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Lower Back Strengthening Exercises PDF: Power Cushion or Sleeping Bag

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Lower Back Strengthening Exercises PDF: Power Cushion or Sleeping Bag


Download our FREE “Lower Back Strengthening Exercises PDF Guide” to learn how to do the pelvic tilt over a power cushion or sleeping bag for strengthening your spine in the correct position!

The purpose of this exercise is to support a strong lower back that is orthopedically correct. This can also help to treat pathologies, including out-of-place bones or bulged discs that can cause pain, pinched nerves, and/or disability.

Pelvic Tilt with Power Cushion and Partner

This exercise is performed with a partner so that their body weight can provide increased resistance against the anterior superior iliac spines of the hips. It is ideal that your partner hold their weight firm and they avoid quick movements.

Tilt pelvic bone upward toward your torso using your rectus abdominal muscles.

Pelvic Tilt with Power Cushion and Partner

Try to inhale when going down and exhale when rising.

The pelvic tilt can be done over a specifically designed exercise support fulcrum called the Power Cushion. This product comes in two densities: 1) Blue: the medium density; best for all-around conditioning and 2) Black: the firmest density; ideal for athletes.

Power Cushion

How to do the Pelvic Tilt with the Power Cushion:

1. Place the Power Cushion on a firm flat surface. Lie down over the Power Cushion with your buttocks placed in the rounded-out portion of the cushion. Keep space between your buttock and the flat surface. You want to have enough range of motion to move through, and to seat your lumbar vertebrae in the groove above the rounded-out area.

Groove of Power Cushion

2. Vertically place weight on the anterior superior iliac spines of the pelvis. A partner can provide this weight, but they should make sure not to push or release the pressure too quickly, and to provide constant pressure.

Weight Placed on Pelvis

3. The exerciser may optionally breathe in or out during this movement since the apparatus is not working with the exercise, unlike during a sit-up.

4. When contracted, the rectus abdominal muscles should lift and tilt the pelvis toward the upper trunk.

We recommend starting with 5-10 repetitions with the Power Cushion density that most comfortably suits you. As the lower back builds strength, you may increase repetitions and use a firmer cushion.

You can also substitute a rolled-up sleeping bag for the Power Cushion to use as a fixed fulcrum. Perform the pelvic tilt over the rolled-up sleeping bag with duct tape.

Rolled Up Sleeping Bag and Power Cushion


Before Power Cushion

Improper Neutral Spine Posture


Performing the Pelvic Tilt over Power Cushion Gives You This:

Proper Neutral Posture


Why the Pelvic Tilt Restores Orthopedically Correct Alignment:

Pelvic Tilt Restores Alignment


Bulged Disc:

Bulged Disc


Pinched Nerve:

Pinched Nerve






After Power Cushion

Neutral Spinal Posture After Power Cushion

Proper Neutral Spine After Power Cushion



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