Eileen Durfee explains the technology in her wellness products with Dr. Stephanie Rimka

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Hey? I think it’s not connecting you. No, I can’t hear you yet. You just have to unmute. You're good.

Eileen Durfee: Unmute. There we go. You can hear me?

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: I just was getting rid of my email so we don't hear all the music, dings -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s smart. I might have a bing happening, actually. I'm not as smart as you. I don't really know how to turn all that stuff off. But so be it. You look gorgeous in that blue.

Eileen Durfee: Oh, thank you.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: It’s very nice energy on you.

Eileen Durfee: Yes.

Eileen Durfee: All right. So, you got your goodies.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Oh my god. Here's the thing, Eileen. Thank you so much. But there were so many things that I'm like, okay, here - there's the main one. What is this?

Eileen Durfee: That is a sauna hat. Let me go get one. Let me go get one now -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Well, it’s like I never - I was, and there's nothing on the list that says that. I was like I have not a clue. I finally was like, book me something. I want to know where did you get all this stuff? My God.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah. So, let me, let me go grab mine.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: All right. Go get whatever.

Eileen Durfee: I’ll get it.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I’ve got all the things. I’m gonna be like, so, what is this? Okay?

Eileen Durfee: Okay. Hi Calvin? My God, never in a million years.

Eileen Durfee: Okay. So, this is the sauna hat. You just you know this goes in the back here. I'm gonna take my thing out.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay. Yeah. I mean, you know your sauna is like one of my favorite things in life. I didn't know what a sauna hat was though. Oh. So, is it for the long-haired ladies and gentlemen?

Eileen Durfee: No.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I’m gonna put it back on, you guys when we're going to hear about it.

Eileen Durfee: You get the idea without me making my hair too messy here?

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: So, it's to take the hair on so the light gets on the skin and everything or?

Eileen Durfee: Well, it's so, your hair doesn't get all dried out and brittle. You know with long hair that heat lamp bulb kind of fries the hair.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay. So –

Eileen Durfee: But also, we lose most heat through our head.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Right.

Eileen Durfee: So, if we wear a sauna hat, we sweat a lot more.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I just throw a stupid towel on my head. That's what I've been doing. But now I have and I'm sure this is some crazy organic –

Eileen Durfee: Organic. Yes. Organic.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. She doesn’t play. Everybody, this is Eileen Durfee. She is the inventor of all of the fun things. And one of the things you see me talk about all the time, one of my favorites. I really think it's probably outside of the home Ozone generation filtration mold killer I have in my whole house that I needed. Your sauna is one of my favorite things that I've ever invested in in my life for my health journey and I love it and use it almost daily. So, this, you guys, she has so many products we're gonna go over right now and I didn't even know this thing existed. So, my bad and all the, all the saunas I've sold and I didn’t tell you the hidden organics on it.

Eileen Durfee: There's a video on how to wear it on the website. So -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay. Well, you did a great job. I totally get it. So, it doesn't – I mean but I could put it. So here's the thing.

Eileen Durfee: You could do it like that.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah, I mean -

Eileen Durfee: But that's backwards. You know, you have –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Oh, that’s backwards.

Eileen Durfee: You have short hair.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I look a little clannish –

Eileen Durfee: You have –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Oh, how'd you do it? Like Oh, you went like -

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, you go like this. This is the back, the little loop –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Oh, inside out?

Eileen Durfee: And put it on the back of your head. Then, if you got long hair like me, you just wrap it all up in there like this.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Oh, right. Got ya.

Eileen Durfee: And you go like this and you tie it there.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Gotcha. Love it. Okay. But it's a way also to keep yourself up. Well, I'll, I’ll have the video link on how to do this, you guys as well as to go to my store to get all of her amazing stuff. And so, what inspired this second interview guys is, I talked with her about the sauna and how amazing it is. I'll have that down there. If you do not have this sauna, you are missing out and you need to get the sauna that this woman has created and all of its incredible upgrades. It is, I don’t know anybody who hasn't gotten this sauna and doesn't say, Oh my God, I feel so good after using the sauna, even if they've used other saunas. So how about give them a one minute thing about what makes your sauna unique and why they should click on and get in a sauna hat before we get into all this other cool stuff.

Eileen Durfee: Okay, sure. Well, the walls or the tent panels are insulated. All the other Saunas are not insulated. So, this is like an R12 instead of like, the wood that's like an R1. But besides that, because it's therapeutic light. And what? Light travels at the speed of light.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: So, my idea was, don't let it leave.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: So that way, it can bounce around and maximize your phototherapy effects. So, it's got the radiant barrier, which also becomes the safest place in your house because none of the EMFs and everything can get in there. We've got a grounding cable so you can be earthing while you're taking your sauna. And so, it just heats up so fast, especially if you get the little Breathe Safe. I was just looking to see if I have mine here.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Oh, I figured you would have had. That’s the one I didn’t get out on my Sauna.

Eileen Durfee: Well, actually, here’s the one right here.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: I unplugged it because I need to go clean it but there's the little Breathe Safe. So, when you're in the sauna, and you breathe this oxygen and these negative ions and it cleans up your toxic, humidified sauna sweat, it even causes you to sweat more. So, it's like I always tell people you're going to sweat twice as much and half the time without a preheat. So,

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: It’s no preheat. In 20 minutes, I am dripping like I've never – It’d take me 45 to 65 minutes to get anywhere close plus I used to preheat my other wooden you know, amazing one that everybody thinks is the best in the market. And I’m like, that’s not. This one is better, trust me. And it's, it's fast, easy in and out. Again, no pre-heat. So much sweat. This sauna is light bulb based versus these electrical like rods and panels surrounding you kind of EMF. I heard it’s also a little bit of a mini-Faraday cage blocking out other EMF and radiation that's coming from outside and inside, so. And you're grounded. She's upgraded the ones everybody is buying now. It is better than my old one. And just one day, I will upgrade.

So, let's get into some of the other cool stuff that I have for you. Because you guys, I always was just the sauna, the sauna, the sauna. And then I was like really looked at her website. And I'm like, What are you doing? What is going on here with all this cool stuff. So, there's so many amazing products, that there's a solution to what people ask me about all the time and the quality that I need. And then you make, I mean the level of making sure it's organic and clean and no glyphosate and the animals are taking care of whatever. I got stuff behind me. We're getting to their skincare, it's all kinds of stuff. But let's at least talk about the stuff that I have used forever. And I have to say, the brush, this, this detox brush and stuff that came - comes with yours is the, they're the best feeling, most comfortable brush kits I've ever used.

I've gone through ordering stuff on Amazon, buying from Whole Foods, you know, all that kind of stuff, because I do a lot of this kind of thing. And yours are like, I totally, I can't explain it, why they're better feeling than anything else. So, maybe you can explain, like, what this stuff is all about, and why people would want to use them. So, this is the body detox brush and beauty set. And it’s, it's actually upgrade from the, from the last ones I had.

Eileen Durfee: Yes, yes. So, this is like an exfoliating sponge that you can actually take dry.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Dry?

Eileen Durfee: And you know just go over your face. And then you can of course, you know, clean it, let it dry. But you know with it dry, it really gets that layer and renews your skin.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: How often should somebody do that?

Eileen Durfee: Um, you know, each person’s skin is a little bit different. You know, I don't know. It might have an effect, an effect, kind of like a deep mask. So, if somebody does a mask maybe once a week, maybe this would be good to do.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: And there's a little tiny facial brush too that you can use, you know. And then there's the long handle. I mean, you get the - you get a travel bag with it, you know to keep them in. So, you know sometimes -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Explain briefly why people do these? Like I've talked about dry brushing and they're - you know, maybe just give them a quick mini lesson.

Eileen Durfee: Right.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: What’s the point of this? I do it before I sauna, you guys. I do it before I go in.

Eileen Durfee: Well, you know, if you do this before you sauna, you sweat much faster. You know, your skin is the largest elimination organ in the body. And to activate it, you can brush your skin and I have directions on how to do it where you start, like at your bottom of the foot, work up to your waist, go up the other leg, hands and everything towards the heart, you know. And then clockwise circle around the tummy. But this actually activates your lymphatic system. Kind of like you know, get on a Rebounder and jump and it activates the lymph system. So, it's huge for detox. But this quality brush set you know, sometimes you don't want to have a brush with a really long handle, but you do you know where you can't reach. So, you've got all these different sizes. Now I don't have the wooden one. It's in my shower. Okay, so people have heard of the fascia blaster. That fascia blaster, it works, but it can really bruise you.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: So, I mean, if you look at pictures of me from years ago, I just turned 60. And one of the things I used is that wooden brush as I rake up and down my neck. So, my neck and I use it on my face too. So -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Just softly. I don't have this one. So, this is my first time having it. So, I wasn't sure what to do.

Eileen Durfee: Yes, yes. Softly and you know, you're lifting up on the face. And it just has an effect of working on your -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: It is soft, actually. It's like they move. Okay.

Eileen Durfee: Right. Yeah. Yeah. So, it really has that effect of impacting your fascia without all the bruising.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Right.

Eileen Durfee: So, you can get and I mean, pretend this is the wooden –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Are people doing it? Are they doing it -

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, you can do it everywhere. And I mean, I do it up here. So that you know, this stays lifted you know but between the skin care and that wooden brush and you know doing this and you know, occasionally this. That's why my face looks so much younger now than from videos 10 years ago.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: You do look incredibly different from 10 years ago. Honestly, when I first saw, I went, What? You just started to look like it's like a couple of decades. Well, what’s the -

Eileen Durfee: Well, I’ve lost you know, 30 pounds, and you know all these things together are -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Let’s talk about some of the skincare stuff. I'm one of these people. I'm really, really sensitive to skin stuff. And so, I am always hesitant to try. I have a few things that I use but there's - I'm, I’m in the Keto carnivore animal-based meat loving group and a lot of people in the animal-based community, primal community love using animal-based products. And you have a whole tallow-based line that I want to kind of talk about plus I want to talk about the Dead Sea Minerals. I love sea salt. I love this stuff. So, very interesting ones. I just wanted to kind of, like so we have tallow deodorant, y'all.

