Eileen Durfee on Myers Detox Podcast: Dangers & Benefits of Ozonated Water

Speaker 1: Hello everyone. How are you doing I'm Wendy Myers of Myers And today we have my friend Eileen their fee on the show, and she's going to be talking about ozone. So I'm talking about the dangers and the benefits of using ozone gas in water. It's a really interesting show because, one of my most popular videos on YouTube is actually the, the shocking benefits of ozone therapy. And, you know, ozone has tremendous potential has so many different benefits, and we talk about how you can drink ozonated water every single day to kill pathogens in your body. We talk about how you can use it to as a household cleanser, to clean all your vegetables and your fruits, get rid of parasites on them and, kind of neutralize all the glyphosate and herbicides and pesticides that can be on your vegetables and fruits.

Speaker 1: And, we also talk about how you can use it in your garden. How can you use it with your animals so many different uses. That's such an interesting show today. So our guest today, Eileen Murphy, she was a former nuclear power engineer and she's an auditor and an inspector. And she became really toxic from this job and suffered from allergies, chemical, sensitivities, and thyroid disease. And during her journey to heal and detoxify and achieve natural health, she invented a lot of different, helpful solutions. She takes her, you know, her engineer, mine, and kind of rethinks how we can detox our body and creates tools and protocols to more effectively and easily detox your body. And she's really passionate about taking good ideas and creating better, better health products to support detoxification, energy, production, mineralization, and natural health. And she's been granted a ton of patents. she's got a new, patent on a back pain solution. We're gonna talk about in another podcast, just lots of amazing products on her site. I lay in. Thank you so much for coming on the show.

Speaker 2: Well, thanks for having me again.

Speaker 1: Let's talk about ozone. So using ozone right now is really hot. I think people are becoming more aware of the benefits of ozone. So why don't we tell the listeners first, what ozone is exactly Well,

Speaker 2: Well, ozone can be in different states. It can be a gas and it can be dissolved and liquid. So ozone is actually three singlets of oxygen. It's oh one plus oh one plus oh one and that is unstable in nature. So there's a reaction that takes place pretty quickly after ozone gas has been generated because, you know, positive negative pairs. So, oh, one will break off and leave pure oxygen basically. Oh two. So that, oh, one has an oxidation where it can actually things. And so it's like, nature's cleanser, like after a rain storm or there's been thunder and lightning that fresh smell that's that I, and I used ozonated air where nature is cleaning up the atmosphere and you can actually dissolve it in water and then it's less reactive. So, but it can be used for a lot of different purposes.

Speaker 1: Yeah. So what are the benefits, what are the benefits of using ozone for your health and how do you recommend people using it

Speaker 2: Well, there's medical use of ozone where they will have a medical grade ozone generator that is fed by oxygen tanks. You get a prescription from your doctor and to refill the oxygen tanks, and then you can like, put it in bags and then you can put it in orifices in your body, you know, in your rectum, vagina ears, all kinds of things like that. But typically the most common use of ozone is making food safe, using it to, you know, clean water using it as a sanitizer, because like chlorine bleach, for instance, is used a lot as a sanitizer, but there's toxic byproducts. Well, the wonderful thing about ozone is like one molecule of ozone has the disinfecting power of up to 10,000 molecules of bleach. And so you're wondering, you know, well, why, why isn't that toxic Well, ozone is kind of selectively smart.

Speaker 2: pathogens don't have a protective enzyme coding, like normal cells that are healthy cells that aren't infected have like a protective enzyme coding. And so ozone passes that by it doesn't oxidize, you know, healthy tissues, but it will oxidize pathogens. And it's something, you know, with COVID, it's like, oh, we're in antibacterial everything. But you know, there's lots of studies how that creates super bugs because, you know, pathogens mutate against these and I bacterial, you know, chemicals and soaps and things. And so with ozone, the wonderful thing about ozone is that the pathogens can't mutate against it. It's like, I guess I could say it's like having a pathogen that has a cell. It like blows a hole in it. It's like getting a hole punched in your tire. It's unrepairable, you know, kind of thing. And that's what it does to the bad guys.

