How to Loosen Tight Lower, Upper Back, and Neck Muscles to Relieve Pain

Do You Suffer from Neck Pain or Lower, Mid, Upper Back Pain? How Do You Loosen Your Back Muscles?

Whether you suffer from disc or nerve pain, tight muscles, or fatigue in your lower, middle, or upper back or neck, the spinal alignment solutions by Creatrix Solutions can help! Our products have assisted many with severe neck and back problems by loosening tight muscles and relieving pain. Even in cases where surgery was recommended, individuals achieved dramatic success and improved spinal health by simply using our Neck Shaper, Foam Rollers and Free PDF Exercise Guides.

Use At-Home & On-The-Go!

Creatrix Solutions can help you learn how to loosen tight lower back muscles. You will be able to REBALANCE the muscles, ligaments, and vertebrae in your back and neck simply by spending a few minutes each day with our exercise products. Best of all, our products are portable so that you can use our products at your home, work, school, vacation, gym, and everywhere else you go!

Neck and Low Back Foam Rollers:
Fix Your Spinal Curve

Get a Creatrix Curve!

Flat backs and tech necks are leading contributors to back pain and injury. The solution is simple: Fix the curve, fix the problem! The Creatrix Neck and Back Foam Rollers help you get the necessary curve in your spine so that you have improved alignment and spinal health! Ready to get a #CreatrixCurve?

The Neck Shaper: Strengthen Your Neck & Enhance Your Curve

Shape Away Your Neck Pain!

Eliminate neck pain and build neck strength with neck exercises for stiff necks! Everyone from the injured to elite athletes can use the Neck Shaper to align and strengthen their neck. Whatever stress your neck endured during the day, learn how to #ShapeAway your neck pain with our Neck Shaper.

Back Trac: Massage Your Spine Into Proper Alignment

Just Let It Float!

Traditional foam rollers, and plastic or rubber treaded back rollers, are NOT comfortable because the crunching and cracking against your spine can be painful. Even though you hear cracking in your back as you roll on the BackTrac’s patented groove, the groove guides the vertebrae into a more desirable alignment that isn’t possible with other foam rollers. In addition, the deep groove of the Back Trac gives your spinous the room to float, thus protecting your vertebrae, as your muscles and ligaments are allowed to relax and realign. Learn how you can just #LetItFloat!

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Foam Roller Sizing Kit

How to Find Your Size

We offer neck foam rollers and back foam rollers in various sizes, with three density levels to fit a wide variety of body types and sizes. In addition, we offer a sizing kit to make it easy to select the size and density that matches your body. We recommend that you find the size that fits your body, PLUS the size one step LARGER to promote stretch and curvature. Click here for more information on the sizing kit and how to use it.

Relieve Your Neck Pain

How to Use the Neck Shaper

The Neck Shaper is mathematically designed to fit the position between the forehead and chin, based on Dr. Scherger's research. You can use the Neck Shaper to reverse the effects of gravity throughout the day or any time you have been hunched over, like when texting or driving a car. Click here for more information on the Neck Shaper and how to use it.

Realign Your Spine

How to Roll Away Back Pain

The Back Trac has a patented groove that works like a train on a track. The groove allows BOTH the spinous to float WITHOUT PAIN and ALSO catches the transverse process to encourage alignment. By rolling back and forth on it, your body weight allows the vertebrae to realign. In addition, the combination of our foam with this specific groove encourages process intervertebral joints to stretch (opening up the meninges) to reduce pinched nerves and improve spinal health. Learn more about the Back Trac and how to use it.


Ideal spinal curvature is mathematical. The late Dr. John S. Scherger, who coined the phrase "Spinal Fitness", explained it best. Dr. Scherger used mathematics to change how NFL teams approached the spine, biomechanics, and strength training. His work with the New England Patriots, New York Giants, New York Jets, and the Dallas Cowboys was nothing short of miraculous!

Dr. John S. Scherger explained muscle attachments do not change. Therefore, when function and movement are impaired by improper spinal posture, weightlifting focused only on muscle development will NOT improve physical performance. In "Dr. John Scherger's Spinal Fitness and Sports Medicine Series, Kinesiological Analysis of Human Spinal Development & Function in Earth's Gravity," July 2002, Volume #1d mathematical proofs show that correct spinal structure, not muscle size, enhances athletic ability. Dr. John S. Scherger said,

"You must get the proper spinal structure first. Then the extra power the muscles generate can be put to productive use. Without the proper spinal structure, what muscles create in the form of the resultant force will not be stabilized properly and therefore will not be effective in producing physical movements like running, jumping, and hitting."

According to Dr. Scherger, the spine curve directly impacts athletic performance. When ideal curvature is absent, the angle of gravitational force reverses; so instead of pushing facet bone to facet bone like a vice, the multifidus and interspinales muscles are strained to the point of failure. Unfortunately, traditional athletic training methods have ignored the multifidus and interspinales muscles and how those muscles can strengthen the core and restore ideal curvature. However, this is the focus of our Creatrix Solutions exercise and spinal fitness products!