Eileen Durfee: Right.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: And look at the five-star reviews. In, I don't know, seven, eight years that we've been making it, I've only had two people not be able to use it. Now we do have a little tiny, tiny bit of baking soda in there. And there's been many people that are sensitive to baking soda that have tried it, that can use it, but there's been two people out of, we sell 1000s of jars and the stuff.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay. I'm one of those people that's normally can't use - I haven't, I don't use any deodorant, antiperspirant. I haven't in 20 something years. I have the occasional, I'll use something if I am speaking at an event and I'm presenting and I might be nervous. So, I might use, let me say, I will use antiperspirant maybe three, four times a year on a special event where I'm, you know, everybody thinks I'm not nervous but I am actually. And I'll do that but otherwise, I don't use anything because I'm - my skin is so sensitive. So even the some of the - but I'm gonna try and we're gonna see.

Eileen Durfee: And you only use like not even a pea size?

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Oh, wow. So, like this thing is gonna last –

Eileen Durfee: Months. Months.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah, I liked it. So, we have Lemon Line and then the fresh just, just like what is that? Just a -

Eileen Durfee: That, well, the Fresh has high organic, high altitude lavender oil and organic tea tree oil in it. So, the two kind of cancel each other out so it doesn't smell like tea tree and it doesn't smell like lavender. It's kind of a fresh scent.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: And then the Lemon Lime is actually that Lemon myrtle has more anti-bacterial properties than even tea tree oil.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Oh!

Eileen Durfee: So, if you really have a perspiration odor problem, the Lemon Lime, you know, because like my daughter, the Fresh doesn't work all day for her.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: But the Lemon Lime does.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: So, you know for the toughest, toughest person, you might you know go with the Lemon Lime but the smell of it. I mean, if you open up the jar, it's not like overpowering like your citrus and –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: You know, you're gonna smell obnoxious or anything. We use very, just the bare minimum of essential oils necessary to make the product work because some people are so sensitive to that.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. I love it. I love the tallow lines. I've used many of these kinds of natural deodorants, and they, none of them were actually tallow base that I've tried before. So, I'll be curious to see with the combination for me, for a very, very, very sensitive person. Most people are not anywhere near as sensitive skin as mine. But for, for the carnivore community, the Keto community, you've been asking me, What about a tallow? What about a tallow? What about a tallow? I’ll back this cuz I've looked and read everything of where she's getting it. She doesn't play on her quality, you guys. It's kind of -

Eileen Durfee: Yeah. As far as the tallow. So, there's a group of farmers that – actually, a lot of them are organic, just not 100% of them. But they're all grassfed. They don't do any immunizations, or any medications or anything like that. And, you know, so we get the fat off the cow, but not the whole cow, because there could be 300 pounds of fat on a cow. We only get what's in the fascia sac that sets on top of the kidneys. So, that's the purest of the pure.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Oh.

Eileen Durfee: And then we cut it and we, you know, get the fascia off there, any discoloration like from blood or anything like that, we throw away. Then, we put it. I actually had a special big cooker made, because - with a stainless-steel screen in it. And we can cook it on very, very ultra-low heats. And so, we cook it for days, and we crank and we pour off. And we triple filter the fat and then we refrigerate it. So, it's like liquid gold, because for every pound of fat that we buy, after all this processing, well, it's gently processed. In other words, its very low temperature, like 130 degrees, and then it melts. And we put it in there. We only end up with a quarter of a pound.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Wow!

Eileen Durfee: So, 75% of it is waste. Now, there's a lot of other tallow products that I’ve bought, lotions and whatnot. And you literally smell like cooked hamburger walking around. You know. And so, this, you're not going to have - you don't have that rotten cow smell.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: You do not have it.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Awesome. That's, I'm gonna go - well, I'm gonna, I'm gonna leave the sunscreen to a minute cuz I'm gonna do a caveat on that. Well, you know what I mentioned? Let's just do it. So, you actually have a tallow-based SPF35 sunscreen. I am pretty anti sunscreen overall, but because as I'm teaching people, though, however, why are you burning? Too many seed oil.

Eileen Durfee: Right.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Lack of infrared sunrise, sunset and imbalanced, you know, exposure of light, lack of, you know low cholesterol, low fat diets. There's a number of reasons outside of, you're a very fair skinned person. And obviously, there's a big range of how long someone can stay in the sun. And so even if you're doing things right, and you've gone from, okay, from 15 minutes, I don't burn but in two hours, I'm going to burn and I'm trying to go to the beach or even somebody like me with darker skin. I still if I flew in a plane right now to the equator and I spent too long, I would burn. And so, there are these time and place reasons. I get it where you might want a sunscreen that isn't full of toxic, carcinogenic poisons. And that is actually going to help your skin versus you know, hurt your total life. Let's talk. So that's my caveat on sunscreen. People always -

Eileen Durfee: And mine too.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. I will only need a safe option.

Eileen Durfee: I only use it because I get out early in the morning cuz the, the early morning sun, the Kelvins are low and you can build up what they call is a Skin - you know a sun callus where you can handle more and more of the afternoon. But there's many times that I am outside way past the time that I should be for sun and especially on the face. I mean, I live in eastern Washington, it's a desert. We have almost 300 days of sun here. So, it's like I need to have some kind of natural protection that isn't giving me cancer causing chemicals to get in my bloodstream.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I get it. I get why we have to have some reasons for it. People always want to ask me. So here we have a tallow-based. How are you getting it? What's making the sunscreen? Tell us a little bit about this.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, so it is tallow-based. And we use a variety of ingredients, but the non-Nano zinc. You know, it's like when the sunlight hits it, it reflects the rays off so it's not absorbing into your skin. But there's other, a few other natural sunscreens that I've tried, and they have the weirdest smell. So, we played along, you know, around with it for the longest time and came up with you know, because a lot of them will smell like chocolate or they'll smell just kind of weird when you're trying to cover up that cocoa butter, you know, smell and so on and so forth. And so, after a long time, we came up with something but the first thing, the mistake you're gonna make when you open this jar up, you're gonna put a lot on your body but see this is gonna like especially if you proper moisturize with some of them –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: That’s like, like way too much though. Like if you take, take like very little bit and that's going to like cover your whole arm practically. Look at that.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Oh, yeah. Oh, it's like the lightest softest whip. Wow!

Eileen Durfee: Yeah.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Oh yeah. And it does smell good.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, it is not weird and it's you know, all natural ingredients and it actually works.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: It wasn’t what I was expecting. It's like a, it's like a soft thick mousse. It’s like whipped cream.

Eileen Durfee: A lot of our lotions, there's a whole process to making them because and the timing of what we do, when because some of the ingredients that are in there will settle and it won't - you know as it cools. So it's like there's a lot of whipping involved that we do to get that spreadable texture to where all the goodness –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Like butter.

Eileen Durfee: … is everywhere, you know.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: So, let me, so like what, you know, it's a dumb question, but balm versus lotion. Like –

Eileen Durfee: Right. So let’s –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: We get balms, we got lotions and we have cellulite reduction. I was like, I'm gonna, please give me a lesson so I don't screw this one up. So, that's what I want to know. So, we got these and what? And I just love the Acceptance. I mean, I'm like, what is happening here emotionally if I put this on me? I didn't want to use anything until Eileen explained everything to me.

Eileen Durfee: So, the balms, so we started with the deodorant. That's the first thing because my - nothing worked for my daughter, you know. And me, I just wasn't wearing it but I was still smelling you know a little bit here and there. And so, we developed the deodorant and then, we went to the balm. So like if you have dry cracking skin somewhere, or like something on the top of your skin where you kind of want to have it stay moisturized longer, instead of just absorbing completely through the layers of your skin, the balm is the way to go. And then we have two. There's one with Acceptance that's got all kinds of essential oils in it that are super, you know, healing. You've got the frankincense, sandalwood, blue tansy, bergamot, rosewood, ylang ylang, geranium, neroli and coriander. And so, it's just a favorite. And then we use that oil blend.

Well, I had people buying the balm, and they're going, I wanna like spread this all over my body, but it doesn't spread very well. And I'd have to use jars of it. So, they said, can you do a lotion? So, then I started investigating different oils that we could add to the tallow base. The majority of what's in the jar is the tallow and that's actually the most expensive component because of all the labor and everything it's, we call it like liquid gold. But, you know, I was really concerned about the polyunsaturated fatty acids, you know. And so every oil has a PUFA rating. And so, they're saying now that if you can keep your PUFA rating under 10, then you're safe. So, even though some of the ingredients in here are gonna be, this is the old label. We got – we changed our recipe here. I've got my old labels here. We're not using the Evening Primrose Oil anymore in the anti-aging.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. I have an anti-aging -

Eileen Durfee: But it's got Brodie oil and Herbal oil and Tamanu oil, just all kinds of different oils. But their overall PUFA rating is very, very low. I think the highest PUFA rating we have is like a six, you know. So that's, we kept that in mind too but then I just did a whole bunch of research and we, it's almost like making the light bulb when we do a new skincare product because we're like doing all these batches and then we're using them to make sure that it's not going to cause your face to break out from you know clogging up.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Do you end up like saying oh, that didn't work and we have to give it away or throw it away? Is there like a lot of that that goes on like Well, that was a great set. That wasn’t a good set?