Speaker 1: Okay, great. And so I love using ozone to clean my vegetables. So I have your ozonator and I like to bubble it in water and create lots of ozone in that water and then dunk all my vegetables and especially delicate fruits like strawberries and things like that. Cause it helps to kill all the bacteria and the pathogens and neutralize any like pesticide residue that might be happened to be on it. So ozone has so many different uses. I mean, you can, you know, disinfect your water with it. You can, what are some of the other uses that you liked and you recommend to people,

Speaker 2: Well meet, for instance, they always tell you never rinse your chicken because it's covered in salmonella and be careful not to get it on your sponge or your rag, because then you're just going to put the, you know, salmonella everywhere. Well, with ozone ozonated water, you can take a black light and you can see all the salmonella crawling a hole over to chicken, you know, but people don't think about cleaning their meat, but you can put the meat in a bath of water and put the ball in there and it will completely kill all of it. So it will make your food safe, even your meat, or like, you know, not everybody gets organic grass fed food or like maybe they get a cured ham. You see, you can put those meats in the water and the ozonated them. And it'll pull a lot of that stuff out, just like you said, you know, pesticides, herbicides, that kind of thing.

Speaker 2: It breaks it down, you know, and it makes it safe. And ozone is used in a lot of industries. I mean just about everything from bottled water to the dairy farm, to growing crops, you know, vegetables and, you know, grapes. And because it gets rid of, you know, powdery mildew and the small insect larvae. Like you talk about watching your fruits and your vegetables, especially strawberries, it gets in there cause there's microscopic parasite that we're ingesting. Like say if somebody juices something, didn't realize, you know, the carrots and you know, all that, you can wash it, but there still could be parasite larvae. And then that goes in your body and hatches. So I love cleaning all my fruits, my vegetables, my meats. And then, like I'd use it for just the simplest things. It's like, I get mountain valley, spring water in five gallon, glass jars.

Speaker 2: I have a crock. So the whole top of this glass jar gets put in the water. Well, I want to sanitize that. So I actually take ozonated water and clean that off of there. I mean, anything I want sanitized, you know, I'm using it because it's like gonna kill E coli and salmonella 0.1 part per million in 15 seconds. Those one generator that I sell uses air instead of oxygen fed. So you don't need a prescription, but it will make up to like, depending on the temperature of the water, like 1.5 to almost two parts per million. So it's like killing these things on absolute contact. So that that's just one aspect. But the other thing I do is I make ozonated water and I drink it on an empty stomach. And it's, it's actually pretty amazing. I just wanted to read something from the national center of biotechnology.

Speaker 2: They've got studies where ozonated water benefits include increased glutathione superoxide dismutase catalyst, red blood cell glide clawless rate, oxygen map metabolism. They verified that it inactivates bacteria, virus, fungus, yeast, and protozoa. And so there's just a lot of things from drinking those innate water on an empty stomach that can really help you out with. And, you know, I was concerned, you know, I'm always wanting to create a gizmo that makes it easier to use something, you know, so we can stack our hacks. So things take less time. And so I created a ozone diffuser to gasser it's, it's kind of like a filter cap that screws on a glass jar that actually diffuses the ozone gas in the water up to 10 times faster. So now when you have an ozone machine and you use this, I call it the refresher, when you use it, it extends the life of your equipment that you're investing in. And then the other thing that's great about this is that see, not all of the ozone gas dissolves in the water.

Speaker 1: Yeah. I was going to say, that's a big problem is using ozone. You don't want to breathe that in. It's really bad for you to breathe it in, but you, I love it. You put your, I love your mind that you create all these amazing solutions to be able to enjoy the benefits of ozone, without, you know, having the, maybe the dangerous or the problematic side effects that can come with, trying to generate your own ozone.

