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Home Hot Yoga Bundle 

Biohacker Todd Shipman practices Hot Yoga in the Hot Yoga & Exercise Tent

 Near infrared sauna therapy becomes even more beneficial when paired with exercise!  The hot yoga tent is super spacious, so that you can perform hot yoga (or other exercise of your choice), while also reaping light therapy benefits. The enlarged space is so roomy that you can also choose to sauna with someone else. Plus, the new bundle includes grounding snaps and cables, as well as an upgraded bamboo mat!  

The Sauna Fix Dimensions:

The Sauna Fix light fixture measures 13.5" deep, 17" wide, and 23" tall with the guards screwed on.

Hot Yoga and Exercise Radiant Sauna Tent Dimensions: 

  • Full Size tent use during Hot Yoga and Exercise: 94.5" (7.87 feet) long/deep; 78" (6.5 feet) tall/high; 35.43" (2.95 feet) wide.
  • With Middle/Vertical Partition inserted during Near Infrared Sauna use in the standing position: this insert creates two divided chambers each measuring 47.24" (3.94 feet) long/deep; 78" (6.5 feet) tall/high; 35.43" (2.95 feet) wide
  • With Ceiling/Horizontal Partition inserted during Near Infrared Sauna sessions in the seated position: this insert downsizes the ceiling height (from 78" height in the standing sauna chamber) to the optimum 60" ceiling height ideal for maximum near infrared light therapy exposure.  

Home Hot Yoga Bundle includes:

Sauna Fix Lamp Fixture

If you purchase the bundle with 110 volt bulbs, it will come with four Sauna Fix bulbs. These bulbs emit red light, near infrared, mid-infrared, and far infrared rays in the range of 550 nm-3000 nm. The majority of the frequencies are in the near infrared spectrum.  Click here to view the product test report for the bulbs.  

Sauna Fix Hot Yoga and Exercise Sauna Workout View

The Sauna Fix is lightweight (12 pounds) and is easy to travel with in its corresponding bag.  You may purchase a second pair of NIR Sauna and Blue Light Protection Glasses if you intend to share the sauna with another person.

The near infrared Sauna Fix is low EMF, energy efficient, and has a range of wonderful benefits, such as: 

  • Better circulation
  • Diminished pain
  • Energy boost
  • Faster body fat burning
  • Improved metabolism
  • Improved muscle recovery after a workout
  • Quicker heavy metals and toxins detoxification
  • Rejuvenated skin


How hot does the sauna get?
This bundle comes with partitions that allow you to decrease the size of the sauna enclosure. The temperature of the sauna can get up to 170 degrees with the use of two sauna lamp fixtures and the partitions. Without the partitions, the sauna can reach 120 degrees in five minute and climb up to the mid-140s. The Sauna Fix design allows a person to achieve double the sweat in half the time without any need to preheat the sauna. Some people have also chosen to add a second lamp into the tent, allowing the temperature to reach the mid-160s without any partitions. 


The Sauna Fix lamp is RoHS and CE certified, meets the Federal requirements for assembled fixtures, and contains all UL listed and recognized components. It is made out of a proprietary blend of nontoxic polymers and the metal can be safely touched. Other than screwing on the light guards one time and installing the heat lamp bulbs, no assembly is required.

Hot Yoga Home Studio Creatrix Solutions

It is easy and convenient to do hot yoga inside the roomy tent space. Near infrared sauna therapy is even more beneficial when combined with exercise. The powerful near infrared rays will powerfully retain inside the radiant enclosure, without escaping. It is not necessary to preheat with the use of this tent, which is made from layers of nontoxic wood grain film, space blanket, large diameter bubble wrap, space blanket, and nontoxic film. It is nontoxic even when heated, and will not outgas. The tent panels have an R12 insulation value with a class A fire rating. The poles are made of steel and are completely powder coated in a non-toxic zero VOC, RoHS certified, white color.   No extra tools are needed to assemble this self-supporting tent. Learn how to assemble the Hot Yoga and Exercise Tent.

The Sauna ION Generator (not included with purchase) is an excellent way to boost the sauna's effectiveness. Stop inhaling toxic humidified sweat and maximize your breath work with 70 to 118% more oxygen! 

Combine exercise with sauna therapy to save time and receive optimal healing benefits!

View the user manual for the sauna to learn how to properly operate it.

Warranty Information
As of February 14, 2019, the Sauna Fix carries a lifetime warranty. This warranty covers the sockets, electrical wiring switch, electrical cord, and any defective welds or threads or nickel finish. The customer may send in the sauna to be fixed, or request replacement parts. The warranty does not cover cross threading due to improper assembly of the light guards, nor does it cover any misuse or abuse of the unit, such as crushing, dropping, or bending parts. The sauna lamp arrives with an extra socket so that, if there is a failure, the customer has the option of avoiding shipping charges by having the socket replaced by an electrician. 
The hot yoga radiant sauna tent carries a 3-year limited warranty. This warranty covers the workmanship, zippers, and sewing for normal use. It does not cover misuse of the tent panels and components, such as ripped zipper binding, bent tent poles or brackets, and tent fabric punctures. It does not cover scorched or melted panels caused by improper sauna lamp use, such as placing a sauna lamp in direct contact with the tent panels, or neglecting to turn off the sauna lamp when exiting the tent. 
Warranties do not include the cost of shipping to or from after 30 days.  Any damages acquired during shipping must be reported as soon as possible, but in any event not later than specified in our policy. The customer must also save all the original packaging, provide pictures of the damage so a claim can be made with the shipping company, and sign a claim form. Failure to provide the required items and sign the necessary claim forms eliminates our obligation for damaged product replacement and results in a denial of the shipping insurance claim.