Frederica's Testimony: Fighting Breast Cancer with Sauna Fix


Frederica Christ: I learned about sauna fix first from Eileen. When you have toxins in your body, you want to sweat those toxins out and sweating is the best way of getting them out. So, the sauna fix is a good method. I actually probably bought one of her first sauna fixes, and it was actually not the whole shebang like she sells now. It's just the lamp on the lights and mine hangs in my powder room in my master bath. It hangs there and I stand in front of it and I rotate. But then the sauna fix had even better purpose for me because I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. After my surgery, I, every day sat in front of that sauna and shined it on my breast after they did the lumpectomy.

And to this day, I don't have cancer. I didn't do chemo, I didn't do radiation. I just decided that I wanted to try it more natural method and let my body heal and the sauna fix so far has done great. During different times of the day, it does different things and if you use it in the morning, it kind of gives you a boost. But if you use it in the evening, it actually calms your parasympathetic nervous system down. So, if I have trouble falling asleep and I'm wired for the day, I can sit in the sauna fix. I don't come to a full sweat, but I can sit in it for 10 minutes, get warmed up, become relaxed, slip between those cool sheets and drift off to sleep easily.