Speaker 2: Yeah. I mean, before I would turn on an exhaust and open the window, go in the other room, you know, and then every once in a while, after my coffee enema, I would like to do follow up with an ozonated water enema, but you know, I couldn't nose innate the water in there nearby where I was doing it. So then therefore I wouldn't, you know, do my ozone water enemy. It was a hassle. So now I just wanted something that it didn't matter if somebody had COPD or asthma, you know, some people are just super sensitive to ozone. So I wanted to have a gizmo that I could have right there, not worry about the offgassing that I could make my ozonated water. And then I could use it after a coffee enema. And so this little, glass container with the filter cap, the granules in there, basically just get rid of that extra O one particles.

Speaker 2: So anything that comes off is pure oxygen and it's simple to use and safe. people don't realize, you know, ozone gas it's like matter on earth is either like solid liquid or gas and gas is so reactive. It's like, super-duper powerful. Where, when ozone dissolved in water, like a diffuser only dissolves 15% of the gas, 85%, it's going to the air, but water will only hold so much ozone. You just can't. I was in it for 24 hours and to have the highest concentration, no, like after about 10 minutes, this water won't hold any more ozone it's at its maximum. And so making it safe, having it finished quicker, like 10 times faster, like literally this 32 ounce glass will be completely ozonated in less than five minutes.

Speaker 2: And so it's super fast. The other ones, it's usually a minute per ounce that you use, but yeah, ozonated water. A lot of athletes are using it now where they're drinking it and it's giving them extra oxygen energy as if they just had some kind of a supplement to jazz up their energy. And, we can always use more oxygen. That's the other thing I love about, drinking ozonated water is a lot of us are sedentary and we're indoors, especially with the pandemic. A lot more people are indoors, but our heating ventilation and air conditioning systems are stripping oxygen and negative ions out of the air. And so we want to do things to basically increase oxygen levels in our body. That cause there's a known fact that the body has like this threshold. It has to have so much oxygen. And if it doesn't have that oxygen, what does it do It's kind of like if your car needs a new alternator, but you don't change it. So you're, jump-started all the time. And then you drive it and you don't turn the headlights on. Well, the body begins selectively shutting down systems in the body.

Speaker 2: And so, you know, at first you might not notice things, but if that goes on long enough, then you're going to develop disease. And so what we want to do is we want to give the body its oxygen. And, and the other thing is, is, you know, that protective enzyme coding that I was talking about, the cells that actually helps cells. So that viruses bacteria, fungus, you know, all those things can't invade the cell. It's like this first line of defense it's, it's like part of our immune system. And when we don't have enough oxygen, our body sacrifices that coding around cells. So then more cells are prone to infection. And so now all we have is our immunity. So with making ozonated water and not damaging your lungs and having it to increase the oxygen, it will actually increase the amount of cells that maintain and keep that enzyme coating.

Speaker 2: And so it's just a phenomenal thing. And you know, a lot of people are out there, you know, for years I used to have like an ozone air purifier and I thought the smell ozone was great little did I know that that terrible indigestion that I had that I thought was from something else was actually a side effect of inhaling nose on gas. So it's like all these people out there that are using those on generators and not putting two and two together, you know, and with digestion being also our main immune function, anything that we're doing and trying to help ourselves, we don't want to do harm as well.

Speaker 1: Yeah. So it's okay to drink those native water, but just not okay to inhale it.

Speaker 2: Right, right. Yeah. You definitely want to D gas it.

