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O3 Multi-Functional Sterilizer

Tri-Oxy Fresh Machine  

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O3 General Knowledge

The Characteristics of Ozone

Ozone, which has the scientific name 03, with the molecule 48.00 is

created by combining three oxygen atoms, The density is more than

1.658 times that of air. It has a high oxidizing ability which is effective

for disinfecting and sterilizing. It can destroy most bacteria in the

water or in the air. II is accepted as a broad-spectrum, effective

disinfectant and antiseptic. Ozone is an important component of our

atmosphere. Our atmosphere contains 0.01 ppm-0.04 ppm of ozone,

which balances the level of bacteria and mildew in nature. Ozone is

also created electrically in nature during active thunderstorms.


The molecule of ozone is inherently unstable and tries to break down

into the oxygen molecule as quickly as possible. This is what makes

ozone such a great air and water cleanser. The ozone molecules need

to combine with something in order to break down, so they end up

oxidizing organic compounds and turn them into harmless carbon

dioxide and water. Because ozone quickly breaks down into oxygen;

it's considerably less toxic than disinfectant chemicals like chlorine. It

has been called "the cleanest oxidizer and disinfectant."


Bacteria-killing functions

1. Killing microbes

a. Ozone is able to kill staphylococcus, coli bacillus, and bacillus pyocyaneus up to 99.9%.

b. Ozone is able to kill Pseudomonas Fluorescens, Salmonella.

Typhimorium, Shihella Flexneri, and Vibrio Cholerae up to 100%.

c. Ozone is able to destroy hay bacillus variant spores up to 100%.


2. Inhibiting fungi

a. Ozone is able to destroy mix-color aspergillus, peach pecilocin, and VUQ protozoa up to 100%.

b. Ozone is able to destroy black, green, and orange mold and falciform spore mold up to 100%.


3. Resisting viruses

a. Ozone can damage Hepatitis A virus (HAAg) and HbsAg.

b. Ozone can destroy the influenza virus and SARS in the air up to


c. Ozone water can kill poliomyelitis virus 1 (PV1) and simian

rotavirus SA-11, as well as rotavirus II.


4. Removing toxins and odors

a. Disintegrates pesticides, chemical fertilizer, and hormones.

b. Oxidizes heavy metals and organic substances.

c. Removes various odora.


Safety Instructions:

1. Disconnect the power before cleaning or repairing.


2. When this product is used to sterilize water, place it above the

water surface elevation to avoid water from flowing in.


3. Do not use in high temperature environment (above 42°C) or

places with high humidity or high oil content. It will reduce the

effectiveness or shorten the life of the product.


4. Do not drop, throw, or cause any impact to or on the unit. Do not block the air outlet, as it will affect the air ventilation. (Do not smash the product).


5. When this unit is used in a non-ventilated room to sterilize the air,

please enter the room after the unit stops working, about 30

minutes later, to avoid inhaling ozone gas.


The principle for O3 killing the bacteria:


1. The process for O3 disinfection is to release the third oxygen

atom to destroy the cell rampart of bacteria, the cell membrane,

and the protein shell of viruses, then to directly destroy their

RNA and DNA by oxidizing and decomposing. For example,

HCHO combined with O3 will generate CO2, H2O, and 02. It can

destroy the protein after acting with the sensitive amino acid

and breaking through the protein.


2. The process for 03 oxidization is that one of the oxygen atom

of 03 acts with the surface of metal or organics to generate other

harmless substances.


Product Layout

Tri-Oxy Fresh Product Layout   


1. The Machine should be mounted in the position, where it is higher than the water level to protect water from backflowing into the machine.

2. 03 removes foul smells from the air without using the tube and diffuser air stone.

3. Do not stay in an airtight room when purifying the air.

4. For safety, use the Tri-Oxy FRESH degassing jar to eliminate the risk of inhaling ozone gas. Sold Separately.


Technical parameter

Product model


Remote control


Input Electrical


Power Consumption


O3 Disinfector

800 mg/hr






Operation Instruction

1. Connect to the power and turn on power switch. When the power indicator light is on, check all the automatic functions.