Eileen Durfee: Well, we'll make like a small bowl of it and then employees, we use it. You know or like I, I'm still working on a smaller jar with peptides and even more anti-aging ingredients for like around the eyes.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Correct. So, the anti-aging like Revive you, is this for like the base smell cell. Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: I put that on my face and neck every day.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: After the, the Revive Facial Toner with the minerals. You know, so I kind of -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Oh, now I get it. So, that's the Revive Youth and we have the Revive -

Eileen Durfee: We have the Fresh.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah, I have Fresh.

Eileen Durfee: And then the Revive.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Revive.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah. So, that –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: We use all of this together?

Eileen Durfee: Now the Fresh is maybe for someone who's not so concerned with wrinkles or trying to reverse you know, aging. It's very nourishing.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: The, the Revive has a lot more expensive ingredients in it. There's a price difference.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: So, this piece is for my, like my teenager?

Eileen Durfee: Yes, exactly.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: And then this is for his mama.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. Because it's amazing when you hit a certain age, you're like, oh, yeah, I don't want that anymore. I need the whole other situation. I'm like, we need to start doing things that we didn't have to do before.

Eileen Durfee: Right.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I know, Eileen. I just have a sidebar. So, I'm in the longevity, you know, that kind of world. And I'm always fascinated at the number of 25-year-olds in this field telling everybody what to do. I'm like, You're 25? They’re like, how to, how to stay lean? I am like, just been 25. I’m like, are you serious? How to have good skin? She's 27. I'm like, I don't want to hear it cuz I could have a gallon of vodka four days a week and I have good skin when I was 25. So, whatever. God bless, but I'm like, Oh man, talk to the over 50 crowd. All right, so this I would tone with a cotton ball, wash my face, tone and then put this on AM, PM?

Eileen Durfee: Yes.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I'm excited about it.

Eileen Durfee: Exactly.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I am gonna say, I'm so nervous about new things on my face. I'm not gonna lie. So, I've had it a while and I'm like, oh, tallow. I have never used tallow. And I know it’s popular.

Eileen Durfee: So, have you ever been –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I’ve just been a little afraid.

Eileen Durfee: But have you ever used - you know, cooked with butter and got butter on your skin? Did you notice how quickly it absorbs in your skin?

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Sure.

Eileen Durfee: Your body loves that animal fat.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: People tell me it's great. I just, on my face, I've been a little nervous. I went through the coconut oil thing and it broke me out really bad.

Eileen Durfee: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: So, I was like, that didn't work because that was horrible. So, all right. Fresh for younger people.

Eileen Durfee: Right.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Or if you're on a budget, Revive, if you got a lot of this. What's up with the cellulite reduction stuff?

Eileen Durfee: Well, you know, I lost 30 pounds. And so, and that was just getting out, doing the morning sunshine, you know, barefoot grounding, doing my near infrared sauna. And moving in there because I have the one that's the yoga size. So, I'm doing some exercise movement in there. And then just doing the intermittent fasting where I pick eight hours in the day to eat and don't eat past that. So, I lost over a year-and-a-half 30 pounds. And so, I was concerned about all this loose skin. You know, and so basically, I created a lotion that has ingredients that cause the cell to increase their metabolism. So you know to burn fat and to tone things that tone. And so, I started putting that on and then I started going, you know, I need a body toner. So, what I do is the body toner I put on first. Then I put the lotion, because it makes the lotion spread even more, and then it pushes their stuff in the cellulite reduction that increase the transdermal penetration.

So, it even pushes the minerals, you know, into the body. So, I use the body toner with the cellulite not only to help firm my skin, but to push the minerals from the Dead Sea toner into my body. Because, you know, we try to get our minerals, you know, orally with our food and things like that. But there's a lot of transdermal absorption that are at much higher rates than whatever we put in our mouth. And so, I'm in the process of another version of the cellulite because I came across four new ingredients. So, I'm actually going to be enhancing the effectiveness of that one. Even though I don't have - I don't have any baggy skin for losing 30 pounds. So, because I went from a size 12. They were tight. I was in a 14. Now I'm in a size six.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. And she's like six feet, you’re like 6’0, 6’1 or something like that.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, I'm six foot. Yeah.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: So, that's why I did the, the cellulite –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. And do you ever, do you like put it in and you do this with it like the rubbing or -

Eileen Durfee: I usually do that when I'm dripping wet in my sauna.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: Because then you don't need any lotion or anything like that. Then I can just clean up the brush and take a shower. Then, afterwards put my toner and put my lotions on it.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I love the size of this. I had like three or four of the fascia blasters. I found them to be too harsh. I did bruising and things like that. So, I tell people like look, I love the concept. And if it works well for you, awesome. But I found it to be kind of physically exhausting to be - the sizes in this. I'm like, Oh, this is nice and small. I can certainly kind of go in there and get that. And it's all about the fascia constricting, you know, the fat cells, you guys. Cellulite is really a lymphatic drainage in fascia problem. It's not really a fat problem, per se, but those poor fat cells that can't move and constrict and move the way they are. And this is a great, these are great protocols and great things to do in addition when somebody is doing like a longer detoxification protocol with me or another clinician.

They often just think of the supplements. They think of like the chelation process and they don't think of the - out these other things. You know, people get amazed when I explain taking Epsom salt baths and what that does and how we can absorb things. And like you guys, the skin is great. Like, they don't think about it. And I'm always amazed when parents - I just had a patient, autism child and – is he on any Epsom salts and she goes, yeah. And I said, put them in the bath for him. And she was like, Oh, I never even thought to. She bought it for her. And I'm like, children need it too. They need magnesium sulfate as well. So, give it to him. Right. Okay, so I think -

Eileen Durfee: I wanted to go over one more lotion.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: Before we realized my grandson was allergic to nuts, eggs and dairy. He had like eczema all over him. He would just scratch himself to the point of bleeding and nothing would work. So, I started reading about psoriasis, eczema, you know, inflammation of the skin and what nutrients I can put in a lotion to help that. And so that's one of the reasons why we have the healing in the big jar because we just coated that boy from head to toe and your skin would clear up and you'd quit itching.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: That’s amazing.

Eileen Durfee: And so, there's, there's something there for, for people that if, you know if they're having problem skin. So obviously dial down to see if there's an allergy you know, things like that, but you know, there's always someone who's got something that needs to be healed on their skin or you know, things like that.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. And although you guys you know, again, link down. I'll have all the links if you're, if you’re like, I need that. Just go click down and go get what you need right there in the store. But even though like skin, you know is a reflection of what's actually happening inside and that's great but skin stuff is so agitating to the system as well as emotionally because everybody can see it. You know, nobody can actually see your leaky gut or your fatty liver or you know, your inflamed pancreas, but they still can see eczema and psoriasis, or cystic acne. And it, it causes a lot of disruption of what people can do in life, because it's irritating. And it's often embarrassing. And so, I do tell people we're going to treat from the inside out, but it's okay to come from the outside in on the skin simultaneously, you know. And it's important to find things that work because sometimes it can be very, very tough. So, certainly, if you're suffering with that, let's try, you know. I tell people like it’s; the skin is a very, very interesting beast with a lot of emotional context as well that people go through.

Eileen Durfee: And you know, I don't think people realize that you put something on your skin, and it's in your bloodstream, like in 30 seconds. And so, the first line of our defense, you know, yeah, we're spending time in our saunas, and yeah, we're going to try to get people do dry skin brushing and whatnot. But what about cutting down the amount of poisons you're putting in your poor body? And that should start with your skincare routine, and to make sure -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: And particularly women, they’re really - we really put - I think, I forget the number. I am sure you might know this.

Eileen Durfee: It’s like over 500 there. There was a study that said that women between all their shampoos and body washes and makeups and lotion.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Nail polish.

Eileen: You know, all of that, they said like over 500 chemicals.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. And what really, uh, hit - like breaks my heart is like, they're doing it to their little girls and they think they're giving them a treat by taking them to do things or putting them – and it's poisoning them and ruining their hormonal systems. And we have very destroyed endocrine systems. We have plagues of hormonal issues now. Thyroids don't work, ovaries don't work, testes don't work. Everybody – nobody can get pregnant. You know, it's a - everybody's kind of seeing something's wrong, and they are not quite knowing all of it. And you're absolutely right. What we're putting on our skin and hair and nails, all of it is a huge part of what is going on. And this simple thing. I tell people, I'm not ready to go wear no makeup. I'm not ready to not do any lotions. I just am very selective and particular about what those things are. And you won't find anything that I use in any normal store on any kind of shelf coming from any major. If it’s from CoverGirl, Maybelline, Estee Lauder, I'm not using any of it, because none of it is to par. It's all horrible. So, and that includes almost all the stuff you're gonna find in the whole foods. They think that means it’s safe. No, it is not actually. So, you really, it’s not part of that.

Eileen Durfee: Whole Foods has a standard. There's over 400 items that they're supposedly not supposed to sell if it's on that list, you know.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I know but –

Eileen Durfee: And so, there's other things that they allow when I've been doing my research and making our products that I wouldn't put in –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: You know, ours as well. I mean, everything from preservatives. The preservatives we use is made from radishes. You know, and it, you know, it has the gram kill and, you know, the products are totally safe. I mean, we're always you know, we do our batches. We got our serial numbers, we do the testing, you know, to make sure they're safe, but yeah -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Cool.

