. So, even though the hot yoga tent is large and works great for a family sauna, this tent is actually pretty good sized to where we could use it as a sauna. Either laying side by side, you know and having that shine, you could hang the sauna fix this way with you know, so it gets the trunk of the bodies. So, you can just use your imagination on how to use the convertible tent, sitting, standing, laying down or with a family member. Enjoy!

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