2. To set the function, press "UP/ DOWN" button, which is preset to 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 60 minutes.

3. To ozonate water, connect one end of the air tube to the ozone outlet connector and the other end to the diffuser ball, then put the ozone diffuser ball at the bottom of the container with liquid. Once finished, pour out liquid, then run ozone gas through the diffuser ball and dry it off. The diffuser ball should always be blown out and dried

to prevent minerals from clogging the pores, so it will work the next time you need it.



Remote control

Tri-Oxy Fresh Remote Control   



Apply area


Benefits of ozone

Agriculture chemical detoxification for fruit and vegetables

10 to 20 mins

Disinfects, sterilizes, deodorizes, and decomposes pesticide residual. It has a strong broad-spectrum fungicide effect that destroys bacterial propagule and spores, eggs, fungus, larvae, virus, and more. Ozone has a 99% kill rate of Escherichia coli, streptococcus faecalis, and staphylococcus aureus.

Skin protection and beauty

20 to 30 mins

Ozone water can remove facial bacterial and feculence inside facial pores,

increase cell respiration, and promote

a healthy skin metabolism.

It can also help remove cosmetics.

Hand and feet

20 and 30 mins

Ozonated water disinfects, sterilizes, and reduces the transmission of disease without

20 to 30 mins creating superbugs like many hand sanitizers. Washing and soaking feet reduces populations of skin fungus.

Plants and Cloning

20 to 30 mins

Clean your scissors, razors, and wash clone cuttings in ozonated water to kill mold and other microbes for healthier plants. Activated oxygen is absorbed through plant membranes increasing plant growth.

Teeth brushing

10 to 15 mins

Ozonated water cleanses the mouth, reducing bad breath and germs related to gingivitis.

Baby products and toys

10 to 15 mins

Clean and sterilize baby products, including bottles, dishes, pacifiers, and toys.




Products characters

This Ozone Disinfector is the newest product which adopts advanced patented technology. It generates O3 by the principle of a thunderstorm. It uses ambient air with high voltage to ionize air, forming the corona to generate O3.


Precautions – Warning

1.  Do not use the equipment in presence of strong static electricity and strong magnetic field.

2.  Product must not come in direct contact with water or other liquids.

3.  As ozone has a strong oxidizing property, the time taken for washing rubber products, hardware, and plastics must not be too long.

4.  When the unit is used for ozone "air-cleaning" purposes, it is recommended that both human and animals are not present to prevent lung damage.

5.  It is not recommended that the equipment be used by children under the age of 10.

6.  Do not tamper with the equipment or attempt to open or dismantle.



Tri-Oxy® REFRESH Assembly Instructions

Pour degassing granules into the container on top of the pre-installed FDA approved stainless steel mesh filter; then screw on the cap and leave in place until it is time to replace the degassing material. Degassing material needs to be replaced when it no longer destructs ozone gas, which could take 5 to 10 years depending on how often you ozonate water with the Tri-Oxy® REFRESH. Connect the silicone tubing to the FDA approved degasser size of your choice (0.5 micron or 50-60 micron), then connect the other end of the silicone tube onto the container bottom male barb fitting. Screw the Tri-Oxy® REFRESH assembly onto the glass jar, filled with water. Connect a silicone tube from an ozone generator to the top cap male barb fitting. Turn on ozone generator to ozonate water or other preferred liquid. When done ozonating your preferred liquid, empty the liquid and screw the Tri-Oxy® REFRESH assembly back onto the glass jar and run the ozone generator to blow out water from the diffuser. After each use blow out the diffuser with ozone gas, or with your mouth and dry so the diffuser pores do not clog.

Ozonate the liquid for approximately 1 minute per ounce of water. If using the .5 micron diffuser you can reduce that time by 50%.

tri-oxy-refresh-assembly-1.jpg tri-oxy-refresh-assembly-2.jpg