How to Install the Sauna Fix Hot Yoga Height Extension Kit (by @BiohackerTodd)

Todd: Hey everybody. In the mail today, I received my Creatrix Solutions, hot yoga tent height extension kit. I've already unboxed it, but I'm gonna go over the pieces, and I'm gonna end up installing it and set up so I can utilize it. First, it's going to come with the poles, so you get six of them. These are going to be going on the bottom. So, you're going to set this up. It's going to go obviously, two from the back, two in the middle, and two in the front. So, you're going to set these up, and that's going to be the height difference, of course, for the poles to create that longer. You are also going to get two additional of the snap cables for the grounding. And I will show later how to set that up.

You also get this nice roll of Velcro. And what's going to happen is, you take the Velcro, and I have this kind of folded up right now to see it. But this is the larger, the extension kit. And this is going to set it up underneath. And we're going to be using the velcro to velcro to this to top it to create an all one complete unit. All that you see right here is going to go on the bottom part. So, we're lifting everything up. So, it's going to go up higher. And the work we're going to be doing is down here. With that, we have the extension poles. These are going on the bottom. This is the part that's going to fill in the gap that's happening right here.

We've got the snap cables and some Velcro. Now, how I'm going to start this. I have the light on so we can see better. But for starters, what I'm going to do is, I'm going to come in here, and I've got it on velcro all of these. And then we're going to, after we do this, I will install the extension poles here. And we'll be ready to start. I decided to remove the grounding mat just for accessibility wise. And what I've done is, I've unvelcroed all of these that go across. And next, we're going to go ahead and install the pipe extensions. I am unpopping the bottom ones. I'm just gonna leave them right here. So, you can see I just kind of pop it up, leave it out and do it down there, right here and right here. And I've already done this one.

So again, I'm just popping these out right now so they're disconnected. And it'll make it easier for me to lift it up all at once. I disconnected these all around and you can see the additional one. These are the extension. So, you will note that these don't have the male or female parts like this, it's just this which is gonna be totally fine. So, I'm going to install this right here, just a simple push down. And then all I'm going to need to do is lift the sauna up, and align it so that the bottom part goes back into here. And this is the height extension that you get. The bottom extenders are now installed as you can see, and you can see the height difference.

Now this is going to be going with wraps around here. So, you can see the height difference. It's just perfect. It still fits under my fan. I did this entirely by myself. If you have someone to support, it might make things a little smoother, but it really was very simple just to pick it up each one and just layer it. So, I did these first. I lifted them up. I disconnected all of them. And then I came through and just lifted it up and set it in there. The next thing I'll be doing is, I’m going to take the velcro and set it in. So, this can go on the bottom.

I just unraveled the height extension piece. So, the main part and just wrapped it around and wanted to show you a visual what it's going to look like. I haven't done anything else yet. As you can see, but I do have this here. I just wanted to show it. You are going to want to set this up right here to go with it as well. So next what I'm going to be doing is, I'm going to be cutting these pieces. This is the velcro. And you can see this side has the velcro already. So, I'm going to take the sticky Velcro and I'm going to attach it and line it up all on here on the soft cotton part. So, these can all velcro together. I'm going to strategically cut the velcro right here. So, I can go around here and not to mess with the zippers as well. So, it's going to be one like a separate piece right here. I'll skip the velcro and just have it going. So, it's going to attach and have a secure place to keep everything insulated.

The reason I'm going to do that is because I often will break this down and reset it up somewhere else either place of the apartment or if we're traveling somewhere. So, I'm going to set it up that way, just so that I can break it down still easily without having the velcro over the zipper. So just kind of looking into the future for me, if I'm moving. You don't really have to do that. But I would recommend doing that because it's one little simple piece of effort to do to make your stuff little easier. Later on, in case you decide to move this to another room or like break it, break it down to move somewhere else.

So again, now what I'm gonna do is, use my scissors. And I'm gonna line this up or I'm going to start in one area and go all the way to here. Now, I set this up just for visual so you can see this, but this right here with the door, the door zipper is where I have the pieces connecting. Okay, so this comes, this has the Velcro, and this has the velcro right out of the box. I set this up so that it connects right here, which is what you want to do as well. So, when you wrap it all around, it doesn't Velcro on one of the corners. It’s right underneath where the door zipper goes. So now, I'm going to just do one quick example to show you that I'm taking this and I'm just gonna line it up right here where the zipper is and I'm gonna take it all the way to the corner right before the zipper starts again. And this is the piece that I'm going to cut, whole piece. And now, I'm going to remove the back lining.

So now you have the automatic adhesive. And I'm going to run this across the whole bottom end and make sure you keep it aligned and leveled. So, you just take your time at this part. It’s the small things like this that when you take your time, you do it right, it'll look much better also at the end, because everything will be lined up. And again, I'm going to be doing this multiple times. I'm just showing this one for as an example. I'm going to be doing this across the entire bottom end just so it stops right before. So, I just made it here, the zipper starts. I'll do another one for here to the corner. And it stops right here. So, I'll start again right here and go all the way to the corner.

You have some extra just in case you need some for future or any random mistakes, you have a good amount leftover. But I just want to show you. So now, this right here is the new velcro. Stops here and starts back. And so, I did that all the way around anywhere the zippers were. Just like that. See it stops and then it starts back up. I did that all around the entire thing. And now I can go ahead and install the skirt. This is the inside. Now what I'm doing currently is, I'm just setting up. I'm reusing the velcro and I still have these parts to do but you can see that the bottom now is set up. So, this is the whole extension from the inside. And I'm going to finish this off by just velcroing all of these right back on to secure it to the ground.

These ones I still need to do. Now everything is set up and I put the bamboo back in. So, remember that you got these sort of the grounding cables to attach. There are numerous of the actual connectors just all throughout but you only need to set up one. So, there's gonna be different ones here. Otherwise, we're now completely set up inside and on the outside. And we are all set up here now with the Creatrix Solutions yoga tent height extension.

You can see, I am 6'1" and I can go all the way up and I'm just not even touching what I'm about to touch if I extend it. So, this is really good for anyone that is now 6'8" professional NBA players. All the taller folks can get in here and not be having to slouch down. So, it's very important to know that if you do invest in this height extension kit, you do need a second lamp. The second lamp is going to help with the additional space that's created in here. So that it allows it to stay as hot as it would with the regular one. There you go, guys. Have a good day.