How to Assemble the Convertible Sauna Tent

The convertible sauna tent can be adapted to take a sauna lying down, sitting down, or standing up. The instructions below demonstrate how to put up the tent frame and install the cover. Further tips are provided based upon your chosen sauna method. 

Convertible Tent Frame


D = Depth

W = Width

L = Length

Frame kit includes: 8 L (Length) poles, 4 W (Width) poles, 6 D1 (Depth) poles, 6 D2 (Depth) poles, 2 Hanging poles, 4 Tee brackets, 8 corner brackets, and 2 couplings.

Note: For the stand-up/sit-down position, OMIT 2 Tee brackets, 1 D1 pole, and 1 D2 pole, so an opening is created for the door. Use the straight couplings in place of the Tee brackets, and D1+D2 poles to finish assembly of the frame.


To assemble:

  1. Begin connecting the brackets and poles of the frame in any order you prefer, but make sure the bracket holes are pointed toward the inside of the tent.
  2. Once the frame is assembled, begin to assemble the cover over it, starting with the longest panel of the tent - which has the door, ceiling, and back wall.
  3. Orientate the sides according to the zipper pulls. They can only be assembled in one way – one is a right panel and one is a left panel.
  4. Do not fasten all the Velcro to the poles during assembly. Use only 2-4 pieces, to help hold the panels in place, because you will need to move the panels around to zip them up.
  5. Zip the panels together, and do not fasten the Velcro on the bottom until after you finish zipping the whole tent together. Lift the panels up above the top corners at least 4 inches, so you can pull the zipper around the corners. Otherwise it will be very difficult, and you will put too much pressure on the zippers.

The tent can be assembled for use lying down, standing up, or sitting down. Below are some tips to assemble the tent for each position.

Lie-Down tips:

  • Make sure to remove the right-hand side panel and use the bamboo mats on the floor. Otherwise, you will lie on top of the right-hand panel and pop the bubbles, reducing the insulation capability of the panel. Bamboo mats are provided to lie on – two mats hook together to create a larger mat for the lie-down position.
  • In the lie-down position, the door zipper resembles a smiley face, so when you open the door it folds over on top of the tent. If the door opens and lies flat on the ground, the bubbles of the panel will pop when you crawl over it, which reduces the insulation capability of the panel. Orient the door correctly as described to preserve the functionality of the tent.
  • The left side of the tent will be open when in the lie-down position, which is the stand-up position floor. Install the solid panel over the opening by attaching the Velcro to the frame.
  • Two hanging poles are necessary to hang the sauna.
  • To convert from the stand-up position to the lie-down position, remove the straight couplings, and insert the T-brackets and D1+D2 poles. Flip the tent. There is no need to unzip any panels (except removing the right-hand panel). Simply loosen the Velcro along the floor to slightly lift up on the panels.

Stand-Up tips:

  • Use the coupling, instead of the T-brackets and D1-D2 poles, even if already assembled in a lie-down position.
  • Only one hanging pole is needed for this position.

Sit-Down tips:

  • An internal partition can be used to lower the ceiling. Tests performed with the tent show this is not necessary for faster sweating, as you will sweat extremely fast regardless, but you may still use it if you want.

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Convertible Sauna Tent - Assembly Instructions



Convertible Sauna Tent - Assembly Instructions