@BiohackerTodd Explains How to Clean and Maintain the Breathe Safe

Speaker 1: Hey guys today, I want to talk about one of my favorite biohacking essential accessories is the brief safe and the maintaining of it properly. I use this pretty much all day, whether it's in my sauna workspace, the living room bathroom, wherever you want to keep this as great, but it is imperative that you keep up with the maintenance on how well this works. And if you kind of sit back on it, it's gonna dig up everything and it won't work as well. It only takes like daily. It is takes you a few seconds, but it's the weekly maintenance that you really want to focus on. So what I have here is the breeze safe. It's unplugged. It's not connected to anything, the supply brush that comes with it. So it has some nice hard bristles. And then I have some alcohol rubbing alcohol, and then you can use either a paper towel or the Q-tips and daily.

Speaker 1: What you want to do is just take this through here and run it through. So you can see that each dish and you want to hit the brush right on the, the needles that are in there, which you'll see, when you take this off too. So you just want to run this just a few times through here, make sure that you're brushing off any of the debris that's been attracted to it. Okay. if you don't do that, everything's going to get black. And that's how you can tell. So run this a few times, do this daily, and you won't have a problem keeping up with the maintenance on this. Next thing you want to do every week is you want to pull this off. It's a plastic piece and it has two knobs on there. You can just pull it off. Very simple. Okay. And then what you have here is the metal slate. and you can also see maybe the needles in there a little better. And this is where you want to really focus on taking, I'm going to do it right now, just with the Q-tips, but you just run it on here,

Speaker 1: Both sides and underneath. And you'll see that what gets caked up here after a little bit, is this a black film And that is what we're pushing to remove on here. Okay. So it comes off pretty easily. This is already black. And I did this last week. So it just shows that this thing does the job. It does a wonderful job. but it is imperative that you keep the maintenance up. So again, if you don't want to, you can, or you don't have a Q-tip, do you have a paper towel, same thing. You can kind of just stick it on here and run it underneath. I put them in between. So it's underneath like this and then I can run it. Okay. And same things. It just different ways will work, whatever you prefer. But just doing that again and again, I did this last week and it shows you, it does the job. Well, I also use the rubbing alcohol, to clean the outside. So I wipe this down because this will get black. The inside gets black just to keep up the aesthetics and the appearance on this. So once you have this done again, just two minutes at most,

Speaker 1: I'll come through here again and rub it, in a perfect world though. You've I mean, a Q-tip should do the job. I've just used this for so long too, but you don't need to waste paper towels if you don't want to. And everything on here is now nice and shiny. No more black. And again, you can see it all right here. And if I want to just, you can never do it too much, but just rubbed this red on a little Neal, the needles that are in here, you'll see them there in between. And it's as simple as that, you line these up. There you go.