Hot Yoga with the Sauna Fix

Emilio Palafox: Taking a break from work. Take a look at how tall this is. For the yoga workouts, I'm loving this.

Christa Rymal: I'm taking full advantage of it today. Here's what I'll tell you. It is the hottest Infrared sauna I have ever been In.

Brooke Smith: This Infrared sauna thing is amazing and I have impact theory in the background while I'm in here doing yoga and meditating.

Todd: Very grateful to have things like this again when I'm not allowed to leave my house. I'm able to stay healthy, get my heart rate up. I'm able to do yoga of course. In times like this, I'm very grateful to have this Near Infrared sauna where it's hot within I mean, 15 seconds.

Emilio Palafox: Yoga, fitness, movement, breathwork, meditation, grounding. Hardly no EMFs in here. It gets hot immediately.