Speaker 1: Yeah. And what happens when you drink the ozonated water Cause I know it's so many people there or they're lacking oxygen in their tissues, especially when they live at a high altitude. There's a lot of things working against, as having properly oxygenated tissues, which is really important for a number of reasons. Can you talk a little bit about that

Speaker 2: Sure. Well, when you drink those need water, see colder. The water is the longer, the ozone gas stays in the water without having the reaction to oxidizer release. So with our body temperature 98.6 and we're drinking it, it's like immediately coming out of solution, oxidizing bad stuff selectively because those owners smart and then leaving extra oh two to circulate, you know, to get through our digestive system, into the bloodstream. And a lot of people ask me, well, what about the good bacteria You mean because of the temperature of our body in drinking those needed water. That's why the, the NIH study talks about all these benefits, nos needed water. What it did for the body is because that reaction happens fairly quickly. So it's not getting through your whole intestinal tract to wipe out the good bacteria, but it is increasing the body oxygen levels and also increasing the cell enzyme coatings.

Speaker 2: And now there's a lot of people that will do like medical, what they call insufflation with the ozone gas, you know, that can be expensive and kind of really harsh. You know, it's like a real detox program. Let me tell you, so it is a milder approach to use the ozonator water, like say, after your coffee enema, you'd never combine the two because the ozone will break down the pulmonic acid and the caffeine in the coffee that gives its wonderful benefits. And it'll use up the oxidation power of the ozonated water. So it'll make both therapies less effective. So you always want to separate them, use them, you know, separately, but it's a lot more gentle. But on that end, you know, we talk about drinking. It's safe. It's not going to destroy your gut biome. But when you follow up with an ozonated water enema, what's that that's going to do is that's going to kill everything.

Speaker 2: So a lot of people are doing stool testing and they have like bad bacteria or whatever. That's excellent because it will kill off the bad it'll kill off the good. Then you can do implants, you know, not, I'm not talking fecal transfer, but you could use key for water and yogurt or open up capsules of the right probiotic blend that you want to have populated in your gut, and then you can repopulate it. So it it's just an excellent tool. It's just that everybody was endangering themselves by inhaling the ozone gas and not really connecting that their, their indigestion was because of ozone or, you know, excess copying people would think that I love the smell of also gas. It makes me breathe deeper. And I'm like telling you that that was like a survival mechanism of your body because the ozone gas actually competes with oxygen receptor sites in your lungs. So you're breathing deeper. Cause your body says, I need more oxygen. And then your, your lung tissue is full of lipids. So it's oxidizing those. So it's actually giving your lungs, the S the skin, the cells, a sunburned kind of like that it has to shed and it has to heal. And so, yeah, a lot of people aren't connecting with maybe some coughing or something that might, they think is an allergy could because they'd been breezing too much ozone gas as well.

Speaker 1: Yeah. And so how many glasses of ozonated water should people drink per day Like, what are your kind of, what's your protocol for that

Speaker 2: I say every person is different. This is a powerful tool. So I would say the first time you make it and drink it. And you, the reason why we give you a generator is because there's a time limit. The reaction happens. Like if it's sitting on the counter in a cool glass of water, you got like about 20 minutes before it's like deactivated, yes, you're going to have pure water. You, I mean, you could take water from a mud puddle and an ozonated to the point where it would be crystal clear and it would be drinkable and wouldn't hurt you. I mean, it would kill everything, but yeah, you've got to make it and drink it and start with like about two ounces and then work up from there because I have clients who had trouble with migraines, they drank two ounces of ozonated water, four ounces of those needed water.

Speaker 2: And their headache went right away, done like vanished. But then I have another person knew drank eight ounces, just chugged it down the first time. And they got a headache. So, you know, there's detox, potential reactions with this. So every person's different. And so you just go slow and work up from there. Just remember, you've got to have it about 20 to 30 minutes before you eat or two hours afterwards. And don't swallow your supplements with it. Again, the rural is it's going to break down anything that you take it with. So always on an empty stomach. And so, I mean, places like cancer,, they recommend not as a standalone cancer treatment, but just for people to consume two liters of Bose native water a day. So you can go anywhere between two ounces and two liters, but esteem more of a calisthenic of fitting it in when you're not eating, you know, to limit, you know, how much you're going to be able to consume, but now you don't have to worry.

