High Energy Girl Podcast with Eileen Durfee: Healing Gizmos

Tracee Gluhaich: Hey everyone, welcome to High Energy Girl. I'm your host, Tracee Gluhaich. Hope you enjoy today's show. Eileen, thanks so much for coming on the show today.

Eileen Durfee: Well, thanks for having me.

Tracee Gluhaich: It's a pleasure. So, for the listeners that don't know you yet, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Eileen Durfee: Well, I'm an inventor and a practitioner, and I make health products that kind of minimize our toxic exposure and help us eliminate them everything from what we breathe, what we drink, what we put on our skin. And I kind of got on that path. I tell people, I'm in my fourth life in this life because I've done so many things. But it's because of my own health problems that I gravitated towards this because I just didn't believe that my body couldn't heal itself. I just felt like it needed. As long as it had what it needed, it would be fine. So, I mean, I was born with doctors ripping my head out with forceps and my body being twisted, and every time I walked, my one knee rammed into the other. But it wasn't because my bones were out. It was just my whole, you know, fascia and musculature. I mean, I had to wear special shoes. I was in constant pain, you know, my whole life. Then, on top of that, I grew nine inches in three months.

Tracee Gluhaich: Oh my Gosh!

Eileen Durfee: Then I was ran over by a car in a parking lot. And then, you know, just had super structural issues and, which led me to meet a special chiropractor who got me into spinal fitness and some of the inventions I have now because it restored my health. And I mean, back pain is a pretty big thing. Just in the United States, it's, for low back pain, it's $100 billion a year industry. And a lot of people are taking hydrocodone’s and other pain pills or they're having surgeries that are oftentimes unsuccessful. I mean, I bet you, every listener has either had back pain at one time in their life or know someone who has and a lot of the products out there you know, reminders to stand up straight or you know, somebody telling you to hold back your shoulders. Just didn't seem to do it for me.

So, I, I got through that aspect. Then I developed allergies. I mean, I got my la - the last time I had a filling in my mouth was when I was 20 years old, and it was a silver amalgam filling and I fell sick. I mean I became allergic to everything. I had all these problems. I mean, it's like, what didn't I have? My hair was falling out. I had psoriasis all over my body. Candida really bad. I mean, my lungs would close up. I had to have an EpiPen. If I ate anything within 72 hours of the last time I ate it, I'd become allergic to it. It was just incredible. And then I realized like, you know my dad was a machining/welding guy and he had a motorcycle shop. So, I'm breathing all the lead, fumes from gasoline and then I'm you know, around welding fumes and then in my first career ever, nuclear power plant engineer, auditor, inspector, I'm out there around all these chemical exposures. And so, I realized that you know, medications and what they were telling you know, antihistamine me to death and be on antibiotics constantly. That just wasn't working for me.

And so, I was my own guinea pig. I tried, you know, the Bernard Jensen colonic cleaning. And I, I ate paleo before paleo existed back in the 80s. And, you know, I just did anything I can think of and I was my own worst enemy on some things because you know, I took a lot of calcium and magnesium because it helped me sleep. It got rid of my panic attacks, but then I started developing joint pain, because it displaced minerals, it was out of balance, and it went in there. And so, then I came across laboratory hair analysis, kind of like a farmer, does the soil test to figure out what kind of fertilizer to put on the ground. You know, because nitrogen doesn't raise nitrogen plants, nitrogen raises calcium. And same thing here. We have probably cabinets full of vitamins. And we take zinc because it's good for this or we take this because it's good for that.

But, you know, we all live on planet Earth. And really, you move one mineral, they all move. Farmers know this. Ranchers know this. But the wellness revolution, it just kind of forgot about that. And so, like taking zinc lowers sodium and raises potassium, you know. And so, there's all these things that well, what if somebody's sodium is already too low? You know, what kind of health problem are you giving by just randomly doing Russian roulette with your supplements? So then once I was on a guided program, my body started detoxifying like crazy. And you know how we feel crappy when we’re detoxing, right? Herxheimer reactions, you know. When things are circulating in our blood, we can have every symptom aggravated and get worse or new ones crop up. And then we're just like going, oh, my gosh, if I can live through this to get well. So, I started in vetting gizmos so that we can detox and feel like superwomen. And then I started my hobby into a business. I made that transition in 2010. And so, it's been, you know, 11 years, and now I've got 10 patents. I sell to 91 countries. I mean, I'm gonna be 60 years old.