Eileen Durfee: And they're, they're totally natural, nontoxic and they work.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yes. That’s a great point. Good. So, should you guys check the Breathe Safe. I'm very into good clean air. And this was something you mentioned to me. I'm like, What are you talking about with this product? So –

Eileen Durfee: That's an Ionic Refresher. Okay.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Tell me about this.

Eileen Durfee: So, my son in college had roommates. Every time I went to visit, they had the Glade Air Wicks plugged in everywhere. And I'd be running around, pulling them all out because I'd have headaches. It's like they're just spewing chemicals. A lot of them are on the Health and Human Services website saying, they're carcinogenic.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: You know, and so, I wanted to come up with a little plugin gizmo. So, I had used that carbon fiber tip to create negative ions for a light bulb, an LED light bulb but you know, with LEDs, everybody. Even though mine had a CRI healthy rating, I decided to heck with the light bulb. I'm going to come up with something that plugs in that is effective at cleaning the air, that’s silent. And the box was printed and we omitted one test report. The test report is on the website, but that little gizmo kills like 98% of the bacteria in the air as well as those other stats on the box. And so basically, you know, in my home, I just brought a 12-pack home and I plugged one in every room. And so, once a month, I go over there with the moist rag and I wiped down the front and like people have called me or they sent me pictures because all around their Ionic Refresher, it's black. And you know, so basically, it's cleaning up all this stuff and then the stuff, the particles are going on the wall all the way around this thing. I mean that's the sign it's working. And so, you know, you just have to once a month –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Carry it once a month.

Eileen Durfee: If you do that, then you're not going to - your wall is not gonna get black.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. So, this is great for college. So one, it’s good for your home, right?

Eileen Durfee: Right.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: If you don’t have a full home thing already, if you don't have a couple of Breathe Safes’. I mean, I’ve got Breathe Safes on a full you know, UV light filtration system in my house. Once you have mold on this, you don't, I don't play. I don't mess around. But this is just a way to upgrade and I can add to it, but it's perfect for like dorm rooms. If you don't have that as well, then, you can just put one in kind of every room. Like how big would one room - like how much square footage? Do you know that like?

Eileen Durfee: Um, yeah. So, it's like, you'd need two of them for like a 10/12 room.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: To, to clean the air and I keep one in my sauna.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I forgot. The price is pretty good, right? Like it's coming under $50 bucks.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, 49 bucks for one of those. And then you can get, there's a pack where you saved, you can get one Breathe Safe and six Ionic Refreshers. Now it's discounted, or you can buy a 12 pack of the Ionic Refreshers. And it's, you know, cheaper than buying them individually. But see, like, I keep one of those in my sauna with my Breathe Safe. So, I know it's like completely sterilizing the air. Plus, I'm getting my oxygen and my negative ions when I'm taking my sauna with my Breathe Safe.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay. So, this is a little bit different than what the Breathe Safe is doing.

Eileen Durfee: Yes.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: So, they work well together.

Eileen Durfee: Yes, they, they work well together. They don't replace each other, like the Breathe Safe only kills 46% bacteria. The Ionic Refresher is 98, but the Ionic Refresher doesn't make oxygen, where the Breathe Safe increases background oxygen levels 70% to 118%.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: And, and so they both are pretty good at volatile organic compounds and things like that, that cause our air to be, you know, you know, unhealthy. And so, like, I have a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at home. And you know, I'll let some people who live locally come over and do it. And so, I have a power strip that when we get done, I put, I have six Ionic Refreshers, and I throw them in there and I zip it. So, I know that it's completely sterilized in there.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Oh.

Eileen Durfee: You know, so I don't have to be wiping it down.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Eileen Durfee: And do all that kind of stuff, you know.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: So, let's say what people often want to know. Okay, I hear what you're saying. But why would I have it? So, it'd be somebody who would probably be like, Okay, if you have allergies, sinus headaches, you know, maybe, like, if you're dealing with these things, maybe you should try to get one of these. What are the some of the things that are common that people get relief from? I'd imagine allergies, sinus congestion, headaches.

Eileen Durfee: Yes. And the thing that people really comment on is, you know, a lot of people, their noses are stuffed up. So, when they're sleeping, they are mouth breathers. And they find when they're using these devices, that they start breathing through their nose. Their sinus passages completely clear up. And you know, the EPA even says that indoor air is three to five times more toxic than outdoor air. And so, and we spend way too much time indoors. And so, we really need, you know, to do something, and these, you just have to clean them. So, you don't have to pay for new filters or anything like that. So, it’s just -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Is there something fancy, you're just wiping it down?

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, that's it.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay. I know everybody's gonna get from – at Christmas from me this year. My mother has the dirtiest apartment. Oh, she was in like the dustiest apartment in Detroit. Like, we’re always like, what's happening? So, I'm just going to bust out a few of these. Because I need everything with her to be as simple as possible. She’s just like, what's that thing? I am like, don't worry about it. And she can use, test it once a month and like, my 77-year-old mother can do it. And that's, you got to find the simple things for her. I'm going to talk about something now that you and I love. And you kind of blew my mind on the last talk. I was like, What do you mean you can do a coffee enema standing up in the shower? That doesn't make any sense. So, she's got this thing, the Enema Fix, problem solved. Stand up, no mess to do a coffee enema.

I am like mind blown at the idea of this whole thing. Like, what? So, first of all, for those of you who don't know, yes, putting coffee up your bunghole and holding onto it for a few minutes, and then releasing it into the toilet is an extraordinary health tool that does outrageous things for liver flushing, immune support, mood regulation, detoxification. I've been utilizing them for 20 something years, with lots of patients, and even all the ones who are like, you want me to do what? And that might take a while to get it to happen. You know, Doc, I gotta tell you, it's amazing. I feel amazing. I'm like, I told you, like I shouldn’t have waited. My wife can't believe I do it like two, three times a week now. So, I love the coffee enema. I haven't gotten one in a hot minute. But this is a contraption.

Eileen Durfee: Well, it also comes with a glass jar.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: So, it’s same. And the kit has an adapter that you can put that pump on. Because a lot of people don't like plastic, they like glass. And that was, because I had a smaller one before. And so now, we provide them with both. So, you can use the glass one at home in your shower. But then when you're traveling, you can still use the bottle. And then that way, you know, and the thing about this is, you know, is we've sold, you know, 1000 of them. And we've gotten, I think two complaints where people go, oh my gosh, it just has air in it. Well, we have the instructions that say, once you fill it up, you have to vigorously pump it so that then you have water in the hose. Otherwise, you know, you'll have air and you'll be pumping air in yourself. So, you have to just follow the instructions, vigorously pumping it to get the air out.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: And then of course, when you're right down to the very bottom of the container, you're not going to be able to pump all that liquid out. So, again, you know, or else you're gonna get air in there. And so, and the other thing about it is, is if you have coffee grounds in your solution, the coffee grounds will get up there and it'll clog it. So, you have to take it apart and clean it. So, you know, no coffee grounds and just prime it, prime the pump.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: And then it works because especially with like the glass jar, I basically, you know, hold half of it, you know. I'll pump in half, and then I'll just be taking my shower, using my brush, you know, all over, you know, my body in the shower. And then when I feel like I need to release, I go sit on the toilet. Then I come back, then I fill again. So, then I've gone through the 32 oz of my coffee enema solution.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: There you go. I will put a link down there, you guys about what is a coffee enema and how to do one? I go over this with my patients. But I will put something down there if you're like, What are they talking about? Or if you're an old pro, go ahead and tell me about it in the comments, you know because I encourage people to do it. It's one of those really affordable, easy things. You just need to know how to do it. It's not like you don't go to Starbucks and get that coffee. You need to make the coffee the right way. It needs to be a certain kind of coffee. You make it the right way. You just do the whole thing the right way. And believe it or not, and it's been around for a very long time for a very good reason.

So, I love it. So, I'm excited to figure this out, read the directions like, I'm like, wait, I could just do this part of my whole thing. Again, time efficient. Part of why I love your sauna. I'm like, this is the fastest, and it's just enough time. I'm peaceful, I’m relaxed, I'm chilled. But it took 20 minutes, I got things to do. That whole like hour and hour and a half process it used to take me sometimes. I’m like this, you know, and so you'd want like a, I don't want to have to sauna even though I feel good because I don't have an hour and a half. But I have 20 minutes every day. The whole thing. Brushing it in and out is 30 minutes, you know. I always can find that time and it's like my total reset space in that sauna.

Um, oh, well. Another thing I love is castor oil packing. And the last thing we're gonna talk about is this neck thing. So, let's talk about. So, I go over castor oil packing with patients from children to adults, and I use a lot of it especially because I deal with a lot of special needs children. And trying to explain to parents like they've kind of mind blown because they've been to 8000 specialists for their autistic child. And I'm like, did you get him on Castor oil? Like, no. And I'm like, look, and I explained the simple thing about what that actually does is, when castor oil with a healthy organic pack on the liver, really any part that I can put it but I always typically go with the liver to help with detox. How it activates the parasympathetic nervous system and helps that child calm down and sleep so much better that night. And for any parent with any child that has trouble sleeping, but you put it that it's a special needs child, behavioral disorder, autism, anything like that were you know, high needs all day long. Mama is waiting desperately till bedtime. And disrupted sleep on that child is very disruptive for that. And that can lead to stimming and biting and fighting and bowel movement activity. And it can lead to – not just everyone's tired. It can be really dangerous actually. They are blown away at how calm and relaxed and the sleep improvements. Like what? And I’m like, yeah, I know. And it costs almost nothing. And it's healthy and easy. Just get organic, you know. They can't even believe it. And I'm amazed how much we've kind of let castor oil and castor oil packing disappear. And I'm glad to see it's kind of coming back. I'm gonna grab yours.

