Eileen Durfee on Living Life Naturally Podcast: How to Successfully Eliminate Toxins?

Lynne Wadsworth: Welcome everyone to another Living Life Naturally podcast and today, I have Eileen Durfee with me. She is a health pioneer, a businesswoman and innovator who has reinvented a way to distribute natural healing products to protect others from toxicity. She is a former nuclear power plant engineer who became sick due to chemical exposure. And she suffered from chronic pain, allergies, Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism and lack of energy and these symptoms were the result of her body not eliminating the toxins to which she regularly was exposed. So, she tried a variety of medications, diets, therapies and more to help recover her health. And on the quest to heal her body, she engineered solutions with her vast knowledge and expertise and experience to help others.

So, her journey to overcome her own health issues led her to become an inventor and businesswoman. And through online web store, she offers a variety of health solutions, including spinal fitness equipment, near infrared saunas, air purifiers, ozone generators, and healing food salts, as well as providing consultations as a practitioner in nutritional balance in science. So, Eileen has an understanding of toxic home and work environments and knows firsthand what it's like to suffer as a result. So, her experience continues to motivate her to create the best possible health solutions to protect family, friends and consumers from our very, very toxic world. Now, Eileen has also been featured on major media outlets, including ABC, NBC and CBS, and she shares her knowledge about spinal fitness revolution.

Eileen Durfee: Thank you for having me.

Lynne Wadsworth: So, let's dive in. So, obviously, with that introduction, we don't need to ask you why you're passionate about what you do. But I am really interested to know just exactly what some of the therapies and diets that you tried in the past that you found didn't work.

Eileen Durfee: Well, I started off years ago with doing the avoidance diet, the rotation diet, you know, for allergies, because you can take your pulse before you eat something. And then a few minutes after you eat, you can take your pulse again. And a lot of times if you're allergic to something, your pulse will jump 20, 30 beats per minute when you're at a rest. And so, the avoidance thing, you know, worked for a while, but it's like I couldn't eat the same food within 72 hours. And that's anything within the same family. So, I mean, I was eating rabbit, lamb, beef, fish, chicken, because chickens with poultry, you know, it's like, because of leaky gut, I would become allergic. So, I mean, there's a lot of people with allergies out there, and they're just doing the avoidance, which I mean, you have to do because some of the reactions can be so severe, but that doesn't fix the reason why are you allergic. You know, you have to look at the underlying causes. And so, I felt like I was a prisoner.

You know, and so I went from the avoidance diet and of course, you know, allergy shots and antihistamines and all that, you know, you’re just like no energy because it makes you sleepy. And, you know, because I had the problem of, I didn't have the problem with pollens but any kind of chemical, perfume, you know, things outgassing from like fresh paint or carpets, you know, automobile exhaust, you know, you know, just like if somebody used a dryer sheet, and you could smell it on their clothes, all those kinds of things would cause my lungs to close up. So, I had to carry around like an EpiPen, you know, and then foods that I would eat would cause my eyes to swell shut and my lungs to close. So, it was, you know, pretty serious reactions. So, you know, I didn't like the medications.

So, you know, I did the food avoidance diet, and then I found out about leaky gut, and the overgrowth of Candida. So then, you know, I mean, I ate paleo before paleo existed, like in the 1980s, you know, and I never, anything in a can. I mean, everything was freshly prepared. Just because there's just reactions to, you know, so many things. And so, once I figured out about the Candida connection, I mean, the doctors put me on for a while ketoconazole and nystatin. I mean, those are drugs. I mean, for the first time, I had relief, but you know, anytime I ate over 100 carbs in a day, you know, then the symptoms would, you know, kind of crop up because it would feed the Candida. So, then you got to stay away from gluten, because gluten gives the Candida a place to live and the sugars, whether you're eating sugars or carbohydrates, your body converts that to feed the Candida.

So, I mean, there was three years where I ate basically just meats and vegetables, nothing else. And so, then I could be symptom free. Then I started you know, adding in, you know, ozonated water, because a lot of times you know, these people that are fighting Candida that have allergies and have no energy. I mean, you have brain fog, because you know, you can't think from the Candida. You, you know, are tired all the time. You know, you just have issues like when the Candida goes through the intestinal membrane and goes to the fungal form, it can then colonize. Some people have problems with sinus issues constantly. Or they'll have like psoriasis, you know, stuff all over their body or acne. I mean, you can still see my acne scars that I had really bad. And then you know, some people can have cystitis symptoms or vaginal yeast infections. You know, it's just not, oh, you have overgrowth for years [0:07:11 unclear] as vaginal you know, infection. No, it like goes everywhere, systemically, you know, in your body.