Tracee Gluhaich: You look amazing.

Eileen Durfee: Look at me, my pictures of me from 10 years ago, and look at me now. Well, yeah, I'm 30 pounds lighter, I have more muscle density. I don't have any problems. I feel fantastic, no pain. And so, I'm into, you know, lengthening my telomeres and anti-aging at the cellular level. And I've kind of figured out what works, and I'm having the time of my life. This is what I was really created and born to do.

Tracee Gluhaich: That's so cool. Well, I'm excited to hear about your healing journey. Because clearly, I mean, it sounds like you were a hot mess for you know, good 30 some years, right? And now, looking at you, you're vivacious and just like glowing. So, how did you get there? Like, what was the first thing?

Eileen Durfee: I started looking at things because of all the allergies and the rotation of the foods and I knew it was leaky gut, you know. I figured that out. So, you know, you limit your carbohydrate intake and your, you know, you don't you know, as far as don't do over 100 carbs, you know, basically eat meats and vegetables and stay away from anything with gluten and minimize your grains. And so, I could control that. I mean, the doctors had me originally on Nystatin, which isn't good. You know, it doesn't go systemically. So, I started taking a product called Homozon, which is ozonated magnesium, that when you activate it with hydrochloric acid, it floods your body with oxygen. So, that helps keep -

Tracee Gluhaich: Oh, that kills cancer cells too. Doesn’t it?

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, yeah. And Candida. And so then, and you know, and then, the Candida can't mutate against that oxygen. So, then I learned about ozone. So, I started doing, drinking ozonated water. And that would help, you know, purify, detoxify, but also keep the Candida in check. And it wasn't until I started hair analysis that I really figured out the root problem, because I could never like have a glass of wine or have a dessert without like this huge flare. I mean, I'd be symptom free, as long as I ate really good and, and all of that. But I felt like I had a ball and chain around my ankle. It's like, you know, you just can't be a Girl Scout 100% of the time. And so, when I realized, you know that the reason for Candida and leaky gut is the underactive endocrine system, you know, because we're so stressed. People don't realize stress is temperature, its toxins, its nutrient depletion, besides the emotional or not getting enough sleep or you know, all these kinds of things. And so, a lot of us are born nutrient deplete and full of toxins from our mother because all of that from the mother is passed on from the placenta to the child. And so, you know, I was just basically, you know, a toxic mess. And, and when I realized that that stressed you know, from the hair analysis, I could tell that my thyroid was way underactive. I mean, at one time, I had Hashimotos and my thyroid was so slow. And then my adrenal glands were so slow. And so, my pattern also showed that I would just push myself to the point of exhaustion. It's like whipping the dead horse to run the race, which then further depletes your body of zinc and potassium and sodium.

So, I was just like in this mode, where I was going to totally crash, and I hadn't gotten there yet. And what happens when your adrenal glands are insufficient, or, you know, exhausted, you don't make enough hormones. And so copper, you know, it's in the food that we eat. Women always have more copper than men, because it's a more feminine mineral. And there's a lot of Xenoestrogens out there. And copper follows estrogen. When our cycles rise, our, you know, estrogen rises or copper rises. And so, but the problem with the adrenal gland and the stress we live in the 21st century, I mean, look at the younger generation slugging down energy drinks and coffee and staying up and, and, you know, that just basically causes the copper that we do have to no longer be bound to the protein. So it becomes bio-unavailable, so it becomes toxic.