Eileen Durfee: Well, I went online, and I bought a lot of different castor oil packs. And you know, they're messy, they leak.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: You know what I mean? It's like, what are you going to do? Wrap yourself in Saran or wrap or like a plastic sheet down to try to sleep or whatever. And so, we, you know, my sister's quite the sewing person. So, we came up with using the certified baby pole, which is a breathable waterproof fabric that they use, you know, like in homemade baby diapers, the crunchy, homemade baby diapers. So, of course, we're using our organic fleece. And so, it's kind of like, it has a little bit of ribbing like a corset might have. So, you saturate that liner and then you put it in there and then you can like lace it up. And it will not leak and it stays on your body and you - I mean, you could exercise with it, you could literally be in the sauna with it to heat it up, you know. It's got a little pocket, so you can put your heating pad in there. And so, it's just a no mess, easy castor oil fix.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Then, all you do then, choose when you replace this lining guys, so you don't, you know, constantly buy the whole thing. You just change out the thing. I typically have my patients change it about three, you know, it depends on how frequently but about every three months. And I let them know, don't share this. Like that, that is mine. And if you know someone else is going to use it like we probably get them their own thing or change the lining kind of a thing. So, yeah, it's a very unique way it can wrap around and multiple ways to stay on and -

Eileen Durfee: It’s adjustable with the different snaps. So, for tall people, short people. You know, I haven't thought about making something for children. So, I need your input on because, because the, the elastic can be cut and it won't fray. So, for like a child, I just need to know how many more inches of snaps I need to add so then a parent could just cut it off so it would then cinch up and fit their child. But the one thing about this wrap too is, you know, don't remove the liner. Just roll up the whole thing and put the whole thing in refrigerator.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: So then when you're ready to -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: … wash it, you guys. Some people think, I’m like, na na, you don't - do not do all that. I just – there it is. I just stick it in a glass jar.

Eileen Durfee: Right.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I just have a big glass thing and I'm like, keeping it in my bedroom in the closet and Castor oil, Boo, down, dun, dun, dun. That's how I do it. And there's more castor oil packing. I can - you guys can ask questions about it. Maybe if I have a video down there, I’ll throw it down there. I'm not sure if I've actually made one or not. But it's, it's an incredible. Castor oil, it's one of those nature's magic, topical, internal. There's all kinds of things you can do with it. But it's, for liver support, calming, helping with sleep. I use it. I do, you know and it's like, I can't believe how much it has helped my sleep. You know what I mean? Like, wow! And I mostly just think of it. I was thinking of it as liver support. And all my children with special needs typically have overwhelmed, you know, livers. We got a lot of things we're dealing with and just the emotions around the liver and the gallbladder, you know anger and resentment. I don't think it's a coincidence they're taking gallbladders out left and right and there's so many gallstones –

Eileen Durfee: Oh, yeah.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: … world and the state and the way where all got a lot going on. I don’t know how to express anger and resentment very well. And imagine if you're, you know, a – I can’t even say the words, you know vaccine injured child. I mean, you got probably little pissed off about some things at that point. [0:55:27 cross talk] everything at this point. It’s ridiculous.

Eileen Durfee: So, with that liner, it is organic fleece. So, you can unsnap it. And you can literally, you know, hand wash it. And it can be reusable.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay, you do reuse them, okay. I mostly, my god, I start over.

Eileen Durfee: Well, we washed, that's 0.528 kg / m2, like in the homemade diapers, we usually use three layers of the fleece.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: This, you can't even sew three layers of the fleece together because it breaks needles. It's so thick. So, it's very rigorous. And we originally washed it in hot water and dried it in hot water. So, it's pre-washed. And so, it'll take the toughest washing. And, you know, obviously, you're going to need something that will cut the oil from the castor, you know. Some people keep on buying the liner. So, obviously, they're not taking the time to wash them.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: But you know, they can, they can be washed.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. Okay, well, for the homesteaders that want to do that. For those of us who are a little bit like, look, I'm doing the best I can. I think on that note, the last kind of cool thing –

Eileen Durfee: Is the neck?

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Well, yes, the neck thing. Well, there's the ozone diffuser.

Eileen Durfee: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. We got that.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah, yeah, you got that? Let’s show what that is. Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: So back in the 80s when I first got into ozone, they had these Alpine air purifiers, you know. We thought we were doing ourselves a great service by cleaning the air with ozone but we were inhaling the ozone gas. Then the government, of course says, oh no, you can't do that, because that's causing permanent lung damage and this and that. So, when you have too much ozone in the air, it'll compete with the oxygen receptor sites in your lungs. And then the lung tissue has a lot of lipids in it. So, it oxidizes that and actually causes your lungs to have a sunburn kind of. So, then your body has to regenerate. And so for people who maybe have asthma or COPD, being around ozone gas can be actually life threatening to them over 0.02 parts-per million in the air.

Now normal people can handle like 0.1 without having any symptoms, but anything over that, like a lot of people go, well, I love breathing ozone. It makes me breathe deeper. I go, Hey, that's your body, because it's not getting enough oxygen forcing you to breathe deeper. That's a homeostatic response. That's not good. And a lot of people, I asked them. I said, Well, you know you're breathing all that ozone. Do you have a lot of bloating and intestinal pain? Oh yeah, I suffered from that. And I go, that's the cause of inhaling ozone gas, your, your digestive system. And then when they stop inhaling it, they're going, Oh my gosh, I didn't know because now I don't have that pain anymore. And so, before – you know, so once I learned that danger, I would always like ozonate my water or clean my vegetables, flip on the exhaust fan and I'd go into the other room.

And so, then I bought because I'm a gizmo woman. So, I bought an ozone degasser that was a regular science beaker that had this little straw thing in it with these tubes going into PVC pipe, you know, and I'm trying to ozonate water and I have my concentration meter. It is like I couldn't even get the concentration up in the water because the diffuser wasn't very good. And then I felt like I was going to break it every two seconds. So, I went to sleep and then I saw just a regular glass jar with a filter tap that as a diffuser that really diffuses water. This is FDA approved, it’s really small holes. So, it transfers gas to the water because there's more surface area quicker. And then when you diffuse ozone gas into water, only 15% of the gas goes into water, the rest goes in the air.

So, believe it or not, you turn on an ozone generator. If you can smell the ozone, it's over. It's like one part per million or more. Not the 0.02 that’s safe. And so, the excess ozone goes up through these holes into this reservoir that has these little, they're copper, manganese pellets, which immediately cause the ozone gas, the third molecule to be oxidized, neutralized. So, then pure oxygen comes out of the top of the cap, and it gets rid of 100%. There's nothing measurable on an ozone meter you read or even 0.000. There's nothing. So, this is a real good solution. So, that if you're going to make some ozonated water to drink, or if you're going to follow maybe a coffee enema up with, maybe you want to do an ozone water enema, you can make your Ozone Water.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: And you got a good container, very strong ozone in the water, as strong as you can get, but there's no dissipation into the air whatsoever because it's being oxidized a lot.

Eileen Durfee: Yes, right.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Perfect.

Eileen Durfee: Exactly. So, that is, and I'm filing a patent right now where we'll be able to ozone a complete sink full of veggies and degas all the water. So, this is a new patent that I'm filing. But for now, we have this which I wouldn't ozonate sink water anyway and drink it. I usually ozonate, you know, purified water or spring water. So, you still need something to you know, degas the water you're going to be drinking. But yeah, I want to make it easy for cleaning our vegetables because you know, you wouldn't believe what lives on the outside of all these vegetables that are grown in dirt and with fertilizer. I mean, we've got E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, parasite larvae.

So, it's like I never eat anything unless I clean it with Ozone Water. Because it's like, why I do that to my immune system? Why? Why even risk? It's like if somebody said, Okay, Costco strawberries are recalled. I wouldn't even return them. I would clean them with ozone water and eat them because like E. coli, for instance, takes 0.1 parts-per million dissolved ozone in water, 15 seconds to kill. See, every pathogen has a concentration of ozone and a time to kill. So, with my Ozonator in this, you're gonna make one and a half part per million water. So, how many seconds is that going to take to swish your strawberries to kill the bad guys?

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Right. Right. Right, exactly. Yeah, I'm a huge fan of ozone for all kinds of things. I get it in my blood. I do, do all the things with it. I mean, I, people, I’ve lots of videos. I mean, I'll drop some down there about ozone therapies you guys and I refer to some local doctors. And it's very, very effective for mold remediation in your home and all kinds of things. It's high dose treatments and all kinds of different ways of doing it. It's not what she's saying about breathing in the air that is dangerous. There are ways to use it that are very fine.

Eileen Durfee: Right. Yes. Yes. And -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: So, it is three, three conditions. Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: My machines are not acceptable for insufflation because they have 0.003% nitric acid, which is because it's corona discharge for the medical where they put gas in a bag and then they put it in an orifice, your ear, you know, vagina, rectum, that kind of thing. That's where you're going to need the oxygen fed –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: … tank, you know, ozone but this is great for cleaning.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: You know, your food.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. With that small device on your counter, do what you want to do with - in your family. Not everybody wants to have that. I do offer those to my patients. They are, I have them in my house and the clinic. And I'll drop that down too if you want. If you know what I'm talking about, you want one for your house because most of the ozone doctors I know that are friends of mine and training it. They want people to have this stuff in their house. They want them empowered. So, in case there's ever an issue, please don't depend on only our practices to help you because there aren't - there isn't enough of them to get see everybody in some type of crisis. If you got your own stuff at home, take care of yourself, you know, so that's, they're big fans of teaching people. So, let's talk about the next thing because this is a really unique thing. You kind of blew my mind with that. I know you have it behind you. So, maybe you grab yours.