So, then you start learning about Okay, so we're not using the drugs to kill the Candida. So, we start using natural stuff to chase it, to kill it with antifungals. But it mutates against it. So, here, you know, I'm taking all these different, you know, caprylic acid, and just all these different things, Pau d'arco tea, you know, different things to kill the Candida. And that didn't seem to work. And then so I thought everything that was wrong with me was because of Candida. But little did I know, the underlying cause was weak adrenal glands. See, and you know, a lack of being outside in the sunshine because we need, you know, bioavailable copper in our body, just like a swimming pool that's overgrown with algae or fungus and stuff, they use an algaecide that's based with copper. And so, a lot of people out there that have underactive adrenal glands, underactive thyroid, they're not able to take the copper that's in their body and keep it bound to a protein to where it's bioavailable.

So, therefore, my body wasn't able to keep the Candida in check. So, I, I just, I had to keep on going to why is this? How do I fix it because I can't stay on even natural antifungals. You know, ozonated water helped, because it couldn't mutate against it, you know, and it filled my body with oxygen and, you know, that kind of thing. I started adding traditional sauna therapy. You know, then we went to the hot box, the far infrared, you know, heating up the body. I mean, that really helped boost my metabolism. But still, it wasn't until that I did laboratory hair analysis and realized that, you know, I mean I had cupboards full of supplements.

I mean, I was taking you know, you name it, because it was good for this and that and, you know, I was like fearful of what to eat. I, you know was afraid not to take something you know, and just kept on adding more stuff in and you know, when I found out about hair analysis and learned about, you know, biology and chemistry, you know, the wellness revolution forgets some of that stuff meaning, like a farmer does a soil test to figure out what - how much nitrogen to put on the soil, and then the plant uptakes the nitrogen, but it doesn't increase nitrogen in plant tissues and a lot of us have this mentality, Oh, zinc is good, you know for this, so I'll take zinc. So, you think that zinc is gonna raise in your body. And there, there's a counter effect like nitrogen increases calcium retention in tissues and plants.

So, you know, in everything, it's like zinc lowers sodium and raises potassium. So, what if sodium is already too low? You know, then you can cause what's considered an inversion because there's a sodium pump at the cell level where it takes three elements of sodium to open up a cell and two elements of potassium to close it. And if that's not right, that right ratio, and it's you know, you have low sodium in comparison to potassium, you can have tissue breakdown, be prone to infections, all kinds of things. And so, when I learned about hair analysis and gave up some of my crutches, so to speak, you know, because of thyroid problems, you know, you're constipated, you know, taking all this magnesium, you know, and then magnesium lowers sodium, so it affects adrenal gland function. So, it's like my solution - the band aid to medicate the symptom was actually making the underlying cause worse.

So, when I got to hair analysis, and started taking these recommended supplements, it's almost like, you know, for people who are familiar maybe with automobiles, there's horsepower and torque on a motor. And if Granny's driving in sixth gear, going around town, five miles an hour, chug, chug, chug, her motor is gonna get built up with carbon, and it's gonna run what they call rich, you know, versus a teenager who's in first gear going at 100 miles an hour, it's like going to overheat, but neither car gets good gas mileage. So, the body is like that. We want to be in that optimal range of energy production at the cell level. And when that happens, more cellular equipment works.

So, there was balance. And so, when I started doing that, then I realized something else happened. Your body freely gives up the junk. See, people don't realize that if your body can't get calcium where it needs to go, it will put lead there as a survival mechanism. You know, and that's because every time you move a muscle, your body - your nerve fibers release elements of calcium. Yet, 90% of your calcium are supposed to be your, your bones, teeth and nerve fibers. So, how does that get back there? Well, there's a piece of equipment in our body that works fabulous as long as we got enough adrenal gland hormone, which, you know, we're in the 21st century. We're all stressed out, look at all the people drinking energy drinks and coffee, and waking up tired, you know. And so it's a sodium/calcium exchanger. It takes three elements of sodium to one element of calcium, and it'll put it right back in the bones, teeth and nerve fibers. So, what happens when there's, you know, adrenal gland insufficiency, or burnout, where the adrenal glands aren't working like they should, which is 80% of the population, by the way.