So, that's what causes anxiety, headaches, insomnia, you know, moodiness, menstrual problems, that kind of thing. And so, we've got all - I mean, probably 80% of people I test on the hair tests have a zinc copper imbalance. So, it's like you've got toxic copper but it's a conundrum because you've got all this copper, but you have a copper deficiency, because you don't have enough bioavailable copper. And that bioavailable copper is what kills Candida and keeps it in check. So, the real root of this problem was not this diet, that doesn't fix anything. That just keeps your symptoms under control, and lets you live without having to take all these medications. But let's, I was after the fix. So, I had to rebuild my adrenal glands. And so, there's a ratio on the hair test, it’s a zinc copper ratio, ideal is eight, mine was 38.

Tracee Gluhaich: Oh my gosh!

Eileen Durfee: The highest I've ever seen is only one other person in doing hair analysis on 1000s of clients, you know, in 91 countries. I've only seen one other ratio higher than mine. That's how bad it was. And so, I could tell from my symptoms in my body, what that zinc copper ratio was before I even got my test results. It took me almost three years to get it down to 10. You know, now I bounce between six, eight, 10, six, eight, 10 right along in there. And you know, and then I can, I can eat stuff. Of course, I'm not an advocate of eating sugar and excess of alcohol or anything like that, but it's nice to be able to eat something, and my allergies are totally gone. I don't have any allergies. But that was a turning point as far as getting that gut - now we know the microbiome and everything else.

It's like so, it's responsible for like 70% of our immune function. And so, it's really important to get, you know, that balance and there's so many people with Candida problems, especially women who have underactive you know, thyroid and adrenal glands. And you know, it's just all interconnected. And so, taking a bunch of antifungals you know, sometimes you have to do that, you know, to get by. But, you know, there's a transition and then you know, people with that problem are usually constipated. You know, and then people will take excess magnesium. Well, magnesium lowers sodium. Remember how I told you about how everything counterbalances.

So then, that suppresses adrenal gland function. So, so when I first started this, it's like I had to wean myself off of all that extra magnesium that I was taking, you know, as far as that Oxymag, once it gets activated, it's no longer magnesium. So that's not, but really now we know, we got to change our gut biome by providing soluble and insoluble fiber. You know, we need to quit eating so many raw vegetables because you know, look in the toilet, how much of that you really digest? You didn't get the minerals out of that. So, we need to have you know, more Japanese type style vegetables, you know, restore, you know that gut flora. And so -

Tracee Gluhaich: Like what? What do you mean by Japanese style vegetables?

Eileen Durfee: Well, they lightly steam them.

Tracee Gluhaich: Oh, okay.

Eileen Durfee: So, it's easier for you to masticate you know, because digestion starts in the mouth. You know, a lot of people are rushed, and have inadequate peristalsis action anyway, because if you're stressed and not in the sympathetic. You know, how many people are standing up and just eating on the go? How many people are out there, they only eat once or twice a day. You know, that's reducing adrenal gland activity, you know. We need to eat multiple times a day and, you know, try to take the stress off of the body. I mean, a lot of people, you know, there's chelation to detoxify. Well, chelation does not remove the reason why your body is the junkyard part in first place. You know, and so, and chelation is nondiscriminatory.

It takes the good minerals out with the bad and already our good minerals are low. And so, when I got off the chelation because there's natural chelators and then there's synthetic drug chelators. But all that does not fix the root. Here I am trying to get at the root so my body can rebuild itself. And so, I, then realized, okay, so I got to do things to increase circulation, increase lymph, increase sweating, because it's shown that I mean, sympathetic exercise. The sweat is mainly mineral loss, hardly any toxins. But you get into parasympathetic mode and sweat. It is full of toxins. So, you know, I was doing sauna therapy and feeling much better. But it was the far infrared and there was a doctor that was telling me oh, yeah, near infrared is the way to go. And, and I thought it was prejudice really until I went on a trip and I decided, okay, I'm going to get me a near infrared sauna with the heat lamp bulbs. And I'm going to try that. So, day one, I thought what you know, I'm not sweating as much.

Day two, I sweat more. By day three, I was sweating buckets, like in a far infrared. But I had this energetic feeling come over me, like I never experienced before. And also, with the mental clarity and everything else. And my son was going to the University of Washington at the time taking biology and chemistry classes and I'm going, son, what, what is this? What's you know, the science behind this and he sent me all kinds of stuff about phototherapy and how the near infrared activates the mitochondria in the cell to make ATP. So, you can give your body a leg up because normally you have to eat food and digest it to make ATP that you shine a light on and you're getting an energy boost, you know?

