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EMF Anti-Radiation Sticker

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EMF Anti-Radiation and Battery Salvage Sticker 

This EMF sticker can effectively remove phenomena such as headache, insomnia and hair loss. It not only protects you from harmful electromagnetic frequencies, it also generates negative ions! You can apply this EMF shielding sticker on or near major sources of EMF, such as: hairdryers, electric razors, irons, cordless phones, WiFi routers and equipment, refrigerators, microwaves, vacuums, televisions, computer monitors, dimmer switches, electrical circuits, computers, halogen or fluorescent lighting, scanners, fax machines, cell phones, and photocopiers.

Just remember if a device plugs into electricity it generates EMF and you can apply a shielding sticker or keep other protective devices in the same general vicinity. In addition to this great EMF protective sticker get proactive and look great with other quantum products and help your body with affordable jewelry, supported by years of research. 

You also need more negative ions or anions to support normal body functions.  With indoor and outdoor pollution the beneficial ions are being destroyed get the Tri-Oxy FRESH and bring the freshness of outdoors into your home.