How to Do A Liver/Gallbladder Flush - Tips & Tricks with Eileen Durfee

Wendy Myers: Hello, everyone, Wendy Myers here at Thank you for joining us for this video for the Liver Rehab Cleanse Program. I have my friend Eileen Durfee of Creatrix Solutions on this video, and we're going to be talking about how to do a liver gallbladder flush. So, thanks, Eileen for joining us.

Eileen Durfee: Oh, I always love being on your program. Thanks for having me.

Wendy Myers: Yes. So, why don't we talk today about what exactly is a liver and gallbladder flush and why somebody would want to do one?

Eileen Durfee: Sure. I became familiar with them years ago. And I was told that your liver won't function properly if there's like stones in the bile ducts or in the gallbladder. I mean, a lot of people will have their gallbladder removed, because it has stones and they just don't know that there's a natural way to cause the liver to go into spasms to expel stones. So, there's this flush that you go through. There's a protocol that essentially begins ridding the body of the stones that impact liver function and gallbladder function.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. Yeah. And this is so important, because, you know, especially if your liver has been stagnant, or you're not producing enough bile. Your bile is really, really thick, you can get these little stones that are really just hardened cholesterol, that can build up and get bigger and bigger and bigger. So, the goal of this is to kind of purge those stones and thin out the bile and just kind of flush that whole detox system. Yeah. So, let's tell people like so how, how often should people do a liver and gallbladder flush?

Eileen Durfee: I think it all, it depends on their health status. Like at one time, I was allergic to everything. I had to rotate my foods. I mean, my lungs would close up, my eyes would swell shut. I mean, I couldn't eat the same thing within 72 hours. I ate paleo before there was paleo because I couldn't do gluten, I couldn't do all these things. And when I would do a liver flush, my allergies would like, almost vanish. So, I was doing for years like this is probably six, seven years. I did two gallbladder flushes a year just so I could get my life back. You know, for some reason, that was before I knew about a lot of the things that I know, you know about today like doing coffee enemas, and everything like that. But I would think somebody should do a liver gallbladder flush once a year, and then more often, depending on, you know, what's going on with them.

Wendy Myers: And do you feel like these replace coffee enemas because I do coffee enemas. I recommend coffee enemas to everyone except if you're sensitive to caffeine. But this is an additional procedure that people should do. It has a little bit of a different purpose. And so, these don't replace coffee enemas, correct?

Eileen Durfee: No, they do not. You want - you'll get better results with a liver gallbladder flush if you do coffee enemas along with the, the whole protocol. But no, they definitely don't, you know, replace. And I guess we're gonna do another talk about coffee enemas and exactly what they do. So, that would be an excellent thing to tune in and learn about.

Wendy Myers: Yes. And so, and also, if you're doing coffee enemas on a regular basis, you still want to do this particular liver gallbladder flush like the once a year or sometimes more often –

Eileen Durfee: Yes.

Wendy Myers: … if you feel like you need it or you’re not doing too hot. So, let's get down to it. So, what are the ingredients that we need to do a liver gallbladder flush?

Eileen Durfee: That really depends. If somebody's got Candida issues or diabetes, because I mean, I have my favorite liver gallbladder flush that I modified because of my history. I had a terrible problem with Candida, but most, all your liver gallbladder flush is out there. The number one ingredient in preparing for that is to juice apples. You know, you either have to do them fresh, or to get the, you know, the jugs that are in the refrigerator section that don't have any preservatives added to them. But the apple juice is one of the key ingredients.

Another ingredient, and, and this really is different. I mean, there's probably 12 different ways you could do a liver gallbladder flush. The one and I've, you know, after I did the one with the Phos drops, there's that, that you put in this apple juice, and that you drink days before you actually drink some olive oil. And yeah, that's kind of nasty and there's a trick to help with that. But there's actually liver gallbladder flushes where you do a lot of Chinese herbs, and there's just so many protocols, you know, Hulda Clark had her protocol. There's just tons of them. And I've probably done about eight different versions. And my favorite one is the one that we're going to be talking to you about. That doesn't mean that other liver, gallbladder flushes don't, you know, get the job done. And you know, each person is different.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. Yeah. So, for the ingredients, we're gonna need three quarts of fresh apple juice, one cup of olive oil. We want the nice, you know, Organic Cold Expeller Pressed. And then we want one lemon to be juiced out when you're going to mix it in. The Ultra-Phos Drops and the Oxymag caps or, or powder or what's called magnesium. Magnesium O7 is another name for that, that powder.