Tracee Gluhaich: Wow!

Eileen Durfee: And then you know, at the time you know, the near infrared saunas had like canvas tent, no R value, you know. It wouldn't get as hot. So, then you know of course I had this thought about light travels at the speed of light. Let's keep all that goodness inside re-bombarding our skin so we can have maximized phototherapy. So, I came up with radiant panels, which also block EMF. It's like my sauna is the safest place you can be in your house especially now with 5G and everything. But it like has R12 insulation. So, with no preheat, you'll sweat twice as much in half the time and it's the shunting of the blood because it's hottest towards the light so you get a rotate. So, it doubles the circulation effect. So, that was huge in increasing my flexibility, reducing the pain and you know just spot weight loss. When I created my hot yoga near infrared sauna and started doing movement under the lights. I mean in the last year and a half; I've lost 30 pounds and contoured my body.

I was, like some of my clothes were size 14. I am a size six now. And I, you know I just I'm stronger. But it was the whole process if not doing anything radical, you know, as far as that goes. You know, dry skin brushing before getting in the sauna activates the lymph and that was good. Going in there doing movement. I mean, I still was drinking the ozonated water. But just, you know everything. There's all kinds of things that were, you know, added to my journey as I learned because I constantly read. I'm constantly learning, I'm wanting, you know more information, you know, good science, and a lot of us eat like a more acidic diet, you know. And a lot of people have an imbalance there and I met this Korean acupuncturist who had the most expensive salt in the world and I'm going, oh my gosh, I'm, I'm not going to try that. But then he had all these sea salts that I was, you know, rotating between, you know, all my favorites.

Tracee Gluhaich: Which ones?

Eileen Durfee: Oh, like the Redman Salt, the Himalayan Salt, the Hawaiian Salt, the, you know, there's just all kinds of different ones that he had there. And he put them in there and they were all with, with a pinch that water remained acid. And then his salt he put in there, the Healthy Salt, it turned alkaline. I go, okay, I got to do this. So, what I did is, I cut a half inch length of hair from my scalp and I analyzed it. So, then I added in the healthy salt for one month every day. Then I took another hair sample. Then I waited 30 days. And then I did another sample that I started again. So, I repeated this cycle about six times to see what are those minerals doing to my body. Then, I had the salt analyzed, because I had so many toxins coming out of my body and my, all my endocrine system started working better. Everything improved when I was on the salt. So, I wanted to make sure that the salt didn't have all that junk in it that was coming out and tested and then its 10.72 pH, 20% minerals. Like the Healthy Salt is, got 6800 parts-per million magnesium in a serving. Himalayan Salt and the other salts, one part-per million. You know –

Tracee Gluhaich: Wow!

Eileen Durfee: The packaging on all the sea salt makes you think like you're getting mineralized. It's like the best ever. And bottom line is, there's so, it's trace. It's like, and the other thing because I really got into this analyzing all the certificate mineral analysis of the salt sold and realized also the pH of the salt like Himalayan salt, you know, because there was this book that came out to make your water - salt water sole and take the sole and how great it was for you. I think that book was in 2003. Of course, I tried that too. But the ORP, okay, the longer Himalayan Salt is in water, the lower the pH goes so it's acidic. And the higher the ORP, so it's inflammatory. I literally after I read all the, the, the certificate mineral analysis and realized all that, I threw away all of my pink salt.

Tracee Gluhaich: You’ve got me like – you’ve got me like fired up like Okay, so for me and the listeners, the first step is because now I have to do everything of course. So, is the first step a hair mineral analysis?