Lynne Wadsworth: Yes.

Eileen Durfee: Then that, your body will put the calcium in your joint, which makes it arthritic, or puts it in your cardiovascular system, creating plaque, or puts it in your hair to make it gray. There's all kinds of things. So not only for every substitution that your body does that are survival, you have two dysfunctional cells. You've got the one where it displaced to and then you've got the, the cell that really needed the calcium and that now has the lead. And this goes for every mineral like zinc gets replaced by cadmium, which is super toxic, aluminum for magnesium. It's just like all these substitutions because really, the body will always use the most efficient item to survive.

Like example, if you've got the key to your front door, you go in the front door, but what if you got locked out? You might go around the backdoor, climb up a ladder, breaking a window. I mean, you get there, but look how much energy that took? You know, and look at the fatigue problem. You know, so, so it's like we're all surviving because our food is so deplete of nutrients. And then everybody's so different because when you're under stress, you know, you're excreting all kinds of minerals and vitamins in your urine, so you might have higher demand needs.

So, basically, when I got on the right supplements that were guided, you know, every three months during this test, then my body freely gave up the junk, so I didn't have to chelate, you know. So, I needed to start doing things like sauna to sweat it out, you know, coffee enemas, you know, dry skin brushing. Just all these different things to help escort it out. And the awesome thing about your body is, if the equipment's there to put the mineral in the cell enzyme binding site, it will always use the most efficient item present, it's so smart. And people have to realize that every cell has an enzyme binding site. And those enzymes really just speed up processes or accelerators, like you can't even bat your eyelashes without enzymes, but they're like the sparkplugs of life.

You know, and so, I really believe that there wouldn't be disease, if we had all the new car parts in our cells, so to speak, you know. And so, you know, until I learned that principle, and until I started doing daily detox protocols, you know, it helped my body, you know. You know, it was just, you know, futile, and, you know, it's like, I was surviving, I was feeling better, but I was never really, you know, energetic, you know, like I am now. And so now, you know, I really don't think there's a silver bullet out there. You know, I think the thing right now is, you know, making sure you're lengthening your telomers, you know, so that when your cells reproduce, it's more of a blueprint, so you're not aging as fast because like, I'm going to be 60 next month, and it's just like, I want to grow younger. I, I feel better now than I did for years.

I mean, I can eat anything I don't. I mean, I choose, you know, healthier foods, but I don't have the allergies. I don't have the problems. I mean, I'm sleeping well, my joints don't hurt. You know, I'm, it's just phenomenal. But I just know that we have to really pay attention to what we're breathing, what we're drinking, what we're putting on our skin, and how we're detoxifying because no matter what environment we're in, we're exposed to toxins. You know, plus, we got to deal with all these polymorphisms, all these mutations that people are now taking their blood tests and identifying, you know, I got this problem, you know, I got MTHFR. I got this, I got that. And it really impacts, you know, a person and now they're finding with all these mutations, people are having a real problem to detoxify. Like, you know, if you've got an underactive metabolism, you're going to have a real hard time detoxifying. And so, you know, I just, I just really recommend making small changes, you know, because, you know, small hinges open big doors, you know.

There's just a few things that we can do that can really improve our life. And so yeah, I've tried so many things, and so many gizmos and gadgets. I got into multiple wave oscillators that Tesla and Lakhovsky, you know, used - made in the 1920s. I mean, it was used in cancer trials. I had pulsed electromagnetic frequency machines. Now, that's more popular, but you know, 20, 25 years ago, it wasn't and I was using those then. I mean, from my arthritis or, you know, joint pain, I would use those machines, you know, every day but I felt like I had a ball and chain around my foot where, you know, it's like, I had to have those things and people don't realize that energy were energy. And when we don't have the right minerals in our body that those electrical impulses don't travel, it doesn't energize us as much as it should. And so, then we have problems. So, I was using a lot of machines. I mean, I have Rife machines, I've got Hulda Clark Zapper and the Bob Beck Zappers, you know. I mean, I've just got tons of machines, and those are great.

You know, those are helpful, much better than, you know, having to use painkillers and those kinds of things. But it's like when you can raise your mineral levels, you know, change your nutrient densities in your body, then you can begin to function because your body really - it's smart enough to improve your health. And, you know, so I just had this underlying belief that if my body just had what it needed, that, that I wouldn't be sick all the time.