Eileen Durfee: Or Homozon –

Wendy Myers: Okay.

Eileen Durfee: From the German doctor, Blass. It’s just a lot easier to take in capsules.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, yeah. That black powder, it can get messy. And, and what are the Ultra-Phos Drops? What are those?

Eileen Durfee: Those help to, they're from a company called Nutri-West, I believe. They’re the ones that I've used in the past. They are not very expensive. But those, that phosphorus goes in there and begins softening the stones. So, it's easier to have them dislodge, you know, from wherever they're stuck at. And so, you're going to be drinking that, you know, with the apple juice, and you're going to do that for days before you start the flush. And then, another important thing is, the Oxymag caps. Now those are basically ozonated magnesium. So, they need an activator, you know, because if you just take ozonated magnesium, you know, you're gonna get a little bit of magnesium. But if you take those with hydrochloric acid, or like lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, because that acid is going to interact with the ozonated magnesium, and it's going to release large amounts of oxygen.

So, it's actually going to consume the magnesium. It's like you don't take Oxymag caps to get magnesium. We all know that if we take a bunch of magnesium, we can get diarrhea. Well, this Oxymag, you know, if you're very toxic. After you take it, you can feel like you're going to vomit. It's just because of that really strong release of oxygen and detoxification that takes place. But basically, you want to work up with the Oxymag so that your stools are very loose. And that way, when the liver begins to contract, and expel those stones, it'll come out your intestinal tract faster. You know, because you don't, the worst thing that can happen is to do a liver flush or gallbladder flush and then be constipated. Because then those stones and stuff aren't going to come out. And so that's the whole reason for the Oxymag, kind of like if you're gonna go get a colonoscopy that gives you that to just clean everything out. And so, we want to get rid of all the debris that could be slowing down the process of dumping these stones.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and that can be good to do coffee enemas also, so you're kind of cleaning up –

Eileen Durfee: Yes.

Wendy Myers: … fecal matter. And I can't imagine doing a liver gallbladder flush with it after you drink the olive oil which we'll get to all the little steps in a second. But I can't imagine doing one without following that with a bunch of coffee enemas, a series of coffee enemas to just get all that stuff out of your body.

Eileen Durfee: Well, if we can convince everybody to do a daily coffee enema at least two weeks before they did this, then their, their flush will be more effective and then to continue doing them, so -

Wendy Myers: That would be easier too.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah.

Wendy Myers: You’ll have easier time of it. So, let's get to step one of how to do a liver gallbladder flush. So, what's the first step?

Eileen Durfee: Well, you're going to drink one quart of apple juice per day, but you're going to mix in 90 drops, those phosphorus drops from Nutri-West into each quart of Apple juice. Now, you don't have to jug the Apple juice down. You can drink it throughout the day, but you want to be able to consume that quart within the day. However, like myself, I wasn't able to tolerate that many carbohydrates because it fed the Candida or somebody with diabetes. Maybe they won't be able to handle that. So, all you have to do is use like some distilled water with fresh lemon squeezed in it with the Phos-Drops so you're making sure you're drinking that quart with the 90 drops of the phosphorus liquid in there. And additionally, one of the reasons why the apples work so well with this flush is, they contain naturally occurring amounts of malic acid. So, another good idea, you know, however, it's optional is take like 500 mg capsule of the malic acid and just open it up and mix it in there, shake it up with you know, the lemon, and the Phos-Drops. And then you're not getting all the sugar, but you're still preparing your body to expel the stones easier.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and that's a good thing. Because some people just don't want the carbs, they don't want the sugar for whatever reason. And so that's a great substitute, just doing the water, lemon, Ultra-Phos and then taking malic acid capsules. So, I know with each quart of Apple juice, there’s about 400 mg to 600 mg of malic acid. So, for each quart, you're supposed to drink – just do the – about 500 mg of malic acid.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, and there's some capsules out there that are a 1000 mg. Just put a half or one in there. And as with any natural product or cleanse, your body can have a strong reaction. So, more is not better, folks. Just put 500 mg in there.

Wendy Myers: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: After you’ve done this a few times, and you're a pro, then you can experiment around.

Wendy Myers: Yes, yeah. And then, so you want to repeat that every day for about three days. And you want to just eat normally, eat how you normally eat. And then, but it works good if you just kind of do some juice or just some soups and light meals. You want to reduce animal protein and like fats, don't you when you're doing a liver flush?

