@BiohackerTodd Shows How Back Trac Can Help You Achieve Spinal Fitness

Speaker 1: Hey everybody, today I wanna talk about the Creatrix Solutions Back Trac foam rollers. So for the past 10 years, I've had the opportunity to test out and try to use and benefit from many different types of foam rollers. if for any of the CrossFit people, you're definitely gonna remember the, the PVC pipes that they use, which are just really rock solid, kind of crunch your bones, and don't feel good. And aren't really good for you. And then you have the ones that other companies will sell that are actually like a foam roller that tends to be too soft, nothing perfect in the middle. something similar to like the, the chirp wheel, which I've tried, also, which can almost you fall off and really hurts your back. So I've been really excited that I've gotten to test these guys out. And so far, these are my favorite by far, and I'm going to go over just a little bit of why I like these.

Speaker 1: and why I think that you would benefit to these compared to any other type of foam roller. So first off there's two of different densities, which is great. So you can figure out which one you think you would need to utilize and benefit from. So I'm going to start off first with the orange one, the orange one's density is nice. It's a little softer, it's not too soft, which is great. So it's soft enough. For example, if you have like an injury or a rib or something that is out, this is what you want to start with and build up. so the maroon one has the, is the most dense. And again, it's, it's, it's solid because the job done, but it's not so hard. Like the CrossFit foam, PVC pipes, you know, where you're actually crunching things and they don't feel good.

Speaker 1: So this has a little GIF, but it's just so that things aren't painful for you. so this is something good for like maintenance and preventative injuries, would be that. So I'm not going to go into like the things that make this a little different than I think everyone can appreciate and utilize. So the key takeaway with these is this awesome little knots right here. So if you see it, the notch, the notch, any other foam roller, you get, it's going to be just flat. it's going to go across our back. If you think about like having a hard piece of plastic and it being solid and your role on your back on it, which is not even, in the crunching and the sharp points that hit, like, that's not good for you nor is a comfortable. So this little notch is pacing set perfectly for your transverse process, which is right where your back is.

Speaker 1: You have the bones coming out. So that fits into right there. which kind of what that little, canyon to the notch, right there allows for everything to kind of stretch out. So you get the vertebrae joint pushes in, spreads out kind of increasing the nerve pulses into the NG. So that's very beneficial that you're not going to find with anything else. what I'm gonna do is show the example of how do you use this, that you can feel the best as well. Okay. So now I'm going to show you how to properly use this so you can get the most benefit. What you want to do is you're going to lay down and you want to have the backtrack. You want to start it in the of your back, and you'll be able to roll it down and adjusted accordingly. You need to have your feet flat knees bent like this. So it's going to come in. And when she does this, she's going to roll all the way to the thoracic all the way down to the bottom. And she's going to move back and forth just a few times here. And it allows us to realign the joints and bones as well.