Lynne Wadsworth: So, how are some of the ways that people can maximize their, their mineral intakes and have the nutrients that they need in their bodies?

Eileen Durfee: There's, you know, simple things that they can do that will impact how well their body metabolizes their food. And one of the things is, we're indoors way too much. We need to get outside, bare feet ground, get that sunshine in the morning. You know, that helps the circadian rhythm and balance all the hormones, but also, you know, if you're eating foods indoors under fluorescent lights, your body digests food differently than if you're outside with some sunshine. So, there's just some really common-sense things. I believe that 80% of all disease is caused by people being dehydrated.

Lynne Wadsworth: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: Not drinking the right kind of water, and not drinking the right quantity of water. And then as far as mineral goes, the best thing that I have found is, you know, there was a book that I read. I think it was published in 2003, or something like that about, you know, putting Himalayan Salt in your water for the Sole, you know, for the minerals. Well, I came across a product, a salt that’s a Healthy Salt. And, you know, I was the connoisseur of sea salts, you know, and I ran into this guy when I was a vendor at a trade show. And he had all these salts, like all of them that I had that I was rotating, and he had these glasses of water with pH drops, and he was putting pinches of all these in there. And they all stayed acidic, except for one, the Healthy Salt. And it went blue and it was like the most expensive salt in the world and I'm going, you know what, I'm going to try that.

So, I cut a half inch of my hair. Every single month, I did a hair analysis. And I'd go one month on the salt, one month off just to see how, how is it really affecting and I didn't do anything else new. And I was, it was so profound in the results of energy production when I was on it and also toxic metal elimination that I tested the salt to see. You know, does it have that stuff in it? Am I putting poison in my body and all of that and it turned out that it’s 20% minerals, it's got an 11.72 pH. It's got a negative charge. And it's got the lowest sodium in the world for any salt. And it's got, it's just like a little, it's like a powder. You can see the salt blowing away just from the wind in here. So, it's very, very absorbable. And so that what I've seen on hair analysis not only with myself, but many, many, many hundreds of clients is that your body prefers the good minerals. Like the Himalayan Salt has one part-per million magnesium. This has 6800 parts-per million in three little tiny scoops a daily serving.

Lynne Wadsworth: And what is that called, Eileen?

Eileen Durfee: It's called Healthy Salt. It takes almost four years to make.

Lynne Wadsworth: Wow!

Eileen Durfee: It’s basically debrined in the shade and then it's raked, spread, washed and then they put herbs and natural ingredients on it. That's a 2000-year-old recipe that this family you know basically doesn't disclose but then they burn it in a special pot under high flame for days. So, what happens is, all those herbs and natural ingredients turn into like an ash that's in the salt. And I had the lab testing on the Healthy Salt, you know, for everyone to look out what's in a 16th of a teaspoon serving size. You know, I tested it for all the microplastics, all the, everything and it's just, you know, an amazing salt. And when I went on that journey, I found another awesome product which is Quinton Marine Plasma.

It's a seawater that's extracted between France and Spain in a mile wide vortex. So, it's got, you know, plankton and these minerals. And when I was comparing the certificate mineral analyses of all the salt sold that we’re consuming, I noticed something very interesting that the Healthy Salt was very, very similar to those same ratios of that marine plasma. So, yes, Healthy Salt does not have the marine plasma but it is, the body just absolutely loves it. I mean, in World War I, this guy that developed this, he was injecting people with this sea water extract and curing just about every disease. He was killed in World War One and a million people went to his funeral. Now you know, his family legacy has carried that on and they sell the liquid. And that's something that if somebody's got a real degenerative disease, or is very, very weak or sick, that is excellent.

You know, I always recommend people to do that. You know, it's helping balance your extracellular, and intercellular you know, minerals and electrolytes, which are so important. But the neat thing about the Healthy Salt since Dr. Gerald Pollack’s work at the University of Washington, he discovered something called Exclusion Zone water. You know, when most of us think about water, we think about oh, we can freeze it and make an ice cube. It's liquid, we can drink it, or it turns to vapor or steam. But there's another phase of water. And it's called Exclusion Zone. It's where it gels and it has the capacity to store energy and light impacts that. When you shine 3000 nanometers of light, then it expands. So, actually, eventually, somebody could develop something where they have a positive and negative electrode in water, shine a 3000-nanometer light on it and produce and store more energy than it took to shine the light on it. That's how amazing it is.

