How to Assemble the Hot Yoga and Exercise Sauna Tent

The Hot Yoga and Exercise Sauna Tent has enough room inside to take a sauna, as well as perform exercises, such as hot yoga, bicycling, stretching, or whatever you choose. 

Hot Yog and Exercise Tent Frame


V = Vertical

W = Width

H = Horizontal


Frame kit includes: 8 H1 and 8 H2 (Horizontal) poles, 5 W (Width) poles, 12 V1 (Vertical) poles, 6 V2 (Vertical) poles, 1 Hanging pole, 2 Tee brackets, 8 corner brackets, and 2 4-way brackets.



To assemble: 


1. Begin connecting the brackets and pole of the frame in any order you prefer, but make sure the bracket holes are pointed toward the inside of the tent.

2. Once the frame is assembled, begin to assemble the cover over it. Use the longest panel, with the ceiling, door, and back, for width.

3. Orientate the sides according to the zipper pulls. They can only be assembled in one way – one is a right panel and one is a left panel.

4. The door panel and back panel can be hooked to the top vertical bar, along the ceiling, using Velcro. Do not fasten all the Velcro to the poles during assembly. Use only 2-4 pieces, to help hold the panels in place, because you will need to move the panels around to zip them up.

5. A drop ceiling partition can be used inside the enclosure. Make sure this is done on the door side of the tent, so you do not trap yourself inside.

6. An internal partition can be used to shrink the enclosure in half, if you wish to take a sauna, rather than exercise. However, tests performed with the tent show that the internal temperature gets hot enough within 10-15 minutes to take a sauna without the internal partition(s).

The Hot Yoga tent makes a great family or multiple person sauna. You will begin to sweat immediately, especially after exercise. Multiple tents can be purchased and zipped together to create an even larger enclosure.

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hot-yoga-assembly-part-1.png hot-yoga-assembly-part-2.png hot-yoga-assembly-part-3.png

Hot Yoga and Exercise Sauna Tent Assembly Instructions - Part 1

Hot Yoga and Exercise Sauna Tent Assembly Instructions - Part 2

Hot Yoga and Exercise Sauna Tent Assembly Instructions - Part 3