Eileen Durfee: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: New device - I was like, What do you mean, you're making body stuff? What are you talking about? And though, my son is like pretty much eyeballing this and going to take it over. He's like, what is that? I said, I know. He's like, that's my problem. I need to do that. I said you do. I said but let me, let me talk to her first, but this neck shaper workout set. Tell him about this and how this came about and what - who would want it and why would they use it and why should they buy it?

Eileen Durfee: Well, I've had back problems my whole life. I grew nine inches in three months, and I got ran over by a car. And I got sent to the late Dr. Scherger. And he worked with the US Olympic team, NFL teams. And they had a special panel of people to mathematically prove why a S-shaped curve of the spine is mechanically superior to ones that maybe have a flat low back or forward head posture. So, for the first time, you know, Leonardo da Vinci and Borelli did some spinal biomechanic calculations, but never had it been done on every joint, calculating the compression forces and shear forces based on posture, or movement. And so, they came up with three exercises that will induce curvature, because normally it takes 18 years, because you know, a baby is a C shape, they can't crawl. You know, they can't sit up. You know, and then old people are hunched over, you know. It's like we started as a C shape, end up as a C shape. But in between, we're supposed to have this S shaped curve. And so, you know, low back pain is $100 billion a year problem. And it's just something that if a person has suffered from back pain, like I have, it's like when Dr. Scherger passed in 2006, I didn't want this to die with him.

And so, they, he had the, the physics and all the mathematics reviewed by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. It was peer reviewed, it took over a year, and they endorsed it. And then, his courses were offered as continuing education credits for trainers and doctors and physical therapists and everything. Now that he's died, you know, the courses are no longer available. I do have the, the courses and they're filed with the Library of Congress. But one of the exercises that he taught was the neck flexion. Because what people don't realize is that, when you have loss of curve, the shear forces reverse. Like in a spine, there's the facet bones, that if you have proper curvature, the shear forces push that bone on bone. But if you have loss of curve, it's not bone on bone anymore. So, it's putting forces on your ligaments, your multifidus and your inner spinalis muscles.

So, the posterior shear is what is dislocating discs, and you know, causing all kinds of bones to go out of place and injuries to happen. And so, we have to do something to put the curve back in. Just like if they go out in the sun, you're going to end up getting a suntan. So, we want the body it to adapt. So, they studied and determined how to make it adapt. And that is, you know if you look up to the ceiling and when you nod and agree with somebody, that’s C5 in your neck. So, we're not going to be like pushing forward or back or to the sides. What we're doing is, we're just going to look up, and we're going to chin down, relax and push back. So, when we put this on and put a little bit of resistance, chin down, relax and we push back. That is strengthening the neck muscles to bring the position of the head over the pelvis in a more rested state. Then your muscles can relax when you're not you know, engaged.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: … you guys are doing this. So, and - so there's a lot more. Let's just do it. What? What? I mean, it's, it's like that bad now. People are used to have a little bit of an anterior sometimes from whatever . You never saw. I mean, we have a term, Tech neck now in the business.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I mean, because of this, the T1, the T1 ribs. I mean it's becoming ridiculous. The chronic and then [1:09:55 inaudible] I mean it's - in the field, we've never seen anything like it. But it causes tremendous amount of strain everywhere. It's a very systemic biomechanical stress. And I would say it often actually contributes to a lot of anxiety. There's - but there's a lot of neurological reasons why that actually leads to a lot of anxiety that people are having. They want something fancy. I'm like, actually, we need to do this, you know.

Eileen Durfee: Well, I, I laugh because I see that reminder that you wear like a necklace. So, when you're hunched, it just says to stand up straight. So, people are like, put your shoulders back. Well, you know what, after you do, you start using this and I keep it at my desk. If I'm here very long and my, my exercise watch says, get up and move, you know, drink water reminder, then I just do about five or six of these. It's like flossing and brushing your teeth before going to bed. You know, if, if you want to keep your neck in a good position, you just have to do a few throughout the day. It's not complicated. I mean, this, there's an exercise guide. I have free downloads for the exercise guides on how to perform the exercise. So, it's got a bar. This clamps on to an ordinary barbell. I actually have a cushion. A lay on my exercise table, because that has a groove for the spinous bone, you know. It's like, Okay, let's get this over here, you know?

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: So, I lay over it. And then I'm doing my neck flexion you know like this.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Oh, okay.

Eileen Durfee: And I've worked up to where I did 30 pounds.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Wow!

Eileen Durfee: And I, and I can hear you know, my bones, you know, cracking and, and you know. So, I'm - so now, when I'm out, if I feel tired or something and I'm like, oh my gosh, I feel like I'm hunching. I’ll just go like this, and then it puts my head over my hips and my shoulders automatically go back, and it is not the shoulders. It is the position of the head in comparison to the pelvis because of the two curves in between.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Fascinating. Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: And so, this is, this is pretty amazing. I've got UFC fighters using it, Major League Baseball players, NFL players, it is absolutely amazing. I've had people scheduled for neck fusion. They've had 10 years of pain, they’re on painkillers. Had this for two weeks. They canceled their surgery, they are pain free. This is just a lifesaver, getting rid of migraine headaches. And I mean, we have, there's 34 products - spinal fitness products now. And I've got six more that will be here within a month. And it's the full line because what Dr. Scherger taught. At the time, he taught me how to roll bath towels, where you fold them in half, and then you bring the ends in and leave this groove for that spinous.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: That’s what I've been - that's what I did, too. I was taught that way the doctor and that's what we were, and they go like well, we can do it right here with towels, you know? Exactly.

Eileen Durfee: And so those helped, you know what I mean? Because I was ran over by a car. I mean, I had to lay down like that for hours at a time, you know, just so I could survive between adjustments until I could, you know, rehabilitate. But these, it's so amazing because they come in five different diameters and three different densities for both the neck and the low back because everybody's back has a different shape. And you fit them too. I mean, you lay down flat. Then, you know you can't change muscle attachments to bone. But everybody's got tight muscles, right? So, you just lay down in that position. So, it's gently putting your curvature back in, in gravity, let’s your muscles relax. You literally hear your bones move because it's like a train with a train track.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. It’s gravity-based body weight traction, you know around that. Yeah, but there's – And I wonder. Interesting. I don't know his name, but I wonder if he was a Chiropractic BioPhysics® or CBP® guy? So CBP is a very specific technique that does a lot of, some of this that it’s all about the curves. They, and it’s biophysics. I mean, they're very into everything around proprioception angles, physics and the curves. And for them, it's all that.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah. Yeah. Well, he was Pettibon. He was Pettibon.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Pettibon. Yeah, right. Yeah, okay.

Eileen Durfee: And so that's really having a lot to do with it. But so, there's a, you know, our discs are like the density of a sponge. And so, what Dr. Scherger taught is, you know, sit on the edge of your chair, chin up. You know, get a little curve in your low back, arms out and then look and rotate. So, you're pumping blood and nourishment to the discs and then the discs go to a gel. That's when you lay over these and relax for 20 minutes. Then the muscles let go, you literally, everyone that I have sized the cushions for, they've done the rotation and laid over it.

They hear their bones move, and then the discs then firm up, and then you roll over, you know, push up, get up. And it's like training for curvature of your, your spine. There's a little boy who is 12 years old, and he had an injury from a trampoline. And he'd been through physical therapy. And there just wasn't much they could do for him. But he was continuing to have seizures. His father brought him over to my office. I sized him for the rolls and taught him how to do it. A month later, the father comes back and says, he takes those with him everywhere. He does that every day like he taught him and he's never had a seizure sense.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: And so, these things are phenomenal. And then everybody's familiar with foam rollers.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I want to caveat this. Those of you who might be like, that's crazy. It's actually not. We use extension. There's many techniques that do extreme extension, and they help stop seizures and tremors and a lot of things and you almost have to see it to believe it. And I've seen it and you're like, what? Because like she says, we went from a C. So, we're supposed to have an S to, to the C again. Well, the C starts to happen much sooner. And there's a lot of neurological things that happen from that to the, to the point even all the way to seizures, a severe chaos destruction. And if you take somebody, not only that, but we reverse it. That's, you know, we go the opposite.

You watch a complete change in neurology. So, this isn't going to that severe hyperextension as the cure, but it's actually just bringing the curves in, but it's giving that relief. So, for those of who might have been like, What are you talking about? Yeah, I believe it because I've seen - I understand the neurology of how that's happening. But it is still like, really? Like I'm, like I'm so - normally so happy for that boy, because I know what it's like for children with seizure disorders, how I see them and like, what their life is like that to think that biomechanically, we can affect the nervous system that strongly, you know -

Eileen Durfee: Yeah because his was caused by a biomechanical injury, you know?

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah, absolutely.

Eileen Durfee: But it’s like having the tools to correct those things, you know that physical therapists, you know, are sometimes limited. But you know, we have foam rollers everywhere, especially like the chirp wheel, the plexus wheel, the yoga rolls. And a lot of those are ether foam rollers, but they're not, they’re, they’re. They’re like either made with a small layer of rubber on a pipe, or, you know, some kind of plastic PVC pipe, or the like hard Styrofoam, or the polyethylene that, that doesn't really have a give. And a lot of them do not have a groove to let the spinous float. See that the beauty of these is this patented groove that allows that spinous to float in that groove. But you can see on the top, the edges of the vertebrae catch.