All the Creatrix Solutions exercise and spinal fitness products were designed using Dr. John S. Sherger's research methods. And guess what? THEY WORK!!! With the proper techniques described in our FREE PDF GUIDES, our products can help you realign your spine, loosen your muscles, and relieve the pain in your neck and back! And for athletes, our products can help you RUN FASTER, JUMP HIGHER, and HIT HARDER!

Thank you Dr. Scherger!

In loving memory of the late Dr. John S. Scherger, Eileen Durfee, inventor and owner of Creatrix Solutions, thanks Dr. Scherger and his family for the work they have done! Eileen was so inspired by Dr. John S. Scherger, that she used his mathematical concepts to develop the spinal fitness equipment at Creatrix Solutions.  

The Causes of Lower Back Pain and Neck Strain

In today's world, everyone has had back pain at some point or at least knows someone who has. The U.S. spends $100 billion on back pain every year. Unfortunately, much of it is spent on methods and gadgets that DON'T FIX THE PROBLEM! To truly and finally ELIMINATE BACK PAIN, you must fix spinal curvature. The secret to living without back pain is to train your spine to have the best shape… a shape that has the mechanical advantage against gravity!

The actual cause of back pain is loss of curvature, plus gravity that tightens muscles, pinches nerves, restricts movement, and decreases blood flow. The spine is a mechanical piece of equipment that functions within tight tolerances based on shape within the earth's gravitational forces. Ideal curvature is mathematical and was explained best by the late Dr. John S. Scherger.

What is Forward Head Posture?

One of the most common causes of back and neck pain is tech neck (forward head posture) from leaning forward while typing on a computer and looking down while texting. After either of these activities, do you notice you have tight muscles and feel fatigued? No wonder! Tight muscles are the body's attempt to keep the spine from drifting farther from the ideal shape. Technology is causing people to lean forward and put their heads in a forward position.

When your back is flat, and your neck is forward… GRAVITY is your ENEMY, and the body will consume massive amounts of energy to keep your body from falling flat. When your neck and back have the correct curve, your head weighs 85 pounds. When you have a straight neck posture, your head weighs 131 pounds. And when you have a forward head posture, your head weighs 168 pounds! The added weight makes it more and more challenging to hold up your head!

How to Correct Forward Head Posture? The good news is that forward head posture can be corrected with our Neck Shaper.

Why Do You Need an S-Shaped Spine?

It takes 18 years to develop the S-shaped spine, and most people never attain the ideal shape because proper training is not taught.

Some popular exercises, like the traditional sit-up, taught in school gym classes, encourage loss of curvature and increase force against two critical muscles instead of strengthening those core muscles. The posterior shear forces developed by traditional sit-ups CAN CAUSE bulged discs, pinched nerves, and stenosis!

(For more information about how to do a sit-up the correct way, download our free PDF guide "Ab Exercises for Bad Back PDF: The Correct Sit-Up.")

When an incorrect neutral spine develops, the lower spine doesn't have the proper curve, which causes the hamstring to be tight, and the muscles of the neck and lower back to be swollen and stiff. This puts the individual in a highly susceptible back or neck injury scenario. To help you correct your spinal curve, we created three foam rollers (based on Dr. Scherger's research): neck foam rollers, low back foam rollers, and the Back Trac.

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Luke Rockhold, Two-Time World Champion, UFC Fighter

Luke Rockhold uses Creatrix Solutions products, including the Neck Shaper, Foam Rollers, Back Trac, and Power Cushion, to return from injury, avoid surgery, and train for his upcoming fights! Go Luke!!!

Free PDF Exercise Guides

Exercises We Recommend and Exercises To Avoid
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Exercises We Recommend and Exercises to Avoid

Learn the importance of quality training and what makes Spinal Fitness an essential part of any exercise and treatment program.

How to do the sit-up properly
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How to do the Sit-Up

The sit-up can be performed over a specifically designed exercise support fulcrum called the Posture Corrector Cushion or a sleeping bag. Learn how to do a proper sit-up in this guide.

Spinal Twist Exercise
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How To Do the Spinal Twist

The Spinal Twist enables the middle of the spinal discs to return to their fluid state. In this "gelled state," the spine can best be "molded" with the neck and back shaper spinal brace supports. This allows the spinal muscles to relax, so your whole body is prepared for restful sleep.

How to do the pelvic tilt exercise
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How to do the Pelvic Tilt

The purpose of this exercise is to support a strong lower back that is orthopedically correct. This can also help to treat pathologies, including out-of-place bones or bulged discs that can cause pain, pinched nerves, and/or disability.


Neck Flexion Exercise
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How to do the Neck Flexion

This exercise supports movement through a range of motion (while in an upright position) to develop resistance from horizontal forces against the neck muscles. Your lower back should develop a curve if you correctly perform this exercise.


How To Evaluate Spinal Curvature and Athletic Ability
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How to Evaluate Spinal Curvature and Athletic Ability

This guide provides a scientific way to determine if you have underlying poor spinal posture that could put you at risk of injury. Dr. John S. Scherger used these principles to consult professional NFL teams to pick superior athletes and taught them how to get and maintain the Correct Neutral Spine.