Speaker 2: Cause the thing I always did before, so I'd set the ozonator up, turn on the exhaust and I go and I do something and then I would forget, and I come back and then it's been longer than 20 minutes. And so I was always, you know, not getting my ozonated water in when they should. So now with this device, I can have it right with me. You know, the ozone generator is small as well. Our new one is a small, it's got a remote control, so you can pretty much set it up anywhere. So you're not going to forget to use this tool.

Speaker 1: Can you show us the little, the ozone generator that you, you created You have one.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Our old one used to produce 400 milligrams per hour. This one produces 800 milligrams per hour, but the ozone generator life is still 8,000 hours. So between the more powerful ozone generator and the D gas or diffuser that gets it into the water 10 times faster, again, you don't have to take very much time, but you're extending the life of your machine.

Speaker 1: And what is the name of it What's the name of your own

Speaker 2: Tri Oxy fresh. And I call this the refresh and they're bundled in a kit to where you save a lot of money if you buy the two, you know, together. But this one also has an internal fan. It can run a lot longer than the prior unit that I had. It also has remote control, or you can just punch on the, you know, the key pad here to control it. And then it's got an intermittent option as well that I use this without the digastrics gastros. Like when I'm getting ready to leave and you know, maybe I burnt whatever I was cooking and the house smelled, then I can turn it on and then I can have it do an intermittent and function, run for an hour rest for 10 minutes, run for an hour, that kind of thing. So this one is a lot more powerful and capable than the previous Trixie fresh.

Speaker 1: Okay, fantastic. And so what are some of that household uses for ozone As long as I have a little device where I use the trucks fresh, I have another device also where you can make this ozonated water and then use it for disinfecting any area and it's way better than bleeds or some of these other sanitizers, really harsh chemical, very toxic sanitizers that a lot of people are using in their homes. As the wives, I can send the wives, antibacterial gels, just barf. I'm just not into those at all.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Well, that's the beauty of this is you can make a jar of this. You can get more jars from us and screw it on and just keep on making those main water and get clean rags. Like that's how I clean the walls of the inside of my sauna, you know, to completely sterilize and clean it. The countertops, you know, in the kitchen, you know, I'll go around, you know, cause I got four grandsons that come over here, some hand rails on the stairs and the doorknobs, you know, I'm just using it for sanitizing, everything. And then if you have house plants, you could put it in a sprayer bottle and you can spray a mist them because it'll help. You know, if you catch it early to kill the larvae of the bugs, it will give it more oxygen, get rid of powdery, mildew and mold. So you can use it on any plant, you know, inside or outside the house for pets. Oh my gosh, pets, you know, their skin conditions, you know, the smell, everything like that. You can owes innate and clean them with the water. And we have one version where you can literally,

Speaker 1: You can dunk your doggy and the ozonator water.

Speaker 2: We have one machine where you just garden hose in garden hose out, and I've got one place. That's a dog kennel operation. And they're spraying down that the dog kennels in the gravel and it doesn't smell like feces or anything. And it's just amazing. And they're giving their pets back as with it and you know, just all the itching and just the different things for pets. It's amazing. And they love drinking the ozonated water. Oh my gosh. Yeah. So

Speaker 1: Yeah. And forget the deworming all those medications and things. I might think it's just much better to give them an ozonated water. It's much healthier

Speaker 2: Yeah. Between that. And then a lot of garlic, you know, and their food. That's a great dewormer for pets. Yeah.

Speaker 1: And they have great, they have great breadth to put the garlic out in the garlic. So let's talk about the difference between say the medical grade, ozone machines and the oxygen fed medical grade, ozone generators and your Corona discharge machine. What's the difference there

Speaker 2: Well, when you feed a machine with pure oxygen, it has no nitric acid, which is very important because when you're doing insufflation, that's like taking the gas and catching it like in a bag and then releasing that bag into your rectum, vagina, your ears, you don't want to have any nitric acid. So then you ask yourself, well, why is a chrono discharged Krone discharge makes higher levels of Bozone gas, more powerful from the air. It actually uses ambient air to generate ozone gas. So there's no consumable. There's nothing you need to replace on a Corona discharge machine. There's other types of, ozone generators or use sparks. And these mesh metal mesh things that actually in time get corroded with dirt. And then they arc and they, it actually burns a hole through the metal screen. So you're always having to replace and maintain these other kinds of ozone generators.