So, as your body weight when you're rolling on this, just like a regular foam roller, you not only hear your back pop, but even if you have fibromyalgia and you have pain, like I have one review on this product. They're just brand new. We just got them the end of March. There's a review on there where she's used all the other foam rollers. They just caused her so much pain and discomfort but this one she's able to roll on and it's adjusting her back to the point where she's improving. Not only can she survive the treatment, but it's actually comfortable and it's improving and it's because the other ones, yes, you'll hear your back pop but it's not guiding the vertebrae. See, this one is guiding it into a healthier location. And it comes in two densities. Like this one is a medium and then there's a hard one but I had, I was riding a motorized bicycle in San Francisco and I had somebody coming up on the back of me but I just happened to look and it said, No bicycles, no pedestrians, so I had to stop.

So, I'm like waving at them, jump off the bicycle but there was this like drain. So, I had nothing under my right foot and I slammed in the guardrail. And my rib was out. I couldn't even like move my arm to brush my hair. I was in so much pain. Of course, I went to get craniosacral therapy and chiropractic adjustments and had been three or four times. And then my prototype arrives. I rolled on this thing once. The second time I rolled on it, my ribs went back in and I can immediately use this without any pain and got my full mobility back. I'm going, oh my gosh. You know, so this is called the Back Trac. And so, we've got -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: So, you got, so like, that was the kind of the interesting thing. I was like, Oh, we got this like, spinal hygiene whole setup. So, we got like, skincare, like beef tallow stuff. We have the sauna detoxification, light therapies, ozone, coffee enemas, and like, Oh, God, now, we're doing a whole spinal hygiene thing, you know. And, but it made sense, when I hear your story. I like, look, I'm an engineer. I build in things, I fix things and make things better. And all of these things have happened to me, or someone I love. So, therefore, I am picking it, you know. And I can make it better, or I didn't find anything good enough. So, I'll just make my own. You know what I mean? That’s pretty much like, yeah, she's like, just this American engineer, like lady Tesla lady that just makes gadgets and gadgets and more gadgets. And might as well have some cellulite cream in there, too. You know what I mean? She’s like, And I need to stay pretty. So, I'm going to keep doing these things. I'm going to, you know.

Like, I love it. So, at first, it made no sense. I was like, What are you talking? I'm like, Oh, well, yeah. I mean, if I grew nine inches in that amount of time and got hit by a car, I'm like, Yeah, I get it, you know. You know, and like you said, like, kind of sick your whole life or in pain your whole life, you know, and like, now you found a way that you can approach your body and do a lot of self-care. Yes, I try to balance that too with patients. I'm like, I want to take care of you. There comes a point when you need somebody, right to help leverage at times and push a little bit. But the more you can do yourself, always the better. And then only come if you, you know like, the dream is, you can’t self correct. Right?

Eileen Durfee: Right.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Why they couldn't put that rib head on you three or four times I have no idea and instead of your system needing that and rib heads are not that hard, but whatever, you needed the rib head to be put in with that. And like, isn't that amazing?

Eileen Durfee: There were multiple ones.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: You know and –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah, it's like now, I at least have an option. I can try it myself. And I think if nothing else, people -

Eileen Durfee: Well, I still go to the - I get a two-hour craniosacral massage once a month. And I go to the chiropractor every other week, whether I'm in pain or not to look at x-rays of my body. My bones are not worn off. My discs are not degenerated. You know, you – you know, I still think just because of gravity and all the stuff that we do -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: No. Spinal hygiene is something you're supposed to be doing every day. Spinal hygiene isn't going to the chiropractor actually. You know, it's like –

Eileen Durfee: Right, right.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: You know, it’s like getting the checkup. I'm like, mm, are you going to like actually go to lift some weights because just going, you know what I mean? Getting weighed once a year, blood pressure, like that's not health. That's just us checking you.

Eileen Durfee: Right.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: You know what I mean? They’re going – The best thing ever to do, it's like you would go to the dentist and they go, we don't need to do anything. Looks great. See you next year or see you - you know, like that's what you really want. Awesome.

Eileen Durfee: Right.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: There’s nothing to do. They don't actually need to clean any tartar and plaque off of you. Everything looks great. Goodbye. That's what you wanted actually with the chiropractor like, you're clear. I don't need to touch anything. Come back in a month instead. Wow, you're clear. I don't need to do anything. Isn't that awesome? What are you doing? This is the same thing with your oncologist, your gastroenterologist with, What are you doing? What have you done that you don't need to see me anymore because I need to learn that. That's what I want people and then, and the more doctors that do that, since doctor actually means teacher. It doesn't mean healer, it means teacher. My job is just to continually teach people how to empower themselves. And sometimes again, it's just an information. I’m like, Oh, you didn't know what this was. You didn't know what a coffee enema was. Let me teach you. And I'm not coming to your house and doing it. You have to do it.

Eileen Durfee: And now it's easy.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. Yeah. You might use that in the shower. Right? So, you know, so I do appreciate. No, I know what you mean. It’s like, I, having tools and solutions that you've invented to create - help yourself and other people as well as using those clinicians from time to time. You know, there's certain things like trust me, every chiropractor wants to know how to adjust themselves. There are just some things you can't do. You know, like, I'm going to need you to do it and it's like, oh, yeah, man, thank you so much. Because it's also that exchange of energy.

I tell people there is a lot to be said of, you know, being held and cradled and this and that. And I’m like, I can do lots of things that calm my nervous system but there's something about actual needles from an acupuncturist I really enjoy as well like that chi energy from them actually doing it. And me lying down and surrendering. There's, there's a lot to be said for at times being a passive, you know, recipient of the care and nurturing of a provider that I might not want to do myself. So, I, I get it that nice balance, and, and I want to know how to correct it myself as well. Sometimes, I can't get there, you know. I got to be able to, what tips and tricks and little devices can I take when I travel or when I'm, you know, out of pocket somewhere. Yeah. I love it.

Eileen Durfee: The big thing about spinal health that people don't realize is, how much energy your body expends, tightening all those muscles to hold you from drifting farther. It's like an emergency mechanism when you have tight muscles, because your bones are not in the right position in gravity. But that is like a huge energy consumption. You know, and what's the number one complaint? I'm tired. So, it's just part of the whole thing, you know, toxins in our cells causes not to be energy efficient. You know, so it's like, everything's all tied together. If you don't have enough oxygen in your body, hence the Breathe Safe with the oxygen. I mean, everything that I do is really about energy.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: You know, detoxifying, and you know, I just had to bring the spinal portion in there because I know that probably everyone who has probably suffered from back pain or know someone who has, so it's, it’s just huge.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: You know, so –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah, and it's definitely getting worse. I mean, the whole tech neck thing and like, I'm, I'm stunned at the amount of children I see at this point with it.

Eileen Durfee: That are never going to develop into the spine that they need.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Normal. No, yeah.

Eileen Durfee: Now, I also sell a sizing kit, and it's on sale now that has the five different diameters and I've a video and written instructions. So, you can figure out, are you a 275 or a 350? Do you need a medium or a soft to start, you know, the process.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay. Awesome. So, that's under a section on that, on your website?

Eileen Durfee: Under Exercise.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Exercise. Okay, cool.

Eileen Durfee: And we're just right now revamping a lot of the pages, like one of the new pages we just did is Foam Rolling Your Back. So, that one's got a lot of different information. And like I said, we have six PDF guides as well. And those are rewritten from Dr. Scherger's work with a lot, you know, references to his mathematics and just really instructions on how to do the exercises. Which exercises are you doing that are damaging your curve? That's the other thing too. So -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Awesome. Oh, this, I'm really excited. You know, oh, here's one last thing I did. Healthy salt.

Eileen Durfee: Oh, yes.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: This was the one thing I wanted. I need to know about this. And I don't know what to do with it.

Eileen Durfee: Okay. So, I was at a trade show and I met a Korean acupuncturist that had all my sea salts because I was like a connoisseur of sea salts, you know, always using the different ones. And he had these pH drops with this, these glasses, and he put a pinch of all of them in there and it still stayed acid and he put a pinch of the Healthy Salt in there and it stayed – started, it went blue. So, I go, okay, most expensive salt in the world, I'm buying it.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: So, then what I did immediately is, I cut my hair for a hair sample, just a half inch long right at the scalp. Then I did my daily dose of Healthy Salt. Then I stopped. I’d cut another hair sample every month for six months. And I went 30 days on, 30 days off and then I compared all the results. And I was just amazed at how much more energy I had. How my body dumped more toxins. So, then of course I'm going like, I gotta get this salt analyzed. What if I'm putting all that cadmium in my body and all this kind of stuff. And sure enough, it, there was no cadmium in the salt. But I had like a dump of like 25 years worth come out. And it was just incredible. And the other testing that I had, it's 20% minerals. Did you realize Himalayan salt is 0.8% minerals? They're mostly sodium. All these other salts are mostly sodium.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: It's like it had, just one little scooper of that salt has 6800 parts-per million magnesium compared to Himalayan one part-per million.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Wow. Yeah, so it's like a small little you know, this little tiny tooth picky serving. I mean, I was like, What are you talking about with a pH of almost 11? You know, very alkaline. And -

Eileen Durfee: And it has a negative charge. So, this is going to create easy water in your body.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: So, this is when I say, so, everything - it's interesting now that you brought up. I was gonna say something as a caveat. The majority of your products to me are about restructuring water. You said it's about energy production. And I go, I think it's about that you're making structured water. And it's just been a topic that most people know. So, I wasn't gonna say anything. Easy Water, exclusion-zone water, aka structured water. It's what our bodies make, what the mitochondria make but all of the water and it's the power of heat, sauna that infrared is doing, that the near-infrared doing, heat –

Eileen Durfee: It’s banding it.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Sauna is doing it. When you - people always want to know about drinking. I'm like, don't talk about that. You just you're actually – your body as opposed to be structuring your water based on what we're doing. And you know, your health - the healthiest people I see have very good high quality structured water and the unhealthiest is very low. I'm starting, I’m not totally there. But I'm really assessing. I'm like, wait a minute, I think I, I think some of these water people are totally right, like that's it. All that matters is this, how much structured water, the quality of different structures, how much charge you can make in the water of you, that determines if you're healthy or not. And everything else is just like a, a marker that we're measuring of the nature of our - how structured or unstructured we are. And it's really an interesting, interestingly different way. So, that's what easy water is. So, what did you just say about what this is doing? So, you’re helping making more exclusions on water?