But when you look at the human body, you know, sun shining has the 3000 nanometers, the incandescent bulb sauna that I sell has 3000 nanometers. And so, what better to get some salt in your water and drink it. Because what happens when you get in the sauna and you're hydrated like that. The alkalinity on the outside of the cells with a negative charge causes protons to go inside cells. And inside the cells, we have these heroes called the lysosomes. And their job is to clean up molecular debris. And when they have those protons, their pH drops like a rock. So, that inside acidity and the outside alkalinity causes this hydroelectric power to be generated which then is stored in this gel, this Exclusion Zone water and it helps to hydrate the body. And - but also why we're seeing all the detoxification happen, the mobilization of the toxic metals that your body accumulated as a survival mechanism in your tissues and organs are being spit out.

They're being cleaned out of the cells, and they're hitting the bloodstream and they're transporting to eliminate and then they're depositing in the hair. And so that's why when we use Healthy Salt monitor that on a hair analysis, we see huge detoxification, you know going on and if people go to the website and read the reviews on the Healthy Salt, there's just a fabulous book people should read, called Your Body's Many Cries for Water. It's amazing where this doctor, Dr. Batman, and I can't, I don't know how to pronounce his last name, Ghelidj'. I know I'm butchering that. But, you know, I had a client who, you know, when they have high blood pressure, the doctor says, no salt. So, then when they cut salt out of their diet, they start having frequent urination. So, when they start having frequent urination, they quit drinking water close at night.

So, then they developed asthma symptoms, breathing problems. And it’s all just chronic dehydration, which caused the high blood pressure for most people to begin with, because your body has this water allocation system set in the body, where, for instance, it'll hydrate bone marrow, before joint cartilage, because joint cartilage isn't as important to the body. And so, and it's based on histamine receptors in the body, how the body will send water through nerve sheaths to hydrate certain areas. And so, when there's not enough water, it goes on lockdown mode and starve certain areas of your body of water, which then causes problems, but how the body gets that water is, it constricts all your blood vessels to wring out that water from the blood to send it.

So, what happens, when your blood vessels are constricted is your blood pressure goes up. And the reason why, you know, you're, you're developing, you know, frequent urination, you know, when you don't have the sodium in your body is because I guess you'd say that sodium sucks. It like, retains water, it's, you know, got anti-histamine effect. And so, you know, you do need some minerals. And Dr. Batman goes into that in the book, if you have high blood pressure and how to, you know, regulate that, like you can read some of the five-star reviews as far as how since it’s so low sodium, you can add some of the minerals, and then the body will quit doing the frequent urination and it'll help hydrate the body. But, you know, at night, when you've quit drinking water, and you're dehydrated, your body loses a lot of moisture in your respiration. So, the reason how the body adapts is, it'll constrict your lungs to conserve water.

So, you know, if somebody's having any breathing difficulty, first thing I'd say is, you know, you're dehydrated, let's get, get some water in there. Let's get some alkaline, you know, minerals with a negative charge, so we can really hydrate things. And so that is probably the easiest way, you know, to get some minerals to really notice a big difference. I mean, it's like, I'm shocked at some of the reviews that people are leaving. And it's just because they're dehydrated, and they don't have the minerals. So, you know, that, that would be the easiest thing. The other thing would be to get a hair analysis. Not all hair analysis are created equal. But the, but the easiest thing is, you know, get outdoors, get some sunshine, you know, start drinking the right kind of water like the - I recommend. You know, structured water is big, you know. Here's an adjacent structures water. I mean, I drink Mountain Valley spring water, because it's got a high pH, lots of minerals. I get it delivered in glass bottles; you know. It's worth it. But I would not recommend doing reverse osmosis or distilled water because it's going to rip minerals from your body and it doesn't have the sacred geometry. You look under a microscope. It doesn't have that structure or the surface tension to really hydrate. So, there's a lot of people drinking a lot of water that are still dehydrated. And so that's really one of the most important things someone can do for themselves.

Lynne Wadsworth: So, this is an awesome amount. This is something that probably people will need to listen to a couple of times to take it all in and a lot of great information. And I appreciate your time today and I appreciate all of your inputs and your knowledge and wisdom.

Eileen Durfee: Well, thank you for having me.

Lynne Wadsworth: Thank you so much.