Eileen Durfee: Yeah. You can go to and get the cheapest one. It's a, it's a Profile 2. Don't go with the more expensive one. It's a different company. But the one that I recommend, it’s trace elements and it's very informative. And if they want to have a consult with me, and you know, get my customized pattern report, they can pay extra for that. But it's a comprehensive, kind of like, eat more of this, eat less of that. I'm never 100% on the diet. You know, I just try to do general principles because life keeps lifing and, and if it's something that's so restrictive that I can't do it, I'm not going to do it. And bottom line is, when people take the supplements and try to do better than they are, just a little bit of change. They get tremendous results. It's not necessary to be a Girl Scout or a boy scout on everything they say to do, because it’s, I think it's impossible with our lives to live that way.

Tracee Gluhaich: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: And then if somebody was gonna say, Eileen, I'm only gonna do one thing. You know, what would you recommend? I’d see you do a daily coffee enema. We could do a whole show just on the benefits of coffee enema. And now I have a gizmo of course. It takes away everyone's excuse, because it's a stand up, no mess. Easy, no laying down, no having the mess go everywhere. Just use the shower. And when you're ready to eliminate, jump on the toilet. And people can listen to my programs on all the benefits of coffee enema. I mean, it just fills your bloodstream with free radical scavengers. It increases glutathione production 600%, turns on enzyme systems. It changes the pH of your intestinal tract with all the extra bile so that the good bacteria survives more and it's hard for the bad stuff to live. I mean, it, it reduces pain and that's the – my favorite story, even though it was written about in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Tracee Gluhaich: You know about those?

Eileen Durfee: Yes. Oh, of course.

Tracee Gluhaich: Oh, my God!

Eileen Durfee: I like Apocrypha, and all the different things. Yes. Oh, yeah.

Tracee Gluhaich: Oh Gosh, I love you. Like this was a blessing to have you on my show. Like, oh, gosh, okay, keep going. I'm sorry. What coffee do you use? What kind of coffee?

Eileen Durfee: Well, you know, there's this coffee revolution. And in every town, there's someone getting green organic beans that are roasted for you that you can pick up the next day. You know, and so, if you can't do that to get like really fresh, and I like the dark roast because it's more Eon, you get more detoxification out of it. And it's got plenty of caffeine, unlike the light roast, which is more caffeinated. It’s got plenty of caffeine and palmitic acid to do the effect. So, that's, you know, what I recommend. There's also a new coffee brand out there called Purity, where they test it for all the mycotoxins and all that kind of stuff as well, because a lot of people, it's not that they're allergic to coffee, or they have a problem with coffee. It's the mold toxicity or the, whatever else that’s in the coffee that was roasted a year ago that's in the warehouse that they're buying now.

There's a lot of methods to make the coffee, you know, like I was taught, oh, do the boil method. I was like, Oh, my gosh! Strain all that and all that extra work, you know. So, when I first started out, my husband when he was alive, at that time, I just used part of his coffee from the coffeemaker. But then since then I’ve become a connoisseur and I love the stainless-steel percolator. And then, then you can just take your glass jar from the kit, fill about that much water and then put in some hot coffee. And then the thing is lukewarm tepid, perfect temperature, and then just screw on the, the pump apparatus and then you stand in the shower. You pump however much like I usually pump in half of that. And I just take a nice long shower. And then when I'm in, I will massage my stomach because it has a pump. You don't have to lay on your side, you know, and then hurt your knees, your back and then get up and have you know, coffee fecal mess go everywhere, because you don't have the muscle control. I mean, you just go sit on the toilet and eliminate and jump back in the shower and do it again. And it's just easy.

Tracee Gluhaich: Sorry, how long does this whole process take you? I mean, you're a pro. So, it's gonna take the rest of us a little longer but -

Eileen Durfee: Well, the magic time to hold that in your you know, rectum and in your intestinal tract is 12 minutes. So, I always give people the two-week coffee enema challenge because they're not going to be able to hold it that long. I mean, maybe one minute, and they're gonna be running to the toilet. I said, that's fine. Just refill whatever it is. By the end of two weeks, you'll be able to do it. Hitler's army was cut off from supplies. They were operating on soldiers without pain pills or anesthesia. And it became so famous. The doctor would always order a plain water enema and one of the nurses started dumping coffee in the enema buckets because after all, it kept the doctors going 24/7. But what happened is, their pain almost but vanished. It became so famous that three universities at the time in Europe started studying. They started putting coffee water up rats’ rectums and finding out what is going on.