Speaker 2: But with Corona discharge, there is 0.0, zero 3%. So that's tens, hundreds, thousands, there's three thousands nitric acid. So even less than 1% 0.0, 0, 0 3 is not suitable for taking that gas and putting it inside a body cavity. But it's just fine. I mean, that is so minuscule that when you had your dissolving it into the ozone water, it's totally, non-toxic, it's totally safe. So it makes owning an ozone generator very affordable because the medical grade ones, a good ones, you know, a couple thousand dollars, you know, where this machine is like 2 49, but when you buy it in the kit and sometimes we have specials, it's so affordable for something that is easy to use safe and is so versatile. You know, every pathogen has a contact time and a concentration for a kill rate, the city of Los Angeles, their sewage for so long, it's such high concentration. It turns into pure drinking water. And so any of the household pathogens that we're coming across with, ozonating this water and using it, it's going to be sufficient. I mean, COVID, it can not live with those unaided water. And so, you know, that's the name of the game is, you know, washing your hands, keeping the surfaces clean regular sanitisation and this is the non-toxic way to do it.

Speaker 1: Yeah. And I just love this device. I use it constantly. I love ozonator water and I'm just, there's so many different uses and applications for it. I think it's, it has to be the part of any home that's trying to, you know, you're trying to detox your home, you know, be healthy, you know, kill pathogens in your body. You know, you can, this is a replacement for toxic household cleansers and there's so many different uses for it. And for me, the top thing is Clint cleaning my vegetables with that super, super important to that carbon is not going in your body and that parasites and things too.

Speaker 2: We've got the giant machine for the complete that you could use in a farming operation. I have one guy who does four H so he raises pigs and, you know, sheep and horses and all that. And he uses that machine with a spray and he sprays down the pig pens and he does it all year long because he goes out and slops the pigs, you know, and the sprays it down, no flies. He doesn't even have to use my decide around the animals eyes anymore for the horses or anything. And then there's a rancher that does chickens and he set it up on a timer to do the automatic feeding. Cause normally there's so much algae in the troughs that they have to clean them all the time, zero algae. And even this natural, you know, so many areas to graze and, you know, let the chickens run around kind of thing.

Speaker 2: There's always some that die every year from, you know, hatching and growing these chickens. And after they implemented those needed water, they didn't have one loss and it's like the chickens, like the water and they drank more. So they were healthier. And then, you know, each one has like a little, like a little penthouse where they can go and then nest and this and that. But you know, if you're growing chicken, sometimes you're going to deal with life, you know, and, and different mites that bother the chickens. Well, when they started misting down those, they even got rid of that. So, you know, for the four H person or somebody who likes, you know, ranching their own food or whatever ozone is indispensable, I mean it kills bird flu on contact. And so you can just keep your animals near flock safe.

Speaker 1: Okay. Fantastic. Fantastic. There's so many different uses for, I love it. And I, and I love that, you know, you're a nuclear engineer and you've just taken your, your genius and applied it to all of these different applications that we can use for detoxing, our bodies in our homes. So Eileen, thanks for coming on the show and, and everyone, thanks so much for tuning into the Myers detox podcast, where I aim every week to bring you all, you know, all kinds of experts on the show to give you helpful tips, to help, you know, detox your life, detox your body and detox your home as well because you deserve to feel good. You deserve to feel happy and healthy every single day. And I want to help you achieve that. So thanks for tuning in every week. And, I'm Wendy Myers of Myers And I'll talk to you guys very soon.