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Sauna Lamp Chain Hanging Kit

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Sauna lamp chains in showerNIR Sauna Lamp Chain Hanging Kit (Discontinued)

Purchase this sturdy sauna lamp hanging chain for an attractive way to hang the Sauna Fix NIR Sauna Lamp over the back of a door, inside a shower, in an exercise room, or wherever else you may choose. The Sauna Fix near infrared lamp does come with adjustable rope ratchets that enable you to hang the fixture from many different locations and heights, but some users may wish to use this silver sauna lamp chain. 

This NIR sauna lamp chain hanging kit comes with:

  • 30 inches of chain
  • 3 loop adjusters
  • 1 large hanging hook 

There is plenty of length with this lamp chain, so you can adjust the sauna height however you desire. This is perfect for the versatility of the Convertible and Hot Yoga Exercise NIR Sauna Tents, which enable a user to stand, sit, or lay down while in the sauna. The lamp chain, hook, and loops are all constructed with non-toxic, RoHS certified polymer, and iron metal, in the color silver to complement the Sauna Fix. 

About the Sauna Fix:

The Sauna Fix is a powerful near infrared sauna lamp that was especially designed to meet the highest standard for the best possible near infrared light therapy. The Sauna Fix offers a safe, effective, and cost-efficient way to detoxify the body and remove chronic infections. Near infrared sauna lamps use much less energy compared to far infrared saunas, and they are also safer. NIR light supplies many health benefits, such as reduced pain, increased burning of body fat and weight, faster elimination of toxins and heavy metals, quicker muscle recovery,  skin rejuvenation, and more focus and energy.