University of Vienna for instance. They found that all the caffeine in palmitic acid left the anal canal in 12 minutes. And it went up the portal vein which like, if you go pull up a tomato plant, the roots, you know, that's like the vein all hooked along our intestinal tract that goes up to the liver. So, then all that just goes up the portal vein to the liver and causes the bile ducts to open and just massively produce bile to trap toxins, change the pH of the intestinal tract, increase glutathione production 600%. By the way, anybody who was forced and got the vaccine with the graphene nanoparticles, there's a study out there that if you have adequate levels of glutathione, it doesn't activate all that inflammation. So, hey, just quit drinking coffee and put it the other end and get your free glutathione boost and protect yourself from inflammation, you know.

Typically, people when they start their hair analysis with me, you know, it takes three weeks to get the results back. And you know, I try to get people to do the coffee enema. There was a husband-and-wife team, and he said, oh, I’ll do it. And he had, he was on different medications for depressant and allergies. And he just had all these problems with sleeping and all this, just like a laundry list of problems. So, when they come back for their results, he's all smiling. 80% of his problems are gone just from doing the coffee enema. And I'm going like, okay, take your supplements slow. They say to take them three times a day. Don't do it. Only once a day, because your body's gonna like think it won the lottery. You're going to detoxify more than you've experienced before. You know, don't go faster, because you feel fantastic, because it'll hit you. And we got to make sure your body is cleaning itself up fast enough because we don't do the binders and things like that. And he goes, I'll just do two coffee enemas in a day, I'll be fine.

Tracee Gluhaich: Oh, my gosh, that's amazing. So, would you, with that said, do you think it's better to do the hair analysis after you do the two-week coffee enema. So, then you can see what's left to deal with?

Eileen Durfee: Well, the thing about hair analysis is, it's just what was circulating in your blood, half inch is 30 days. So, we'd have to cremate your whole body which we're not going to do to know your total body load. And so really, I say just, there's, it's always the right time to start hair analysis, not - it's a good, it's good to find out your baseline where you're at before you do anything or who - whatever you're doing, get a hair analysis to see what's going on. Like I had a massage therapist who couldn't work. Her hands, her knuckles and everything were just swollen and she couldn't use her hands. And her naturopathic doctor had recommended all the stuff to take. And when we got her hair analysis, her, her, her sodium potassium ratio was like an 8 point something or other. Ideal is 2.5. And if I have a four or more, I will have joint pain, I will have pain in my body.

And it's just extreme inflammation because the cells are not opening and closing at the right frequency to let out metabolic waste and take nutrients in. So, there's like this internal cellular inflammation going on with the high ratio. And so, then I'm looking at what she's doing. And she's like taking 10,000 units of vitamin C a day, which is a sodium stimulator. I said, that is out of balance. That's way too much. The supplements have vitamin C in them with everything else, and they are more appropriate dose. So, stop that, start these. And within three months, she could close her hands and didn't have pain and the swelling in her joints. Within six months, it was totally gone and she was back to work all because she was taking too much vitamin C.

Tracee Gluhaich: Wow, that's –

Eileen Durfee: Well, Vitamin C is good for us. But we kind of think balance, everything in balance.

Tracee Gluhaich: Yeah, yeah, that makes sense. Wow, Eileen, you're cool. I, I have more questions, obviously because you've given me so much information. So, what about the salt? What kind of salt is it? How can we get it?

Eileen Durfee: Yeah.

Tracee Gluhaich: I do the same as you. I do a combination of the right, the Redmond's and the pink salt. And I just mix them all together and that's what I use.

Eileen Durfee: Right. Yeah. So, what I do is, after reviewing everything, I use the Healthy Salt that comes in a little jar and it's powerful. You start with just what balances on a toothpick in a glass of water and do that once a day. That's where you start. Eventually, you'll work up to a little scooper that we give you three times a day, but don't start there because your body is going to go, all these minerals, you know, the 10.72 pH and the negative charge because it's going to expand exclusion zone water, so your body makes more hydroelectricity and it's going to clean up molecular debris in your cells and, and so you start slow, and that, it's like a fine powder. And so, it's, and it’s the lowest sodium salt in the world.

