@BiohackerTodd Explains How to Operate the Tri-Oxy Fresh Water Ozonator

Speaker 1: Hey everybody today, I have the Creatrix Solutions try Oxy fresh. It's the ozone generator, and I'm going to unbox it and go over. What is included when you purchase this. This is the box that comes in. I have already pulled everything out, just cause the visual effects. I don't want to have to undo this and show you. So everything comes in packaged and very protected and foam. when you get this, you don't have to worry about it being damaged when delivered. So when I put this away and I'm gonna go over the star attraction, of course is the actual ozone generator. It's an 800 milligram an hour machine, which is higher than pretty much anything else that you're gonna find on the market. this comes with it again, you have spots there in the back. Like if you want to put screws and you can hold it and Mount it against a wall or any like that, if you want to keep it in one spot, you could also pop it up and use it.

Speaker 1: So this is the machine all by itself. What I'm gonna do is I'm going to plug it in. So it does come with a power port. The power cord goes in right here, the bottom it's going to turn itself on, but it's not fully on until I press the on button. And then, so what also comes with it is the silicone hose. The silicone hose goes in right over here. You have the male part and the female part, push that in, create a tight seal. And then you have then, and this is where the ozone is going to come out. Now, when you get the generator, it's going to come with different diffusers. Personally, I use this one, probably nine out of 10 times. It's the kind of stone ball. So all show how to use it. I'm going to push that in. You have a tight seal all the way around.

Speaker 1: So one cool thing about this as a safety is if I just press on right now, if I don't press anything else for the next few seconds, it's going to automatically turn itself off, which you'll hear just like that. So what we're going to do is first I'll show you how to manually have the buttons because you have the buttons you can push and then we also have the remote for it. Okay So I'm going to use this glass jar here and what's going to happen is I'm going to put this in here. So now it is in the ozone. The water is going to ozonated. And from here, I'm going to start by pressing the on button. And again, if I don't press anything, it's going to turn itself off. So I'm going to press the up button, which is right here. And this does five minutes, increment, and I can change it.

Speaker 1: And once I leave at where it's at, it's going to set itself off and it's going to go for five minutes. You'll hear it here in a second. So there you go. And when you're operating these ozone generators, you want to make sure to be in an open space, ideally open door, open windows, because you're going to start to smell the ozone really fast. And if you're in a close quarters area, it's going to irritate your lungs and your throat. So it's not good. Make sure you're in that spot. So if I want to go ahead and like I'm at four minutes and 40 seconds, I changed my mind. I want to do 10 minutes. I'm just going to press it again twice. And now it's flashing 10 minutes and it's going to go for 10 minutes. Now it sets itself and it resets the timer.

Speaker 1: So now it's 10 minutes and 57 seconds. If you want to change your mind again, you can do that with the low button. I can change it while it's still running. And as long as I let it sit for a few seconds, it flashes. Now it's back at five minutes. Now, when I decided to turn this off, if I want to turn this off early, or it turns itself off, the actual ozone is going to clear itself. So it's going to run. I believe it runs for anywhere from like 10 or 15 seconds afterwards, just to push everything out, which you'll see. So I will just turn this off. So the actual machine is off at this point, but it's going to run here and you'll see until it pushes everything out. So I use this for most part is for my produce, my vegetables, fruit, whatnot.

Speaker 1: I will take this water and put it into a towel and then we can sanitize the, kitchen area, the floors, clean things up that way. you can put it for like coffee enemas, and you can do it for drinks. I will show in another video how to set this up with the D gasser, but you can see it turn itself off. you can also use this to like remove odors if you've been camping and you have your clothes or your car smells like campfire, you can run this, not while you're in the car, but I would have the car on the AC or the research relation going on and do it for like 20 minutes while no one's in the car. You do not want to be in there. It'll irritate your lungs. but after that, all the campfire smell will go away.

Speaker 1: So there's a lot of good uses with ozone. I'm going to stick this back in here for now, and I'm going to show you what the remote. So the remote, this is a nice little luxury. this right now is off and I'm going to turn it back on and I'm going to start using the remote. So the remote has different settings that are also very straightforward. We have the on and off. We have the up and down. Now when you use the up and down at this, it doesn't do the five minute increments. It does the one minute increments. If any specific reason you decide you want to use the ozone machine for seven minutes or eight minutes or 12 minutes or 22 minutes, you would want to use this to specialize in that. Then you can also customize programs on here.

Speaker 1: So if you want to just always have it at if you know, a 10 minute program or, or 10 minutes on and a certain amount of off to give it a rest in between, if you're going to do multiple cycles, this is where the remote comes in. So you have it to set. Once you've set the time you can hold down the set button and then you can also hold down the confirm button. and then you can modify the runtime as well as the off time. So again, you could have this running site example for my ice tank. I will run this for 20 minutes on, and then I run it for, 15 minutes off to give it a break. And then it goes on and off on, and also it'll keep going. And it keeps my water and my ice tank purified and clean. So I don't have to replace the water as much. So it's a great little thing. So I will show, we can turn this on and remember if I just do that accidentally, I didn't need to do it if there's no other buttons pressed, this is going to turn itself off. Like it just did. So I'm going to do on, and then I can change the numbers here so I can do, let's see, 15 minutes 20 and I can set it.

Speaker 1: It's set for 10 minutes because that's my previous one that I have. So I can confirm that. And it's going to run here in just a few seconds. Here we go. So it waits to make sure that I don't need to press any more buttons again so that I don't, it doesn't start before I'm changing it. So again, you can modify the off time for how long you want it off, whether it's five minutes to give it a set in between, as well as the runtime, the set, you can confirm it and then up and down with the times here. Okay. And so I'm going to turn this off

Speaker 1: And the machine is off, but as I mentioned before, this runs for another probably I think it's about 15 seconds and it pushes everything out. So I can pull this out and it's going to make sure it pushes all of the air out too. So it kind of helps keep it clean. If you purchased this, I would highly suggest also purchasing the bundle of the refresh, which I'll go over in another video. But the main purpose for this is to kind of de gas the ozone. So if you're using the ozone machine specifically for like enemas or drinking water, this is a package that you're going to want to get as well. They do come in a bundle. So if you want to purchase them together, it's a cheaper discount than buying each of these individually. So I'll go over this in another video, but this is what's going to be needed to remove the offgassing basically the de gaseous ozone from the water. So it's not harmful.