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, yeah. I mean, I never did it all the way. But I, you know, like probably reduced it by 50%. There's people that do, just do juices and soups, and you know, really get into more of a fast as well. But you know your liver, if it's got a bunch of stones in it. Or if you're one of those people that don't tolerate fats really well, that's a sign of a sluggish liver or gallbladder problems. And so, for you, it would be really good to cut out fat. And most people have underactive adrenal and thyroid gland. And so fat slows down your metabolism. So, reducing fat during this time is a good idea for most everyone.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, just take that burden off the liver to have to deal with that. And so, what is step two in the liver gallbladder flush?

Eileen Durfee: Well, this is the part that Wendy didn't tell you, you should have a bottle of Coke or a can of Coke. I mean, you know, we're sitting here thinking oh my gosh, you know, this is a healthy thing. We're not going to tell somebody to take you know, a soda pop. However, if somebody is gagging so much that they're almost ready to vomit up what we got to have them drink. Believe me, one can of coke twice a year for this flush, it's well worth it. Because, you know, you take your olive oil, you know, one cup of olive oil. That doesn't seem like a lot but you got to drink that and it's gonna get in your mouth and it's gonna feel really weird and you're gonna want to gag and it's just like not so good. So, when you put that olive oil and you know this fresh lemon in there. When you put the coke in there, it's gonna start foaming, and you mix it up, and then you drink it. And you don't have that gagging, you don't have the, I want to vomit kind of thing going on. It really helps. So, even though I would tell somebody, never drink soda pop, this is the one time I'm going to say you can have one can.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and it's totally optional. You don't have to do it if you're -

Eileen Durfee: Yeah. You don't, you don't have to. But it's a good idea to have some extra wedges of lemon so you can just bite it off in your teeth because your teeth are going to be all oily and that alone is going to make you feel like you know, you want to gag or whatever. But then, the next critical thing is, immediately don't like walk around. I mean, actually have like a comfortable area like a pillow, maybe your blankie, whatever you're going to do. And then what is it? The right side. Lay down on your right side and stay there for 30 full minutes.

So, have your timer. Don't cheat at all. You've gone through this, drinking this slimy oil mixture and done the prep for days. This is the important part. Because this is where all that oil is going to go into that liver. And it's going to actually cause your liver to go into spasms. And this is what’s, you're not going to actually feel it, you know, when you're doing this actually, when you're laying down. You don't, you don't know that your liver is going into spasms, but it is. It's contracting and it's pushing and it's beginning to clear those bile ducts.

Wendy Myers: Okay, fantastic. And so, let's talk about step five. So, you mentioned like when 30 minutes have passed, you can move around a bit, but it's gonna take about eight hours for the flush to work on the - to eliminate all these stones. So, you want to probably do this in the morning, right? You want to drink –

Eileen Durfee: Yes.

Wendy Myers: Drink the olive oil mixture and the lemon and the Coca Cola.

Eileen Durfee: And I would do it on a weekend.

Wendy Myers: Yeah.

Eileen Durfee: Because some people will eliminate sooner than eight hours. And you don't want to be at work stuck in the bathroom.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, exactly.

Eileen Durfee: And, you know, and another thing is, you’re doing it on a weekend, so you can put a colander in the toilet. I mean, the first time I did the flush, there were these round green things floating in the toilet. And those are the, those are the stones, you know, that are coming out. And it's just really interesting. I mean, the second time I did the flush, I even got more out. So, even one flush isn't going to completely clean your liver. So, even if you're in pretty good health, and you're just going to do this to try it to help, you know improve your liver function and digestion.

It's a good idea to plan doing a second one in the year because it will finish kind of you know, cleaning that out. But I, I mean, I got curious. So that way, you can, you know, check to see. Now inside some of my stones, it was like cement powder. And there were some really kind of big ones. Yes, before I had hair analysis to know what vitamins are we supposed to be taking. So, I was playing Russian roulette with my cabinet. And I needed calcium and magnesium to sleep. And I kept on needing more and more and more. And so, I was taking all these things. So, whenever I'm seeing all this stuff come out, I'm like going, oh my gosh, look what I've done to my body.