So, it's not appropriate for salt in your food. I mean, I have. I've been at a restaurant and I did hand them a little sea salt packet. So, I would put a pinch of this on there. But like if the wind is blowing, it blows away. It's such a fine powder of minerals. And you know, you put it on your steak and it just like disappears, you know, because it absorbs, you know. But out of the other salts, the one that has the best profile of mineral contents, pH, least toxins, is the Baja Gold Salt. So, I sell that by the pound. So I use that for cooking. And then I use this for electrolytes, especially before a sauna.

Tracee Gluhaich: Tell me about the near infrared sauna or like how, how does that look like?

Eileen Durfee: Right. It's an incandescent bulb like a heat lamp if you go to a food buffet, but the heat lamp bulbs that come with our sauna have a different spectrum of light than just the standard cheapy that you use on a buffet. It has more of a therapeutic range. It's like 550 to 3400. But most of the peak is you know, the near infrared. So, you're getting near, mid and far infrared light with it. And the difference is, in the typical far infrared, you know it is 3000 nanometers and more and all it does is, heat the water molecules up in your body. It does not activate your mitochondria at the cell level to produce ATP.

Now, since like Hope for Cancer only recommends incandescent bulb near infrared saunas, is shining near infrared light on inoperable tumors. There's all this new research about how great near infrared is. So, now all the sauna companies, they're like freaking out because they're far infrared. A lot of them were high EMF for years. Now they're getting the EMF under control. But to say that they're full spectrum now, they're putting these little tiny LED lights in there that hardly met any frequencies that actually interact with the skin surface in your body and penetrate. But now, they can say they're full spectrum, but they're almost useless as far as really having that activation and that deep concentration of the near infrared. And so, the, besides the cellular activation, the near infrared incandescent bulb saunas are not the same temperature everywhere.

Like normally in a far infrared sauna, you got heaters behind you, below you, to the sides, and it's the same temperature everywhere. What if it's hot, but it's hottest towards the bulbs? Your body adapts. It's got this balance that it has to maintain. So, it will shunt the blood towards the lights to – and it vasculates your tissues on the surface of the skin so that water can escape the bloodstream and form sweat. So, literally, it's so weird. You'll begin sweating on one side of your body. And then -

Tracee Gluhaich: Oh wow, that is weird. Where do you make them?

Eileen Durfee: I have the patent on them. And right now, I'm having them made in a UL license factory in, actually in China. They've been making them for me from - since 2013. They make all the light fixtures for like Home Depot and Lowe's and for like all the Wyndham resorts. They've been around for many, many years. And so, in America, unfortunately, the factory would charge me three times as much to make it and they'd be importing the materials to make it because they're not made in the US. So, it's like, you know, what do I do, you know? It's, it’s a hard thing, you know. And so, but your body, you know, when it's sweating on one side, what you do to double their circulation is, you wipe down the sweat, because that's what cools you down. It’s having water on the surface of your skin. So, have a small towel, wipe it down and then rotate the opposite direction. Then your body shunts the blood back towards the light. And pretty soon, you're just drenching sweat. Like in my sauna, I used to literally sweat twice as much and half the time no preheat.

Tracee Gluhaich: And then how do you do yoga in it? Is it massively huge?

Eileen Durfee: It's 120 cm x 240 cm x 196 cm. So, that translates to just within a fraction of an inch, 3 ft x 7'11" x 6'5". And I also have a height extension kit that I've been asked for because of professional basketball players and the larger football and baseball players that have my sauna, because they want to stand up. They want to, you know, raise up their arms to do a full yoga practice. So, we have a height extension kit that we're going to be having soon for that. That will dictate they’ve to use two lamps and one of the saunas. But we have two sauna tents that, I mean, even the big one has an internal partition that you can cut it in half, so you can do the sit down stand up. It's got a drop ceiling. I mean, with double lamps, the biohackers. they're getting 190 degrees in there.

