Eileen Durfee Explains How to Use the Back & Neck Shaper Sizing Kit

Speaker 1 Okay, we're going to size you to see what roles work best for you. So we're going to put one underneath your low back one inch above the iliac bones, and they're going to feel your neck curve. So the back of your head still touches the ground. What we want is we want to set up rules that you feel so relaxed you could go to sleep with. Then we want ones that you feel a stretch. Okay. So with you being so short, I know that we're not going to be able to use very big cushion on your boat back. So let's try, maybe a three inch. We have 2.75 to 3.75. So lift up here and go ahead and Arch there and then same thing. So her knack, you know, she's shorter. I'm going to go a 3.25. Okay. There. Now these don't have the group like the cushions, but it just gives you an idea where to start. So go ahead and lay your leg straight out. No, so we're checking. Most of her torso is, you know, on the ground. Maybe it's a little bit high here. So, so let's move this one out and reduce the size. Cause you're so short three to a 2.75. Go ahead. And you down on that.

Speaker 1 So, So yeah, more of your upper torso is there now seems like your neck is a little more flexible than your low back. So let's go up a size on the neck. Okay. And we're looking for something, you know, you pull it down to your shoulders, you're looking for something more, your back, your head touches the ground, but it kind of feels comfortable. So how does that feel Okay. So on you, A 2.75, and this is the soft density and a 3.5 is a medium density. So we're going to go ahead and put A 3.5 Medium under your neck.

Speaker 2 Okay.

Speaker 1 And then we're going to go ahead and put a 2.75 and your little back key now later legs out. So got to make sure those are your grooves. So do you feel like a real good stretch anywhere or do you just feel super relaxed

Speaker 3 Relax. A slight stretch.

Speaker 1 Okay. And how about your neck

Speaker 3 I feel

Speaker 1 Relaxed in your neck. Okay. So what we want to is we want to get the ones that you relaxed, cause that's the smallest and the least dense ones. So that's the right size for your low back, but we want one that you can tolerate with your knees bent because our goal is to actually increase our curvature. And so we have better posture. So let's go to a medium density in the low back. All right, go ahead. And we're going to go to a herd density in the deck. We're going to see how that does. Okay.

Speaker 1 All right. So now what kind of a stretch are you feeling more in both areas. Yeah. Let's see. So, and then now how does it feel when you bend your knees

Speaker 1 Okay. And see your torso with the harder cushion is a little more elevated, but that's where we want to create the curvatures. So I would say that your correct size would be to get a 2.7, five soft and medium. And then in the neck, you're a 3.5 and you need the medium and the heart. So that's how it properly size.