How to Do A Coffee Enema - Tips & Tricks with Eileen Durfee

Wendy Myers: Hello, everyone, I'm Wendy Myers at and this is another video from our Liver Rehab Cleanse program, how to do coffee enemas. I know this is everything you never wanted to know about coffee enemas. And I'm here with Eileen Durfee. Thanks for joining us.

Eileen Durfee: Oh, well, thanks for having me. It is a great subject.

Wendy Myers: Yes, it's so important. I love coffee enemas. I could not live without them. I should be wearing like a little sachet like coffee enema Queen because I love spreading the word about coffee enemas, because you just feel like a million bucks after you do a coffee enema. And I know people are kind of squeamish at first and like, Oh, God, I don't want to do that. And its gross. And yeah, it's kind of gross. But you get the hang of it. It takes you a minute or two, two or three tries. But we're gonna walk through how to do them to simplify this whole process, and answer as many questions of yours as we have - as you have. And so, let's start off Eileen with just, what are some of the benefits of the coffee enemas?

Eileen Durfee: It causes the bile ducts of the liver to expand and bile production increases dramatically. The body produces 600% more glutathione. It fills your bloodstream with free radical scavengers and turns on enzyme systems, just from a coffee enema.

Wendy Myers: Yes, yeah. And people get like overleaf of all kinds of symptoms. And you have reduction in pain, you have better mental clarity. Like sometimes I will do one before I do a podcast because I'm just very, very clear. And people also have certain benefits, like for instance, they'll just kind of feel less toxic after doing one. People enjoy increased energy production as a result of doing coffee enemas. They clean out and heal the colon. I mean, I don't know about you guys, but my clients are doing coffee enemas, that when they go do an endoscopy. Their doctor says that their colons are clean as a whistle. They're cleaning that out. They also have better gut flora. They have better immunity as a result of it because your immune system is in your colon and in your intestines.

So, you're just cleaning that out constantly. It doesn't dilute probiotics. The coffee is only going up about a third of your large intestine or your colon. So, you're not washing out all your good healthy bacteria. You help to detoxify the liver, help it to release its toxic contents. You help it to better work on detoxing your body additionally. And you just get a lot of, get rid of a lot of the symptoms of general toxicity and all those symptoms associated with that. You can get less acid reflux, improved digestion, migraine headaches can disappear. You're in a better mood, better mental clarity. It can help to relieve depression, anger and anxiety which is a great side effect. You can relieve nausea.

I used to have nausea pretty frequently. I almost never have that anymore. And so, your liver is backed up, you can get nausea from that. It also helps to clear acne and skin congestion like my skin became so clear free of blackheads and everything when I started doing them and it wasn't anything I had changed doing to my skin. It was just less toxins were having to come out through my skin because my liver was actually able to process toxins. And also, better sleep is a good side effect also. Any thoughts that you have Eileen on why you liked doing coffee enemas?

Eileen Durfee: Well, I like doing coffee enemas, because I'm constantly doing a detox program. And anybody who's familiar with detox usually, you know they talk about having all these healing reactions and retracing. So, my favorite thing about a coffee enema is, I can do just about anything and turn into Superwoman. And not feel cruddy like all the other people that are going through these detox programs.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, that's a very good point because when you are taking detox supplements, doing infrared sauna, whatever it is that you're doing, you know, you have to help the liver excrete these toxins and you know, when you do a coffee enema, you almost are like, wringing out the liver like a sponge, so it can get rid of those toxins and get on to the next batch. Wring it out, get on to the next batch. And in doing so, you really helped relieve detox symptoms, so that you can just, like you said, get on with your detox, get on with it.

Eileen Durfee: Well, detox causes the toxins that are in our cells and organs and tissues to mobilize. They get on the move, and what does our blood do? It circulates through the liver, like, you know how many times every so many minutes, it is like a fuel filter in your car. You know, you're not going to drive very far if your fuel filter is clogged. So, when you're doing all of this work to do the detox, it's just one on one. It's just the basics of adding a coffee enema to your program, it's just going to make the results of everything else that you're doing, you know, probably sixfold better, and you're gonna feel better doing it.