Two Ways to Assemble and Use the Enema Fix (by @BiohackerTodd)

Speaker 1: Hey everybody today. I want to talk about how to set up and utilize your creatrix solutions coffee. And I'm a fixed up version. This is the box that it comes in. I'm just going to show you this for you now, and I'm going to move this, but everything comes in here.

Speaker 1: Everything's included. I have everything already placed out here just for time purposes though. So I'm gonna set this away as well as the bag. if you are a normal coffee and I'm a user, you're going to find this thing to be really awesome because it allows you to travel with it without having to bring a big bucket and the hotels, which is really the reason I utilize this the most and as well as it's your own home, because it's a pump version that makes no mess. So you'll see that the, this is a productivity abusing this way. It can be a little more smoother. So you have two options. I'm going to, at the end of the video, I'll be showing you really just how to use this thing. I much prefer the creative solutions, glass jar. This is not a coffee mug style jar though.

Speaker 1: So it's important that you're not pulling boiling water in here for the, for the coffee. And, you want to put like cool water in here first and then the hot coffee. And that's how you're going to do it. But you don't want to just pour the Pepin hot water into here. Cause then it could crack. Okay. So these are your two options. So this one's plastic, it's a little smaller and I prefer this and there is a few different accessories in here based off of which one you're going to use is what you want to do. Okay So I already have this filled up. We're gonna pretend, of course, this is a coffin and the water, cause this is the one we're going to be using, but the accessories that come here, you get the pump aspect of it. You get a lid with an overing, which is important to make sure nothing leaks.

Speaker 1: This will be, what's pumping it out and then you'll have a long tube. And now I already have this set up again, just for test speed timing. But this is one of the, rectal accessories that you add to it. The main difference is going to be, if you're using the plastic one, there's two of these tubes already have it again, disconnected for, for time purposes. but this one is smaller. So this is the one that you would use to go into here on the pump. The one connected is going to go onto the coffee mug because it's just taller and longer. So that's really the difference of that. as well as the lid, you won't be using this style lid with this. You'll just basically put the pump right back on there and you'll be set. What are the cool accessories that you'll use for both of them is this guy.

Speaker 1: So you want to place this on, whether you place it on here, you want to place it like this so that this is sticking up it's for your fingers. And the same thing will go on to here. It will be like this, and I'll show you this later. but what this is going to be doing is on there so that you can hold this instead of holding the jar and then pump the action for the enema purposes. Okay So you have a few other accessories. I just want to clarify, which is what these are the vaginal insertion. So if you're going to do vaginal ozone, these are wonderful that you get two of, and then you get two of the rectal. Again, I already have one attached. So there you go. This is already attached to the court. And then you also have the different other, insertion accessories and tubes here. Okay So you have everything you need will come with this. I'm going to set this up. So pull this off. The overing is really important that you want to get it right on the inside. It's very, self-explanatory once it's in, but you want to make sure that it is even in fully in, so you're not having any leakage. Okay This is done, right It's going to be clean, smooth, and there should be no leakage that is set up. I put this on and then screw it on.

Speaker 1: So we have this setup. And again, this due to size obviously is not going to go on here. So you would skip this lid. If you're doing this next, I have this. And again, if a reason, this goes on here, we're going to set it up on here and it's just going to go around so it can move around. However, you just want to make sure that it goes up and down again. So your fingers can stay on there. It's a nice little luxury for the pump system here. Now we have the pump. This is just the same as the shampoo pumps. So, you know, when you get these brand new from the store, you need to kind of push down and twist it. Counter-clockwise to make sure that it pops up and that's how you're gonna use it, because it won't go anywhere. As soon as this is simple down pop, see the difference.

Speaker 1: Now it's up. And if you want to close it back down for storage purposes, you would just push it down and go clockwise and it'll save you a good inter. So if you want, you can for travel purposes. Okay So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna set this in here. I'm gonna screw this on and we have the hot water in there, and now you can see how I would use this. This is, I'm just holding it by this and I'd be pushing down on this. And again, it's just a nice little additional, a luxury to have on there. This is the piece you can see that it's a, it's a square. So it's going to, you want to make sure that you put it on here, like the square. That that is okay. I'm gonna push this in. You wanna make sure this is on very tight.

Speaker 1: If done properly, there'll be no leakages whatsoever. If there's a leak something's wrong on there and make sure it's tighter. Okay. And with that being said, make sure to test this in the sink first. Just make sure that you set everything up. Once you have it done, it'll be like clockwork. The next time. It won't be a problem, but just doing your first time, just so you get comfortable, making sure that you're on who you don't have any linkages, cause you want to get prepped up for the coffee and I'm going to have a leak. So there we go. It's all set up. I'm going to make sure here I'm a pumping a few times and it sprays on to my kitchen sink here. So we're good. That's how we do this guys. Set it up like this. You can hold it like that as well. Okay. I'm gonna do a quick little change just in case. So there's no questions about how to set this up with the plastic bottle. So I'm going to take this out. I'm going to take the small one, put the small one in here. Now we have that prepped.

Speaker 1: Take this, put it on here. Now this goes on like that And it would be the same thing. Okay. Hold like this and you can squeeze it and pump it out. Very simple guys. Again, if you're a typical coffee to meet user, this is a nice little, miscellaneous luxury that you're going to really like to do and utilize with your coffee to this.