Tracee Gluhaich: Girl, you are something. I have to say. I am so impressed. What? I mean, Wow! That's amazing.

Eileen Durfee: I just keep on getting dreams. I mean, it's like I was on an airplane. So, it was a lucid dream because I wasn't asleep and I wasn't awake. And I saw this little gizmo on my tray table. And everyone else was coughing and getting sick and I was breathing safe. So, I named it the Breathe Safe. So, I –

Tracee Gluhaich: What is that?

Eileen Durfee: It’s a plasma generator. So, it kills pathogens in the air, fills it with oxygen. It gets rid of volatile organic compounds, but it causes your body to sweat twice as much, the volume when you're in a sauna because you're inhaling more than 20,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. And your humidified toxic sweat gets cleaned up so you're not rebreathing it.

Tracee Gluhaich: But you said like the number one most important thing is coffee enema. What's number two, three, four? Like what, what order -

Eileen Durfee: The Healthy Salt.

Tracee Gluhaich: Uh huh.

Eileen Durfee: The hair analysis. And then, of course, what are you putting on your skin? Women are exposing themselves to over 500 chemicals in all the body care products. So, we have a whole-body care line so you can nourish your skin that is naturally nontoxic, anti-aging. And so, you know, switch up that so you can minimize the toxins you're putting in. The Breathe Safe increases background oxygen levels, 70% to 118%. I mean, it's cleaning up, it's making your air safe. I mean, read the reviews on the skin care. They're all five-star. Read the reviews on the Breathe Safe, how it's like. I mean, I can't even say what people are saying because it's medical claims. And then if you can, do the near infrared sauna.

Tracee Gluhaich: The Breathe Safe, is that something that you put one in every room in your house? Or I mean, how do you implement that?

Eileen Durfee: Yes, and it'll work on a power bank, you know that you charge your cell phone on. So, you could actually put it in a crossbody satchel. So, people who are chemically sensitive or has asthma can walk around and not have reactions and troubles breathing. There's people sleeping with this in bed with the oxygen sensor going from 88% to 93% Oxygen just by laying it like that and sleeping with it. There's people going from mouth breathing to nose breathers because it just cleans up the breathing pathways. You know, you can take it with you, you can put it at your desk and like, because it doesn't have a fan, I couldn't get a CADR rating but my office is like 15' x 16' at work. When I have my door closed and people come in there and they go, Wow, it smells so fresh in here. What do you have? And I said, I have a Breathe Safe and I have my ionic refreshers plugged into an outlet. Now these kill bacteria 90% in the air, which is more effective than the Breathe Safe at like 48%. It doesn't make oxygen but with a combination of both my Breathe Safe and this, it's like, Man, I'm, I’m breathing really clean air.

Tracee Gluhaich: Wow, that would be a great Christmas present to put in your bedroom. But I have got to run and Eileen, I'll be in touch. I do - I definitely want to do a hair analysis, but clearly my hair is colored. Does that matter?

Eileen Durfee: No. Just before you color it, what you do is, you just lift up, and then we mow a small strip, you know?

Tracee Gluhaich: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: And then that way, you can find it mow the same spot when you do a retest, you know, so you're not sacrificing your hair all the time. Like I'll have a short spot back here. But I know where you -

Tracee Gluhaich: But the top covers it?

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, the top covers it.

Tracee Gluhaich: Okay. So just find the spot in the middle so it doesn't mess up your ponytail too.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, I always like go from ear to ear like this –

Tracee Gluhaich: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: … and then lift up and then you know, mow a spot. So, I have a little tiny short spot right here because I just cut the hair [0:46:21 unclear] you know, just recently.

Tracee Gluhaich: Okay, thank you so much for coming on the show today. It has been an absolute joy speaking with you.

Eileen Durfee: Well, we'll have to go over more subjects. We have so much to talk about.

Tracee Gluhaich: Yes, deal. It's a day -

Okay, that was super fun, you guys. I absolutely adore talking to her and she will be back. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Please share it with a friend who can be inspired to change their life. Bye for now.