Eileen Durfee: Yes, because of the alkalinity and the negative charge. You see, on the outside of our cells is supposed to be alkaline. But the lysosomes inside the cells, they need protons. So, when you're having the Healthy Salt, especially like the 3000 nanometers of light from the incandescent bulbs, cause it to grow, but then the inside of our cells get the protons and the lysosomes then can drop the internal pH. And it's the differential between the inside of the cell and the outside of the cell. And then it starts generating hydroelectricity, and it's able to store that energy in the exclusions on water of the body. So, it actually hydrates the body, this, this Healthy Salt. It causes you to detox tremendously, because the lysosomes are what clean up the molecular debris inside our cells.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: And did you go through any type of uncomfortable Herxheimer detoxification reactions?

Eileen Durfee: That's why you start, the label says to start with what balances on a toothpick.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: So many people –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: … that balances on a toothpick, you guys and mix in eight ounces of water. That's, initially start with one toothpick dose per day and work up from there while drinking plenty of fluids. I mean, that's, contains 238 servings of the – of the normal –

Eileen Durfee: Of the scoop.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: But how many, how many toothpicks sort of a thing you know, are in here. That's also what I love about your products. They, they, you get a lot for what you're, you know what I mean? You're not buying this every two weeks, you guys, you know, like. Wow! Yeah, I was a little bit like -

Eileen Durfee: Reading, reading the product reviews on the skincare, on the Healthy Salt. Actually, the, the reviews on the Healthy Salt are like medical claims. It's unbelievable. And there's a book that I really love. It's called Your Body's Many Cries for Water. And I don't know how to pronounce his last name, but it's Dr. Batman, he's from India. But he looks at the connection between the chronic dehydration and disease like high blood pressure, you know. When your – And the water allocation system in your body is based on histamine. So, like if you're short on salts, your body's gonna lose water. And then your body's gonna squeeze your blood vessels to wring out water, which raises your blood pressure. Then, your water gets allocated through the nerve sheaths and your body will defend like bone marrow over joint cartilage.

It'll let your joint cartilage dehydrate and destroy itself to protect the bone marrow. And so, his book is about having salt in your water. And like he goes into the whole thing about the high blood pressure that some or if not all, 80% of high blood pressure is just chronic dehydration. It's your body's survival mechanism. I had this one lady. She had high blood pressure. So, she quit doing salt. So, then she started having frequent urination. So, she quit drinking water about four or five o'clock and then she had asthma symptoms at night. The problem with that is, you lose so much water through your lungs that in an attempt to stop dehydration, your body will constrict the lungs and give you asthma.

So, that's an excellent book to read. And then read the reviews on the Healthy Salt and then try it and start slow because some people, they have more than. I like use a toothpick like a shovel. So, it's not just on the tip of it, but way less than the little 16th of a teaspoon scoop dose. But sometimes if they have more than that, they'll get a massive headache from detox. So, I've just got to the point where, start with the toothpick method everybody and it's unbelievable what some of the reviews are saying are happening to people.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah, because you really, it’s interesting that to me, it should be your body's many cries for structured water, right?

Eileen Durfee: Yes.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: And you have to have salts and minerals in clean water structured to - water doesn't hydrate and that's what people don't understand. They are drinking you know, dead let's say reverse osmosis or distilled water.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: And it's dead or worse, a tap with chlorine and fluoride and benzodiazepines, birth control pills and you know, all kinds of other things. And there's no structure, there's no minerals, there's no lifeforce. It has no photonic energy, you know, and I’m like, okay.

Eileen Durfee: It rips the minerals you do have.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: It only destroys you, it dehydrates you even more, it's loaded with poisons. And, you know, it's, the more you get into water and like you got structured water, deuterium, and I get, it's confusing for people. So, this one, I was very, when I saw it, I'm like, okay, and it's, it’s you know, confusion. And there’s kind of like this secret around it. And I'm like, what is happening with this, with this? And -

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, his family has been making it for 2000 years, and he wouldn't tell me what they put into it. So, that's why I spent the 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of dollars on all the testing that's under product testing. The reports are there for you to see. No microplastic, there’s none of this, none of that. Exactly what's in a 16th of a teaspoon. It takes almost four years to make. That's why it's so expensive. But it just seems to really work. And I, and I know that it's the toxins that are coming out and my hair samples are not from the salt. That's, and I started comparing all the certificate mineral analyses of all the sea salts to find out the differences and everything and I came across the Quinton marine plasma that's you know, from that vortex –

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Quinton, I use it. Yeah, Quinton.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah. Yeah. And so, when you look at the mineral ratios in Quinton and Healthy Salt, it's almost identical. So, then I realized why healthy - the body loves Healthy Salt so much. It's those ratios of those minerals.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. Well, good. I mean, I do Quinton Hypertonic and that's why I was - that was the one question I'm like, okay, so Quinton is my number one, always recommendation to everybody. And it has been for a while. I am like, ah, nothing beats Quinton.

Eileen Durfee: That has plasma, I mean the plankton in it. This obviously doesn't.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Marine plankton, you know, filter –

Eileen Durfee: Yeah.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: That's what it comes from. But then again, but it's, it's a little difficult and inconvenient. It’s a big glass bottle in the fridge or I got little glass vials and that, you know what I mean? So not everybody's like, Oh, I gotta crack a vial and whatever. And that's, I was curious, I’m like, Well, cuz I'm gonna try it. I'm gonna look in, into all the stuff but I understand exactly what you're saying. And that you said, you popped on that word Easy Water. I'm like, Yeah, because that's everything. I'm like, this is all, she's restructuring everybody's water. And I just wasn't sure if you knew. I’m like, well, of course, you know what that is cuz you know a lot of things. You are one incredibly smart woman. I always learn more and more -

Eileen Durfee: I’m always learning, every day reading. I mean, it's just like, what I like to do, you know, so.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah. You haven't gone into like, a dive into Dr. Jack Kruse and dehydration and structured water. That's where I kind of learned about all that. He's a neurosurgeon, and he's now in like, Florida, but he was in Nashville and Louisiana for a long time and he's super big in the biohacking community. Very strong opinionated on this stuff. But he goes into light, gets into mitochondria, structured water, studied Gerald Pollack and all those guys very, very hardcore.

Eileen Durfee: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: And it goes into that kind of dehydration, like it's all about, you know, like we're living in a, this nonnative EMF kind of bubble that's, that's dehydrating. So, the lack of us, we're not eating enough fats and structured water foods and we're not making and so our mitochondria are broken. We're not making structured water inside ourselves as well. And we're getting microwaved all the time. You know, like now we're just in a box and so we're just having chronic dehydration from a number of, of ways. And that's what's - what is destroying us. And it's very, very, very interesting.

When you start putting all the pieces of so many people are finding it like this book, this Indian doctor and this one and this one. We're saying the same things like wait a minute, that looks like the problem, actually. It's something about the, the, the electrical and frequency energetic charge of water and how it, it is allowed to organize in an easy zone, exclusion zone, which means you guys push away anything, nothing gets in. Toxins can't get in, nothing damaged. And it's organized in a crystalline liquid gel structure, which brings information order and intelligence to the water, and if you destroy that, everything goes to shit. And that diabetes and hypertension and all these other problems we're having. Right?

Eileen Durfee: Right.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Really, really fascinating. I'm gonna get that book out and I'll drop it down the link, you guys so you can see. If you want to get it, I'll have it in there for you. All right. Thank you, Eileen, thank you so much. Is there anything else that you know, I'll have the link to everything but is there anything you want to add, last minute?

Eileen Durfee: Um, no, I think we covered everything.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: We covered so much. I really appreciate it. And I'll cut it here. I'll let the voice to record. But we'll cut this up into a whole bunch of little clips for like –

Eileen Durfee: Okay.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Okay, the skin, into this, into this and this. That probably will take them some time. But when they do that, we will definitely get them to you where it’d just be like, boom! Like I'll have the full thing but I'll have. So, Calvin, are you watching? You're gonna put this into a bunch of tiny clips based on each little product. We're gonna have each little thing. So, some will be only a few minutes long. And I’ll use some on my website. I'll use some in newsletters. I'm super excited about this. I was like –

Eileen Durfee: Oh yeah, we have so much stuff.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: What the hell is this, you know. I was really like, this was the one but I really didn't want to try anything until I talk with you. Especially when I was like, I have no idea what the hell is this. You know what I mean? I was like -

Eileen Durfee: I have a video.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I, what if they goes together. I don't know what this is. So, I don't know what to do. Yeah, so I hated that. But it took so long for us to get together but now I know and that was - This was the one I was like, I think I should try this but I don't know what to do with it.

Eileen Durfee: Well, I should probably get you a sizing kit because I only see the neck shaper, right? No other rolls or anything?

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Eileen Durfee: So, I need to get you a Back Trac. Do you have any back pain now or -

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I broke my back and I was paralyzed. So, yeah.

Eileen Durfee: Oh, okay. So, I probably need to send you the, the medium one.

Dr. Stephanie Rimka: I have one. I do. My son right now, I'm gonna pause the recording.