You know, so you, it's kind of interesting, you know. It really, I think motivates somebody to, to be able to do something better for their body once they do a flush and they actually see what's going on. And so, do it on a weekend, do it at the privacy of your home. And yeah, eight hours, but if you're constipated, and you're not drinking enough water, if you're dehydrated, that's another important thing is to, we want you to drink more than just that one quart of that mixture each day. We want you to be hydrating, drinking spring water, you know good clean water, you know, doing some Healthy salt for the alkalinity and the minerals because we want those things to come out and if you're at all constipated, then it's going to take longer than eight hours, and then you're going to feel really kind of sluggish.

So, I had tried a different flush, where it used a bunch of herbs and different things like that. Didn't recommend the Oxymag and oh my gosh, I was so sorry. So, yeah, that Oxymag and I will be putting that on my store, so that you'll have a source to be able to get it, you know, to do the flush.

Wendy Myers: Perfect. And so, so, the morning you do the flush, you're gonna have about eight hours of eliminating little stones that will come out, you might have diarrhea. You might be constipated, if you haven't drunk enough water. But for me, I would - I did coffee enemas that morning to help push stuff out. If you're not ready to do coffee enemas yet, then that evening, take some of the Oxymag to help flush this stuff through and just keep, keep eliminating all the stones and, and fecal matter that will be coming out over post flush.

Eileen Durfee: Yeah, and you could see those green balls floating in the toilets or in your stools for maybe two days. Some - sometimes, even three days?

Wendy Myers: You also mentioned that there are gonna be considerable soft stool the first time that you do it, the first time that you eliminate. And then less each time after that. And –

Eileen Durfee: Yes.

Wendy Myers: And so, there's some controversy where people talk about what these stones are, if they're actually gallbladder stones, or if they're hardened, or does it transform to olive oil. Can you talk a little about that?

Eileen Durfee: Well, that's why I recommend the colander because then, you can actually check to see what's on the inside. If it's just all green, you know, I mean, there's cholesterol. Your, your liver is getting rid of and you know, some of the olive oil is obviously passing out. But like I had ones that were like rock hard. I had some that had cement powder. Well, obviously not cement powder, but there was some kind of mineral that, you know, it got out of my body. So, there's, there's a lot of different things that could come out. And the proof is in the pudding. I mean, there have been a lot of people, even family members over the years that were told, they had to have gallbladder surgery.

Now gallbladder is one of the surgeries that you can have complications from and die. I mean, it's like that happens like more than you would realize. So, it's like if a person could, you know, spend a week and do a gallbladder flush, and get some stuff out. And then they feel better, like some of these relatives over the years. You know, where then their doctor said, Oh my gosh, you don't need surgery. I mean, how great would that be? You know, so there's obviously skeptics. You know, the doctors didn't recommend doing a liver gallbladder flush. But a lot of people will have the pain over their ribs and have that pain from, from their gallbladder for a long time. You know, even before a doctor will, will say, let's do surgery. They'll put them on a special diet and reduce all their fats and everything like that. And so, I just say, you know, hey, this, this, this isn't gonna kill you. And you can be your own guinea pig. And we give you the challenge to do it.

But I, my personal experience is, the best thing happened to me because can you imagine somebody who, if they ate beef one day, couldn't eat it for 72 hours and they became allergic to it. And that every kind of vegetable, you know, every kind of anything that they would eat, they could not. So, you can imagine the rotation that you would have to do and then still occasionally coming across the smell of perfume or chemical and just having your lungs close up and having your eyes swell up. And that's where I was when I found out about this liver gallbladder flush and I did it. And I wasn't having reactions. I wasn't having. I mean, I, probably 80% of my allergies went away from doing this. And so, you know, yeah, there are skeptics about everything. But yeah, I just challenge people to do this. It's, it's really good for your body.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And that's just so sad when I hear about people that had their gallbladder out. When their doctor doesn't have it in their toolkit, they have no idea or don't believe in gallbladder flushes. When all these people had to do was coffee enemas and gallbladder flushes to prevent removal of their gallbladder, which they need to store bile to digest their food and their fats. And without that, you lose the ability to effectively digest fats. Some people get chronic diarrhea afterwards. They have, they suffer from, like low grade malnutrition. There's serious, serious problems that people have when they don't have a gallbladder and doctors cut it out like, oh, you don't need it. It's not, not an essential thing. I mean, give me a break.

Well, Eileen, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us on how to do a liver gallbladder flush. So, guys, get to it. You have your instructions. We have a PDF on how to do the liver gallbladder flush. So, go do your flush and we'll see you guys on the other side of better liver health.